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I am 47, always been regular a clockwork. A few years ago I started to fluctuate, every other month I would be 3 weeks and the next I would be 4.

hen I started to get really heavy on 2/3 and it made me physucally sick, I had to stay in bed sometimes.

I have been getting palpitations a day or so before my period is due for about 3 or so years also. As well as this my stomach is very distended, I sometimes feel bloated but I suffer with Ulcerative Colitis and it is exassebated at the time of the month, often if I lie down on my back the bloated feeling is aleviated in wind. but my tummy is still big.

So a month ago I strted to do pelvic floor exercises and plank this time My period was a week late lasted about 11 days very mixed sometimes so light and others heavy and dark and clots. My left side close to my ovary is tender my boobs are swollen up and down and tender I have had 3 days no bleeding and just started lightly and red again.

I cant wear a coat or a jumper because I sweat and I have to have a fan on at night occassionally I have to open the door and stand outside and in the mornings taking my daughter to scool I am so hot I cannot wear a jacket ( and it is still early April and not ready for casting clothes here yet).

I dont feel good my hair is dry and greasy all at the same time I am fat and cnt seem to lose any weight despite dieting.

I have an ultrasound arranged for 20 April and had blood tests last Friday.

along with my smear test and swab taken.

Last year I had a frozen shoulder for 12 months and have had a glorious 8 or so with full movement, now the other side is freezing up!

My teeth feel ultra sensative all of a sudden.

I am worried I have something sinister going on. If I new it was menopause I wouldnt moan just pray it was over quickly, but I dont now.

Can anyone help me, advise me, pacify me or just something me please?

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    Amanda you might just be in the beginning of it but your symptoms are just what I had the sensitive teeth anxiety shoulder problems it's all a part of it I just pray that we can all get through this it is horrible expecially the anxiety part of it
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    Amanda, I'm no expert but you've described peri there to me in many ways. I've had the problems with my neck and shoulders. It goes away and then comes back for months at a time. It even gives me pins and needles sometimes and it upsets me. I'm very overweight myself so know the feeling. I sleep with a fan on every night, even in freezing temperatures as I over heat quickly but that is different to the peri sweats. If it helps you, keep doing it. I too get the palpitations before a period and have done for a long time now. My boobs sometimes have been so painful, that even dressing/undressing hurt. Our hormones can do so many things and leave us panicking. Have a chat with your doctor. Maybe you're okay to try HRT? 

    It sounds to me that you're in health alert all the time, just like me and so many other ladies. We want to turn to the doctors but so many are dismissed. Thank goodness for this forum and what is posted here. Fingers crossed everything goes okay for you xx. 

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      You are so awesome I always feel better after reading what you post behind someone because I feel like we share all the same symptoms and it's always great to hear from you thanks for easing the day
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      What a lovely thing to say, thank you Monique. You've made me smile here. I know how it feels to feel alone and scared so if what I post about my experiences helps, then I'm more than happy to do so. And I get a lot of relief knowing others who share my experiences, post about it for us to read, it has calmed me down on a few occasions. I don't feel so alone and that is something none of us need when we want reassurance or a shoulder to lean on.

      It's said that we're in this together, thank goodness we can share and relate to each other. All the best Monique, I appreciate what you said xx. 

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    Hi Amanda!  You and I have something in common with regard to digestive diseases.  I have had Crohn's for 20 years (I'm 45) and know quite a bit about UC, too, and am sorry you are suffering so much with the UC.  My Crohn's is exacerbated, too, during that time of the month, although now that cycles are fluctuating (anywhere from 23-32 days most recently) it is worse some months than others.  I hope all goes well with your ultrasound and lab results, too... have been quite a few rounds with that, too, over last 3 months and had ovary and 3 polyps removed last week.  Take care and let us know how you are doing, this is a great place for support.  🌺 Elizabeth
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    amanda, I've had frozen shoulder for 10 months, its starting to ease up.  Did you get back full movement, as I still cannot raise the arm fully.  Hope the other doesnt freeze on you,  it's awful.  The frozen shoulder happened overnight for me and no doctor would believe me that I hadn't injured it because it was so bad.  they refused to believe it was hormones, then had FSH levels checked and confirmed I was in peri/menopause.  I have sensitive teeth on and off, usually a sign that a migraine attack is about to happen. Do you get headaches after the sensitive teeth thing?
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      Hi  I want to thank everyone for sharing with me, it really is good to have others to talk to who are in a similar boat, its all quite firghtening, I am such a wuss!

      I have another scn  booked for tomorrow morning as I went to the GP tpday after finding this bruise type mark in my navel,  she said she thinks it is maybe a hernia due to the bloat on my tummy, which I thought was just my UC ...I think I have lived with it for years but maybe not so bad all the time. She said something is maybe pushing against my tummy and causing the bloat so she has sent me off for a C125 blood test tomorrow and a TV and TA scan..... Yes I am now officially terrified! But maybe its the inflamation of my bowel causing the bloat as , as you know elizabeth53245 it kind of comes on strong the Inflammatory bowel diasease when hormones are disturbed?

      metamorphed The frozen shoulder I had a cortisone injection didnt do a thing and I can tell you if you can find someone to give you deep tissue sports therapy massage in the area on booth shoulders a couple of times a week it really alleviates the pain. Also he suggested Magnetic Therapy so I had strong Magnet one on each side of my shoulder and it did something for the pain... its awful. My sports therapist said it is usuall about 3 months freezing 3 months frozen and 3 months loosening off..... and yes I have full use but dont push it rest it after you have a massage but it has to be deep tissue so it hurts and the next day it burns and feels bruised but its such a relief after. be kind to it and dont force there is nothing you can do until hormones even themselves out. my right is starting to freeze up now! not looking forward to Brian my sports Masseur has moved to France! 

      No I am not getting headaches and have never really suffered with them up until a couple of years ago and I very ccasionally get a migrain and have to wear sunglasses or go to be for an hour because my vision is impaired!

      My little girl has just started her periods about 1 year amd suffers very painful days and irregular, i felt there was a problem so took her to GP who took blood and sent her for a scan which she had today, turns out at the age of 14 ( a very young 14 I may add) she has a rather large cyst on her ovary.

      ​These hormones have a lot to answer for!

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      hi Amanda, all the very best with your tests and hope things settle for your daughter also, and yes, hormones are the culprit for most of our troubles!  After you've had your tests etc., and if you believe in magnetic therapy, which you mentioned, you should try the magnet that is designed for menopausal women, (don't think I can mention the name), it is a little magnet that you place inside your underwear below your bellybutton and I am wearing it regularly now and am feeling that it is helping a lot.  Thanks for the advice on the frozen shoulder,  I am 10 months with it and hopefully it will return to full movement soon.  

      All the very best to you!

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