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I head on the news that working in the kitchen is the most stressful job and pays the least. I already knew that but anyone who has ever worked in a kitchen knows that it's not an easy job and should be paid more. I am not saying there isn't hard jobs out there and most jobs don't pay as much as they should heck doctors and police are underpaid when you think about it.

I mean it's my 3rd year at this job well season really as they shut down for the winter so it's a 6-7 month job. I like the job I like my boss I work with a relative of mine and the other people I like as well. I just wonder with the stress fulness of the job if that's what's causing my anxiety?? Like I'm at home and I am always thinking about how to make the outdoor Centre run smoother when I should be not thinking about work cause I am at home. I am looking at other jobs, it will be interesting 2 see if I get another job if that will help my anxiety symptoms?? I mean I've been at this job for 3 years now and just 6 months ago is when this started and I was just starting up my job again... My Co worker who is my relative she's 63 and been there for close 2 10 years so my problems seem so minimal. I mean I do get some anxiety at home so it's not just at work.... My dad thinks the dizziness and the headaches could be just my body like out of shape and that? I'm 5ft10 210 28 years old overweight sure but not agreegious by any means. My friend is like 6ft and like 300 pounds relative age but of course healthy as a bird. Not saying I'm not healthy but...

Also when I got home from work 8 hour day I was really tired I layed down on the couch for 10 mins or so before I went out of town with my parents for a bit. Is it normal 2 be that tired after work? Sure you should be tired after a long day of work but 2 not have much energy 2 do anything for the rest of the day.....

Anyways that's my little rant just trying to figure out what's causing this anxiety. Hope to get appointment 2 see my doc soon 2 go over the heart tests I have done weeks ago. I haven't heard anything and with those no news is good news.

Thanks for listening everyone

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    Mackie..210 is not that bad for your height...and yea, standing on your feet all day I'm sure is tiring...but I think not being happy and satisfied with your employment can cause alot of stress.

    And I think you know this by the title of your post which caught my eye (Workplace/Anxiety).  I suffered from this for the last 7 years of my career and the anxiety from work made me much more tired.

    I had people tell me all the time to leave work at work and that was not easy for me either!  

    While you have this time off...think about what career would make you happy.

    Find ways to start making steps toward that goal.

    You are young and my biggest regret at not pursuing my career dreams.

    I settled because I never wanted to take the time off to improve my skills (go to school or follow thru with some of the technical courses I attended).

    I went to school for Real Estate (never took the exam to become licensed).

    I went to school for Nursing (never completed the majors for Nursing).

    I took an on line course to be a Medical Coder (never took the exam to be certified). 

    And I regret it all.

    You have time off from your current role...SO...will  your unemployement center help you with training for what you really would like to do?

    Are there funding programs for you to attend college at night?

    What do you think you would enjoy?

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      I don't get time off till November when the season ends. I have a college diploma in interactive multimedia 2 year program which turned into 3 rhanks 2 idiot program Co ordination and teachers. Web speciality design certificate 8 online courses. Digital image design program 1 semester certificate I guess. Food safety worker certificate 1 semester which allows you 2 work in kitchens in old age homes hospitals etc... So I have more schooling experience then work.... I enjoy my job because I like my boss I knew him bf starting this job he gave my mom a job here back in the day I came 2 this camp as a kid with the school groups. It's a special needs camp autism etc. We get school groups and different groups as well so it's rewarding but challenging at the same time. I don't know what I'm going 2 do when seasons end. I've gone 2 school the last couple years but school u don't make money and employment insurance helps but you don't get that much. Sure yoy go to school 2 make more money.....I dunno some days slugging away in the kitchen for 12 hours a day only get paid for 11 here for some reason they say you have 2 take off an hour break but we never get an hour break, making sh*t money, I mean it's OK money far from min wage but still not enough and not all shifts are 12 hours.... My dad's trying to steer me out of the kitchen career ecause of the stresses and low income that could. so with it, as I stated earlier the lowest paying trade if u will amd carries the most stress, sure other jobs are stressful as well but...

      If I may ask what is your job that caused you stress for 7 years??

      Thanks for taking the time 2 reply!!

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      Thank you for asking about my career.  I loved my "job" for 12 years...I was in Quality....the company I worked for made medicine....I was one of the people that went out to the manufacturing floor and helped the people making the medicine do their paperwork.  

      I could help them because i was specially trained in the Federal Drug Administration rules and regulations, so if a mistake was made I would write reports to explain how the mistakes did or did not impact the "quality" of the medication we were making.

      I started making 50,000 a year and by the time I left my last income was 148,000 that year.  

      I did NOT have an education further than high school.  So after 12 years working there in a role I loved...they switched me and a bunch of other people to roles they did NOT love.  They switched me to a "Quality" role testing the medicine in a "lab' but the thing with that job was it was a lot of physical labor....moving 55 gallon drums up to 50 a day into the lab to pull medication out and test it.

      I became exhausted...and unable to keep up the stamina.  And the company KNEW they put the persons making high money in sh*tty jobs to try and get rid of us...because of the type of market..they wanted only highly educated people in positions there.  

      I held on for 7 years...because many of the "higher ups" liked me a lot and realized the situation I was in.  Until I got a new boss - a woman.  And I am a woman.  She pointed out silly mistakes I made all the time.  The stress became overwhelming and I went out on sick leave in 2014 and decided I could not go back. During my sick leave the company decided they were going to lay off 400 people...and offered severence packages.  I took a "severence" package.

      ALL that said, it is very necessary in this day and age to have the diploma/education.  So, the suffering you are going thru now will put you in a better place in the future.

      What type of work does someone with a multimedia diploma do? I do not know subjects a "multimedia" diploma covers.


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      Wow sounds like you got screwed over in a way. It's 2 bad cause it sounds like you were making some decent coin. I thought I had a stressful job lol.

      Multimedia is like Web design computers audio video you know media stuff. I enjoy 8t but not sure what I want 2 do

      I dunno I'm starting 2 look at different jobs. It would be nice to have a salary and not just hour 2 hour..


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      I think you should definetly look for another job.

      I know your Mom had employment there and maybe you feel some loyalty because they helped you out.

      BUT, you are on a different path than your Mom...and because you have experience and a should be able to find a higher paying job...just look while you HAVE a job...the stars seem to align better for opportunites when you already have a job.

      I can see where your anxiety is coming from because you are trying very hard and you are very busy and it seems like you are not reaping the rewards of all your hard work.

      Don't give up...keep looking for a better fit.  Have confidence in yourself...and I have confidence that your life and anxiety will improve if you just believe in yourself.

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      I do feel kinda loyal 2 that place because they gave my mom a job and now I have a job there as well. Alot has changed since then though with the camp and cooking in general. The dietary needs are crazy and it's not nesecerailly with the groups buy with the staff that works there. It used to be a all year round camp but the people in charge have no idea how to run it, I tell the person in charge feedback and that and she does tells me 2 tell my boss...

      Just tough to justify slugging it out there for lil money and stress.

      I'm looking for other jobs while staying busy. Can't really leave without another job 2 go 2.

      Thanks for the feedback

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    I have a hard time in my own kitchen.  I am lucky my husband does all the cooking.  I think my underlying issue is sepsi, I know you can't pass it but my mind tells me diff.   I just left the house for a Dr's appt yesterday for the first time to go to dr.   It took me forever to get ready.   My aniety is so high that it will come back😤

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