Woke up unable to breathe heart rate 144

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This morning I woke up I don't even know why or how all I know is I could not breath my body was numb and stiff I managed some how to stand up but my eyes was all blurry and I felt dizzy I finally started getting my breathing back up and grabbed my baby went downstairs I grabbed my bp machine my bp was high and my heart rate was 144 !

It went down after sitting and explaining to my partner what happened well everytime I stand my heart rate goes up I used my bp machine to check that it wasn't all in my head and it will go to like 126 bpm just on standing after walking I sit down take my bp again it shows irregular heart beat symbol so I sit for abit hr is 86 bp is like 104/74 ect I stand again walk around sit down take it and irregular heart beat shows up again it's flashed up 4 times everytime I stand i get that nervouse feeling in my chest automatically and my heart rate has already gone up and my chest and belly go tight ! Does it sound like a arrhythmia ??

I've been in tears all morning I have never experienced what happened this morning before I've had panic attacks all my life too

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    In your sleep you could have had a panic attack, I have had this a couple of times on waking and panicked and it made it worse so I deep breathes and it calmed down. The other day I picked up my daughter and my heart rate rocketed to 140bpm I had to get my partner to call an ambulance when they come they calmed me down and treat me for a panic attack but I just don't understand how they come out of the blue!! My advice is go and see your doctor and tell them they will run some tests and if they say your fine then believe them and stop using the monitor at home as that could be making you worse x
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    i get this all the time. i beleive it is from knowing it has happend before the apprehension of it happening again when you next stand up is what causes it to happen. its not a problem with your heart its a problem with your mind which is causing the heart to do that smile think of it this way... it has happend hundreds of times from what i gather?... the fact that your still here and something hasnt happend to me proves there is nothing wrong. hope this helps smile smile
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    Hope you are feeling better. Definitely sounds like anxiety but get it checked. 104/74 is brilliant wish mine was ever that good these days but yes stop using that machine you will become obsessed and they aren't completely accurate x
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    Hi Steph,

    How old is your baby? I'm just wondering if this is post-natal depressiion, or are you anxious about your baby?

    It sounds like you're having a very tough time, but please tell me why you have the blood pressure machine in the house? Was it prescribed? Have you ever been taken to hospital and had an ECG?

    How much of this are you telling your doctor?

    I'm a nurse anad midwife, so let me tell you that your heart rate and blood pressure are NEVER constant. Of course your heart rate goes up when you stand up. That's normal. I'm not trying to minimise what you're going through, but if you keep looking at the machine you'll become paranoid.

    It's possible that you had a scary dream just before you woke up, which you now can't remember.

    Arrhythmias can only be seen on an ECG. Your machine can't tell you.

    I'm going back to the baby, and the fact that you've had panic attacks all your life. ARE YOU going through post-natal depression? Is it your first baby?

    You've been in tears all morning, panicking, but you haven't phoned an ambulance. Neither have you called your doctor. Darling, if you're so worried you NEED to have this checked. Nobody on this forum can diagnose things because we can't see one another, neither do we know each other's medical histories.

    Something is going on here, so you need trained, face-to-face advice.

    If you're having problems with the baby sleeping and so on, get back to me. I am an old hand at babies and their ability to keep their parents on the edge of a nerevous precipice.

    Lots of love and get to your GP, please, Steph,   from Tess.

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      I went to hospital on the machine my heart rate was jumping from like let's say 120-140-179-135 ect and this was happening for hours on end they was no actual cause found in was only tested by blood no scans ect ..

      Now my heart is still doing it but in lower numbers my ecg was abnormal but when checked was told it was OK?

      They said on the phone I had sinus tachycardia nobody could understand and they said they haven't seen this before ect

      I was sent home as the tests was fine I don't get what's going on yes I keep crying everyone at hospital kept asking if I was low in mood I am because I feel so ill I feel I'm failing my children also I feel I'm going to leave my children without a mum and I have three children three amazing little children that need there mummy I'm crying again now just thinking about it .

      I was trying to push myself to get on with my life before that happened I've just booked a holiday ect and now all this is happening in feel ill be unable to go and again let my babies down 😐 I don't know what's happening to me anymore all I know is my body obviously isn't very well and nobody can find out why as bloods keep coming back normal

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    I've been admitted for days I've had the burning scared feeling in my chest like when your excited or scared and chest pain now I'm in hospital nobody can find what's wrong with me but when I stand up my heart rate jumps from 111 -130 -150 -178 ect my ecg is abnormal and my oxygen is 94 -96-97 and that's not normal I know that something is wrong I knew it was all along I only got sent home from hospital two days ago they said I was healthy and need not to worry !
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    I went to my doctor and did an EKG because my heart was beating 139 BPM. My BP was a tad high as well. He sent me to a cardiologist and he prescribed me bystolic which helped my heart beat at a normal rate. And helped my BP stay normal well. With exercise and a healthy mindiet we can get through. I would go to your doctor to have some peace of mind.
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