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I'm 22 years old and I've been affected for a few months now, since I was living with my parents. But it wasn't so itchy that I felt a huge need to do anything about it, so I just ignored it for a few months. Now that I'm living by myself I finally made myself go to the doctors and admit my problem even though I felt embarassed. I was prescribed something called Vermox which I believe is Mebendazole. After reading lots of information on this forum I'm very worried that it's not going to work and I'll be stuck with this problem as people have said that Mebendazole doesn't work, however I'm going to try it. I feel like the problem has gotten worse lately, I've definitely been getting the 'tickle' in my nose and ears that others have described, I have been sick with a cold too so I wonder if they have gotten worse due to a weakened immune system.

I'm going to take the liquid form of Mebendazole I was given, wash all my bedding, underwear and pajamas daily in hot water for a week, clean the bathroom/floors etc and vacuum daily, then take it again one week later. I have a lot of questions though, which I forgot to ask my doctor. These are my questions:

- Can you catch them from animals? I know there's many ways you can get them, but I was just wondering if it's possible to get them from pets. My mum thinks I got them off a public toilet seat but who knows. I'm a very clean person and have always washed my hands many times a day.

- I live by myself in a self-contained part of the house, but share my landlady's washing machine, and it doesn't seem to work when you put it on the hot setting, only warm. So my doctor suggested I boil up a few jugs of hot water and put them into the washing machine each time I need to wash things and then put it on a warm wash, will this be enough?

- My doctor told me that washing all bedding/underwear etc daily for the first week should be enough in terms of washing bedding/clothes, is this true? I'm worried about using too much water/using the washing machine too much as it might upset my landlady since my rent includes power/water but only a 'fair' usage. How often would I need to wash things after the first week?

- Would it be neccessary to get my parents and sister to take a course of Mebendazole too now that I'm not living with them but I still visit them weekly? None of them have had symptoms but apparently they could have been affected without having any symptoms so if I went back to visit them could I end up reinfecting myself?

- I was looking forward to having a close friend over to visit next week but now I'm so worried that I could infect him if he came over to stay with me even for one night while I'm in the middle of trying to get rid of this problem, so I've told him not to come. But I'm too embarassed to say why, so he is upset, as he lives in another city and had been planning on coming to visit me for a while. Is this a good idea, not having him come to stay even for one night? Could he potentionally reinfect me if he came to stay, didn't get any symptoms but then came back to see me a few weeks later? Would there be any time when it would be safe for him to stay with me, such as just after taking a second dose?

Sorry for the long post. I would really appreciate any replies, I've become really worried about this.

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    Here are some tips for you.

    Best to wear tight knickers at night and change them each morning and evening, straight into the wash basket, never left lying around on a floor etc.

    You only need to do the bedroom clean up and sheet washing once. Make sure you hoover the bedroom carpet and damp dust ALL the surfaces in the bedroom, i.e. bedside table, dressing table etc.

    Get a new toothbrush. Eggs are easily transferred and can live on a toothbrush.

    Bath and hand towels, wash them also. Once this is all done, just go back to washing your sheets, pillowcases and towels as normal once a week or 10 days. As part of normal housework, everyone should dust bedroom anyway once a week. Threadworm eggs can easily live on dusty surfaces.

    Washing can be done on a 40 degree wash but don't overload the drum. Do 1/2 drum washes.

    Mebendazole does work, just may take a while depending on how long you have had the infection.

    If you've had a cold, then you get tickles up your nose anyway. Most likely nothing to do with the threadworms.

    Unlikely that you've caught them from animals. Usual way is finger up the nose and then accidentally into the mouth. Just once is all it takes. Ensure you never put your fingers into your mouth and do not rub your eyes without having clean hands first. So if you put makeup on, just wash your hands with soap and water and then put the makeup on. Wash hands first thing in the morning and last thing at night, with soap. I expect you already do this anyway, but you'd be amazed at how many people forget. However, don't go crazy with washing hands many times a day. It is not necessary.

    Normally a doctor will advise that the whole family be treated that you have been living with, but it really depends on how bad the infection is and how long you've had it. My daughter had them but my husband and I did not. So long as your mum has put clean bedding on your bed at home and you have clean towels, you won't re infect yourself but don't go using your old toothbrush etc. In fact in the bathroom that my daughter used, I replaced toothbrushes, wiped down toilet handles, cleaned the outside of the toilet with a damp cloth, etc. I had read that the little eggs can cling to these places if it has been a bad prolonged infection.

    If your friend is sleeping in a different bed, with clean sheets etc. then he won't catch anything from you. If he's in your bed, even if you have cleaned everything, and you are having skin to skin contact with him then yes, potentially he could catch them from you. Best to leave that one for a couple of weeks until you've started to feel an improvement for yourself. You may well feel completely better after the second dose and then you could do a final clean up and have your friend to stay.

    I forgot to mention about the bathing in the mornings. So important that you get into the bath in the morning and wash your bottom area so any eggs that have been laid overnight can be washed away and this will really help with clearing up the infection. I know it sounds awful but just go up an inch or so inside your bottom with a little soap and water and that will surely do it. Ensure you rinse the area clean so as not to leave soap inside. You'll be fine.

    This would be my advise.

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    Hi Emma, mebendazole,albendazole does not work. At least not for me. What worked and was immediately effective was and is EPAZOTE it's an herb found at the Mexican supermarket you can google it, ancient Maya's used it to treat parasite infections. Boil early in the morning and drink a 16oz glass on an empty stomach eat light like soup or salads and drink tons of water. Pay close attention to poop they will come out dead not alive so don't worry. 
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      I have also tried everything possible to get rid of these, but I have never heard of this. I would like to try it. How many leaves do you boil for the 16oz glass? And how long do you boil it for? Thank you.

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    One more thing Emma I tried vermox as well in fact I was treated 12x in 5 months with no relief these Buggs are invincible.
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    There is a brilliant product called Citricidal ( grapefruitseed exstract ) from Higer Nature .

    Use a few drops in a drink  water ot fruit juice.

    Wash hands and " Bum " in tepid water with the drops added.

    Woldent be with out this ,it has many other uses.


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    Did your pinworms ever show up on the doctor's tests? I am 100% sure I have them. I have every single symptom, and I have literally seen them, but every time I am tested it comes back negative, so my Dr. refuses to treat me. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Reese's Pinworm over-the-counter, and it never works.

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