Worried about barrels and scared to death of cancer PLEASE HELP

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Please bare with me i want to be as open and honest as i can so i can get the best advice possible...

i am a 36 year old male, little over weight 14 stone 5ft 11",

i am not the healthiest of people, i am a drinker i have a local pub a few after work most days, sometimes a lot more, i stopped smoking couple years ago.

so i have been suffering for years, about 6 years ago i had a cam down the throat due to stomach bloating and acid, i was told i had a hiatus hernia, and minimal barrets...... when going back to the doctors he said is was that minimal he was willing to ruel it out. that being said it was still detected. 3 years ago, i sat down and out of nowhere was like i was having a heart attack.. i developed panic attacks. since then i have not been the same person, something happened to me that day. i feel constantly like i am not actully here, i feel dazed all the time, i cant speak right, i lose memory, i forget what i was saying cant find the words im looking for......

My systems now


feeling like im in that bubble Anxiety i guess.

burping all the time

burping in my chest

pain down my left arm

left lung

centre of my stomach near my sternum feels like it burns pressure

i find myself having to lay on my left side, twist myself into positions to release gasses up my chest.

i am extremely scared, the first cam i had down was traumer for me and i never wanted to do it again.

does anyone know or have had The Cytosponge Capsule???????

does anyone know if that can rule out anything ???

has anyone had the micro smart pill endoscopy ????

36 years old am i going to have cancer??

sorry i am getting myself worked up writing this... my 3 kids are so worried they have seen me at my worst... i have had panic attacks to the point ive had paramedics out over and over........

i need some help please ....... i have another cam due on the 20th december , this had been the worst 3 years of my life, and ive lost work and im not a good person to be around.  can they knock me completely out????

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    Take a few deep breaths. I'm from the US so I have no idea what 14 stone is, but unless you are quite a bit overweight it probably won't matter. If you have a hiatal hernia you probably need to look at getting that fixed. That alone will help your reflux and may cure it altogether. Next, if you developed heart attack like symptoms, it was most likely esophageal spasms, not a heart attack. I had those somewhat frequently before I had my hiatal hernia repaired. The spasms do have almost the same symptoms as a heart attack, but after a while you learn to ignore them, unless you have a reason to believe that you really have a heart problem. The burping is probably also from the hiatal hernia.

    I've had many, many endoscopies over the last 30 years. Were you put under general anesthesia for the procedure? If not, perhaps you should ask to be next time. I don't know how the medical system works wherever you are. Regardless, find ways to deal with your anxiety. The anxiety is probably making your indigestion worse. The drinking is also contributing to the problem.

    Minimal Barrett's is not going to turn cancerous in 3 years. It may never turn cancerous, but you should keep up with the scopes as prescribed by your doctor. The scopes will find any cancer that could possibly develop in the future. If it happens, which it probably won't (especially if you get the refux fixed while you are still young), it would at least be found very early.

    Good luck with this and just approach it the way that you would any other health issue that needs to be taken care of.

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    Presuming you have no dysplasia,which would mean less than 1% cancer risk. Even if you had High Dysplasia there is lots they can do to treat it. Your anxiety is almost certainly making things worse. Share your concerns with a good consultant.

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      i very worried about this, im 36 am told i am way to young to have cancer or barrets but not looked after my body i have issues beathing bending burning by my sternum and feels lile my pipe is tender or inflamed.... ive been in bed all day today.... a am so scared about geting this cam done..... i feel like my life is over and killing me watching my kids crave my attention ... my heads such a mess right now im neglecting them.

      getting lots of gunk coming up to

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    i am in the uk, and its taken so long to get things moving. its been 6 years since i was told i had barrets and i think a lot of what u r saying is right and great advice. thank you both... im just a worrier my dad has it also. i will be asking to be completly put but they dont like to do it..

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