Worried about brain tumor, vertigo, etc. Help

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I'm 22 years old, male, I was diagnosed either mitrial valve prolapse in 2003 and I'm currently prescribed a 1mg tablet of ativan to take as needed to treat anxiety. My name is Gavon.

Long story short, I've been having trouble with dizziness, feeling like totally disconnected, weird feelings in my head, can't seem to get myself to focus and concentrate, etc. Just an overall troubled feeling in my head ever since I was diagnosed with an acute sinus infection/upper respertory infection & possibly the beginnings of walking pneumonia and was given a course of antibiotics and a course of steroids. I forgot the dosages, I apologize for that.

1 month down the road I was told I had vertigo via some eye test he gave me with a light that i followed to show how they move (I dont know if that matters or helps) and fluid behind the ears. My doctor prescribed meclizine and it didn't help at all and gave me heart palpitations besides.

Now we're 2 months down the road and I'm still having trouble but then came all the lack of focus and concentration etc I described. Today I've gone to my doctor again and he says the fluid is mostly gone from my middle ear. He conducted a basic neurological exam along with that light test again and he claims I till have a little vertigo still. Also he claims I have nothing neurological to worry about. I'm still feeling worse somewhat and am still concerned.

My question is do you think 1) all of this could be connected to the vertigo or not so much??

2) do you think I should press for a CT scan or MRI just to be safe??

I admit I'm a hypochondriac but Ivery never experienced anything like this before. Now I've one some homework on like brain cancer and things like that. I haven't threw up or lost the use of any limbs or anything like that but I'm still concerned there may be something brain related going on.

Do I have reason for concern because this has drawn out for over 2 months??

I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you and God bless.


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    Also, I have had a CBC done and everything came back normal. If that helps anything at all. Thank you all again for your help. I appreciate it more than you know.
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    I wouldn't stress yourself with worry of brain tumours at this stage. We all go through that worry and it's very rare that is the case.  I cant speak for your mitrial valve situation, but with regard to sinus infection etc that can often kick start dizziness, vertigo etc. ( By the way, Vertigo is a general term meaning usually a feeling of the room or things around you moving.  Otherwise it's you feeling like you are the one moving.) Gp's  will tell you the

    opposite, but going on what alot,of,people,on this site, myself included,

    report, it's more,likely than not.  mine I feel was a virus which probably

    ended,up damaging something,somewhere in the vestibular system. You

    will need to educate yourself i'm afraid as waiting for drs, even consultants

    can be very drawn out timewise.  There's a good and reliable, plus

    comprehensive website Veda, Vestibular Disorders Assoc. also have a FB

    page. You can join as a member and get a regualr newsletter, and the info

    on their page covers all the different kinds of dizziness, causes, treatments.

    There's a section where you can pay for a fuller membership, but i dont

    bother with that as plenty of info on the regular pages.  Have a look at thfirst, then the next visit to your gp you will be more informed and can ask for a referral to a specialist. (Neuro Otologist is the best for our condition. Not just a regular Neuro as they mainly deal,with brain only, the N.Otologist knows the vestibular system as well which is a rather complex thing!ps,,they wld prob suggest an MRI, most of us get them, but it's generally to rule things out as opposed,to ruling things in!,

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    Anything ear related takes a long time to heal and even a longer time for the side effect symptoms to settle down or go away. I am surprised that your doctor did not give you Zyrtec, or Claritin or some kind of antihistamine to help dry up your fluid. I had a lot of Trapped fluid behind my ear when I had surgery. I was given Zyrtec and it took about 3 weeks but it saved me from getting a tube inserted in my ear. Once you get your ears back on track, most of these symptoms will settle down. Remember it's our ears that keeps us walking upright and in a straight line so they are very important to us besides hearing. I would definitely push for the CT scan or the MRI if things don't get better after your fluid dries up. Better safe than sorry. Not all tumors are cancerous

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    You mention weird head feelings, but not symptoms of vertigo.  Your physician probably noticed nystagmus on eye examination.  There is a history of sinus problems and fluid in the middle ear.

    Put all together, it is possible that the middle ear fluid started it all off.  There are pressure receptors on the round window of the middle ear, and any changes in pressure in this region (for example, fluid buildup) may influence the vestibular system indirectly, and even cause mild nystagmus.

    There is no reason to believe, with the symptoms that you describe, that we are talking about brain tumors or anything similar.

    Eleftherios S. Papathanasiou, PhD, FEAN

    Clinical Neurophysiologist

    Fellow of the European Academy of Neurology

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    Hi Gavon

    yes you should press for an MRI scan.  Are you in the UK?  There is a need to have an MRI for persistant dizziness to eliminate an acoustic neuroma or some other problem.  All best wishes. 

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    I apologize I keep forgetting something but I have also just within the last three weeks developed tinnitus mildly in both ears. I don't know if this information is critical or not either but thanks again for your time and replies

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    Now that you have mentioned tinnitus.... and since you live in the UK I would really try to see if you have cholesteatoma. I live in the USA and it's rare here but I just had surgery for Cholesteatoma

    removal and chronic mastoiditis. I also had a large tumor that

    was under my mastoid bone growing through my skull and

    attach to my brain. I now have been diagnosed with PPPV which has a lot to do with my vertigo and headaches etc.

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    I dont have much to add to the replies about the vertigo, but I do identify with the MVP diagnosis...I, too was diagnosied when I was in my 20's years ago. I opted not to take any medicine as it didnt really do anything for it and had its own side effects. Then some 15 years later i had another test for my MVP before my scheduled surgery (required) and then said I didnt have it. I have read about something called MVP syndrone, and that may be what you have...Also general anxiety can create a lot of different symptoms, especially with cognitive stuff, like your perceptions and weird feellngs..I also had a panic disorder. so I have had it all, or almost..and am still kicking at age 67. I  still have to deal with transient vertigo episodes and its not pleasant .but also not incapaciting. You just learn not to overreact, and you adjust. There are certain things I do that can bring them on. I try to avoid those thing as much as possible..I doubt you have a brain tumor. I also thought that and had a brain scan. It was slightly abnormal, meaning I had soemthing like excess firings of neurons, or something like that. This did not surprise me, though, as I have always had a kind of mental nervous energy..I took it as a sign of genius..lol..

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