Withdrawal symptoms? Please advise.

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Hello everyone,

I was on 10mg citalopram for a number of years for health anxiety, I came off about four months ago, no weaning, stupid I know, because I started getting headaches and light headedness after taking it. I've also developed really bad tinnitus. I have also since been diagnosed with early neck arthritis after seeing a rhuematologist with neck and shoulder pain.

I have been to ENT about the tinnitus but nothing found, just learn to live with it.

I was told that some of my headaches and lightheadedness could be attributed to my arthritis in my neck affecting the nerves by ENT.

I went back on citalopram about three weeks later because of the withdrawal symptoms.

Since going back on I noticed my anxiety became worse plus the start up effects. I am now weaning off and five days ago reduced to 5mgs.

I also take a diuretic for border line blood pressure, low dose, but I am weaning off this also, from 2.5 mgs to 1.25 mgs, but I do not believe there are withdrawal effects from this from what I have read. Some people only take it three times a week, for example.

My blood pressure is normal, I check it regularly and it was only border line to begin with, I shouldn't have started it several years ago. I have lost a lot of weight since then. I am trying to get clean, in want of a better expression, because I need to start feeling normal again and rule out these feelings.

I have had all routine blood works done recently and they are fine. Heart checked out with an echo a couple of years ago.

I am having horrible symptoms, some days good other days bad since weaning. My question is, is it normal to have these symptoms. Any advice would be appreciated.

Muzzy head with feeling of fullness in ears

Lightheadedness, the worst problem, comes and goes, some days worse than others

Can be full of energy most of the day but then hit by a feeling of tiredness and weakness later in day

Able to sleep some nights but can't other nights, really bad dreams

Restless legs and itchy feet

Sometimes feel a bit wobbly on my feet but I think that could be anxiety. I notice that it's not there when I am not anxious.

Some days can be not so focussed

Sensitive to loud noises

I don't feel anxious since I started weaning, I have accepted anxiety and am learning to control my anxious feelings as soon as they start up. I only worry now about these symptoms and whether they are withdrawal symptoms or not.

I apologize for the lengthy post, I am post menopausal, late 50's.

Thanks for reading.

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    Those are definitely discontinuation symptoms from you going cold turkey and then restarting again..if I was you I wouldn't try another weaning process with celexa I stay on that as long as possible.yoyoing around with celexa is very serious .they can bring on all kinds of symptoms often confused with other illnesses..

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    Those are definitely discontinuation symptoms from you going cold turkey and then restarting again..if I was you I wouldn't try another weaning process with celexa I stay on that as long as possible.yoyoing around with celexa is very serious .they can bring on all kinds of symptoms often confused with other illnesses..

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      Lois you don't know how reassuring your post is to me, thank you.

      Dare I ask how long can I expect to feel like this and is there anything I can do to help myself?

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      Introducing a benzo is the only thing that can make the process tolarable..my phychiatrist always prescribes a long lasting benzo like Klonopin for either weaning or restarting...
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      Well that's given me something to think about. I'll see what I'm like by the end of the week and if need be I'll speak to my doctor about benzos.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me, I really appreciate it. No one in my family understands the way I feel that is why this site is a Godsend.

      Take care

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    I took Citalopram 10mg for 17 days. On the advice of my Doctor I had to stop immediately and get it out of my system as I was reacting so badly to it. I got most of the symptoms you describe. It is now 9 months later and it's taken this long to get rid of the worse off these symptoms, I am now just left with mild tinnitus which I never suffered with before. I really feel for anyone going through these symptoms. I really hope you can find the strength to get through this.

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      Hi and thanks for your post, much appreciated.

      I do believe this med is the cause of my tinnitus. It definitely wasn't there before I started it. It drives my crazy sometimes. ENT just suggested listening to relaxing delta wave music at night. Sometimes it helps, other times it just aggravates it and makes it worse the following day.

      Having said that, the med did work for me when I needed it the first time round. I was able to lead a normal life. I started messing around with stopping and starting and lowering dosage and my problems began.

      I am currently on 5mgs and am staying with this for now. I dare not go back to 10mgs, I have to try to be consistent this time.

      Like Lois said, I am probably getting a combination of discontinuation and start up side effects, makes good sense.

      It's great to be able to chat and share experiences, it gives me a lift and puts things in perspective.

      I hope you make a full recovery from your withdrawal and hope your tinnitus eases even more. Oh for a magic cure!

      Take care,

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      I got relief from my tinnitus by taking a Benadryl at night ..not completely gone but he'll of a lot better..don't hurt to try..my phychiatrist said is ok to take Benadryl..also although iam a fan of sleep aids ..I stop taking ziplocone and that also lower my tinnitus..

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      Hi again,

      I think I have got that here, I bought it for my daughter for her hayfever. I'll give it a try. Can't do any harm, it's a common otc antihistamine.

      Thanks Lois

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    When using anti depressants or anti anxiety medications it is always better to slowly increase or decrease. I went off celexa over a period of 9 months. This time getting on escitilaphram I took 10 mg for 2 weeks and increased to 20 mg. I had increased anxiety the first 10 days and I didn't like it, so got the doctor to prescribe me benzo meds which I cut in half. It took the edge off when I couldn't stand the anxiety. I walked up hills every day sometimes 2 X a day. I accept I am on 20 mg for life. At 30 days I was fine. I think with anxiety yoga is very good especially yin yoga. Good luck, if you ease in slowly you will find it easier. These forums helped me a lot and a lady helped me get off zoplicone which I would not recommend to anyone. Its bad news

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      Hi Vicky

      Thanks for your post.

      I'm currently on 5mg and today I feel good. Had a good day yesterday too. I agree about the forum being good therapy, the reassuring advice I received here helped me put things in perspective.

      I think reducing with the intent of coming off completely was the right choice for me. I am not naive enough to ignore the fact that I could have a bad day tomorrow but I'll face that when it happens.

      I have noticed that after I take my tablet I get a little anxious an hour or so after but I've learned to control that. In fact, my anxiety is fine it's just the withdrawal effects now when they happen.

      I hope you are doing ok, thanks for your useful and reassuring advice.

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