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Worried about whats going on

Didn't know where to post this, but I need to know whats going on and this has been bothering me for about a week now.

So for about 6 days at least I've not been going to the bathroom as much, like not pooping. Before this, I would usually go everyday at least. Whenever I try to do it now I find myself having a hard to do it and usually very little or none at all will come out. My stools have soft, a light brown or tan or clay colored. They haven't been hard at all. I took a laxative on Saturday, used an enema last night and I keep hoping it will go back to normal but so far it hasn't. I'm very concerned about this. I went to see my doctor and she referred me to get some lab tests done, one of them a stool sample. I'm worried I won't be able to provide one for them. This has me feeling like a nervous wreck this past week. Can anyone please help me figure this out? 😖

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  • FluffyDragon


    I have suffered the same some years ago and vowed not to let this happen again. I have developed a physical technique to help get you back into a daily routine this is available in any good bookstore called Goodbye Constipation put three dollars. This will help you go to the loo even when you don't want just follow the instructions piece of cake! No medication required just a healthy diet and fluids. Good luck.

  • FluffyDragon

    Hey I have the same problem um I have days to when I become unconstipated it almost makes me sick to my stomach it hurts so bad that I want to cry when I'm in pain it's very difficult to deal with

    • clarissa42245

      Thats gotta be quite terrible to go through. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. But yeah, just lately I haven't been having any bowel movements. It doesn't feel like theres anything inside, more passing gas if anything. I don't feel sick, having abdominal pain and it lately its been localized on my right side, but its still all over. The pain gets bad sometimes but not very often. But just now I felt a sharp pain on my right side near my hip. I'm going for a ultrasound tomorrow and they'll take a look at my gallbladder and appendix. I've also been worried this could be appendicitis. If it is and I still feel sharp pains in on my right side, I'm going to the ER just in case. I have bad anxiety and always come up with the worst case scenario. Doen't help that I google symptoms too.

      Also, my brother mentioned it might be a few days before I'm back to normal but hes no doctor. The last bowel movement i had was last night and that was because I used an enema.

      This just has me so frustrated.

    • FluffyDragon

      Im so sorry for you I hate your going through this it's very difficult to deal with i get sick to my stomach it hurts so bad that I want to throw up when I become unconstipated I feel much better but I get very nauseous before I become unconstipated

    • clarissa42245

      Yes it is. Hoping to find out answers soon. Well, tomorrow I go for the ultrasound, and hopefully rule out anything to do with the appendix & gallbladder. Just gotta be able to provide a stool sample soon. Can my doctor refer me to someone if I am having trouble with that? Like just anything to do with bowel movements.

      My ex did say this could be because of stress. Before this in April & May I was pretty worried about chest pains so could possibly be because of that.

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