Woke up 2 weeks ago and feel like peri punched my right in the face

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I am 48 years old and have had a few symptoms such as a bit of anxiety and general sadness, but I woke up two weeks ago with the worst nausea ever. Every morning for two weeks, I have felt pukey and had full blown panic and crying jags.  I seriously can not live like this. I am training for two half marathons in the coming months and my running has hit a wall.  I can't get through a run without either throwing up/gagging or being overcome with heat. It is really messing with my training and consequently, throwing me into a terrible depression. Any other runners in the forum experience this?  This nausea is the absolute worst. I'm flying home next week and will be on a plane for close to 12 hours, and I am having legit panic attacks about the flight. My doctor has prescribed Zofran which helps but it isn't the answer.

Not sure my point in posting, but I needed to cry in someone's shoulder for a bit with people that don't think I'm nuts.  I'm truly feeling trapped in a body/brain that I just don't recognize. 

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    I get nausea too. At times it takes a monumental effort to convince myself I don't have one or more types of cancer or gastrointestinal disorder or just that it's not a sign of my impending demise. I'm not trying to trivialise this, it's mainly debilitating for me because it messes with my head. Are you able to take anti nausea medication?

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      vcas, you sound like me. I get the nausea occasionally too. Right now I'm dealing with an issue(to mention it would be TMI)that has me going for a colonoscopy next Thursday and that is stressing me out. Sometimes, I just feel like crying, and I wonder where that happy go lucky woman went! The health anxiety is the worst! Every time I have a ache or pain I'm sure it's some dread disease! I don't have really bad panic attacks, but I get the lump in my throat sometimes(which is a symptom of anxiety). I have TMJ now and I'm going to pick up some Valium for that today(surprisingly, it also helps with the other issue I'm dealing with). I don't take the Valium everyday because it's a benzo and they are addictive.  What's sad is I used to not have any problems going to the movies by myself, but now I go with a friend or I take a half Valium if I do go alone. How sad is that?

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      Hey, snap! I've a colonoscopy booked for the 10th July 😕 I'm totally with you on the health anxiety thing. Thank God I found this forum, no one ever told me or hinted at this nonsense being part of peri, then I read about it on here 😫 It is easier to deal with knowing I'm probably not going insane!

      What is TMJ??

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      I have the lump in my throat too. It makes it hard to swallow and I clear my throat a lot. Sometimes choke on food. It is anxiety. I had acupuncture yesterday for that and other symptoms. I am better today. Throat is more relaxed and clearing it only occasionally instead of almost constantly.

      Read my reply to Nolegirl about the symptoms that are better.

      I go for another treatment next Wed. I wish I was going tomorrow.

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      I use a bite guard because I bring my teeth BIG TIME when I sleep. I buy them at the drug store. It is about $30.00 US. but it fits great, it doesn't fall out of my mouth and it lasts a long time.

      I don't remember grinding my teeth last night while I slept because I slept so much better after the acupuncture.

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      Temporomandibular joint disorder, fancy wording for grinding your teeth at night. Lol! Praying all goes well with your colonoscopy vcas! And no you are not going insane!😊

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    anxiety panic and nausea are pretty common with menopause ... then add in the sweats  overheating moody swings crazy aches and pains that come and go... theres probably another 50 symptoms too. Sometimes we have to take a step back and just give oour body the time it needs to deal with things and menopause is one of the times we have to listen to what its trying to tell us. IF you are not coping then maybe some sort of HRT would help...  Your not alone with that not recognising yourself  .. we are all going through it ..the feelings of self disintigration are a daily thing for most of us on here. 
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    good morning.  Your not alone! i am having horrible anxiety today, and feel like crying sad..its just not me. mine started a year and 1/2 ago sad.  I just want to be myself and worry free.  Its like this dark cloud has come over me.  Somedays i feel fine, and i appreciate them more then ever these days.  I have constant anxiety, panic atacks under control as i am on a small dosage of hormones and anitdepressent lexapro.  You said it perfectly, feeling trapped in a body/brain that just isnt you...i feel the same.   I do not suffer from nausea, thank God, but I am sure it will pass for you once the hormones settle down.  I just hope and pray its sooner then later.  Hang in there...these boards really help to let us know we are not alone smile....
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    You are not alone.

    I have terrible anxiety and I get panic attacks when I think about going home to my husband. I am staying with a family member right now.

    I do get nausea and lack of appetite, mo kind of food sounds good. Except for mint chocolate chip ice cream. But I am avoiding sugar since it stimulates the nervous system.

    I'm constipated then have diarrhea. Sorry, to be gross.

    There are so many symptoms. Some you wouldn't even think are caused be hormones or lack of hormones. Like ears ringing and vertigo and insomnia, nightmares etc...

    I had acupuncture yesterday for the first time for menopause symptoms. I feel much better today. I fell asleep quite quickly, slept deeper, no nightmares. The adrenaline rush upon waking is much less.

    The ringing and thumping sounds in my ears is almost gone. Anxiety is better but not completely gone. My head is much clearer. My thought process is much clearer. Emotions seem more stable.

    I had been clearing my throat almost constantly due to anxiety. It was hard to swallow, it felt like my throat was almost swollen shut. I choked several times when eating because it is hard to swallow food.

    My throat feels more relaxed and not swollen. Only clearing my throat occasionally.

    I am going for acupuncture again next week.

    I wish I could go today!

    I still felt bad yesterday after the treatment and was disappointed, even though I KNEW that it might take a bit to feel better. The hormones mess up our thought processes.

    I also bought a supplement that is calcium, Magnesium, Small amount of Iodine and alfalfa. I chew it and it tastes like wet cut grass smells but if it helps my anxiety and emotional state then I will graze on them like a cow!

    I hope this helps.

    Oh, exertion maked my throat constriction and throat clearing worse and make my ears roar instead of ring. I will have to see if that is better too.

    Take care

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