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HI there, I am new to this site. I have for the past 2 months acid reflux I think! I am having trouble swallowing and heartburn a lot. and now a sore throat. I had an endsocopy April 2014 and it just showed a bit of refulx and a small (not serious hernia) Now after all my googling (not good) I think I have eosophugus cancer (maybe I am being extreme) I was put on lanz and I am no better (for 3 weeks). I am 38 year old smoker! I am wondering if it was something serious would it take more than 18 months to develop i.e after my last endoscopy? thanks you in advacne. 

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    Hi there.

    I too was also convinced of the cancer thing as I felt so poorly with reflux. I had the same symptoms as you.

    I was cleared of cancer after an endoscopy in aug 2015 but did confirm major acid reflux.

    I would like to put your mind at at rest the way the doctors and research has with me...

    For you to have oesophageal cancer, in the vast majority of cases it would needed to have developed from a condition called barrets oesophagus, it then takes a few years to manifest its self into cancer (if at all)! As you had an endoscopy in 2014 it would have almost definitely shown up then.

    I'm trying to put your mind at rest because I know exactly how you feel.

    I was put on omeprazole when I felt like you did, I'm beginning to feel better but it has taken 4 months so far and I'm still not 100% but have faith in my gastro doc who assures me I will get better from this.

    I'm a 34 year old mum of two young children and tho illness has consumed and ruined my past 6 months.

    A few lifestyle changes do help, but I'm sure you know all this through your research.

    Hope you feel better soon and please try not to think the worse as I know through experience that stress and anxiety only makes this illness worse.

    Good luck I hope thus gives you some reassurance xx

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      HI Laura.

      Thank you so much for your responsesmile I already feel better. Yes it's a horrible feeling, my throat is raw and feels swollen etc. But I'm a bit of a worrier also, I work for myself and stress a lot and 5 years ago, I had a benign brain tumour, (which made me think all sorts also). But it was removed successfully. Then broke my neck in 2011 (I'm a cat with 9 lives) so I do worry. But I know when I really feel bad and this is horrific, it's the lump in throat that is worrying me, but again I feel rest assured after your response. I must stop smoking, for someone who worries a lot you think i would do sosmile thank you again Gill xxxx

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      Hey I know what its like, you worry because you smoke, yet you smoke because you're worried!! Its a vicious circle!!

      I had the throat problems big time, I was convinced it was throat cancer!.

      It will get better I promise!

      Although I have found my "trigger foods" now and on the occasions I eat them my throat is agony for about 24hrs afterwards.

      Mine are chocolate, alcohol, garlic and anything tomato or onion based! This may not be the same for you but I would say anything is worth a try!

      I also find drinking honegar daily helps me too x

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    It's extremely unlikely you have cancer.

    A hiatus hernia will exacerbate reflux of stomach contents into the oesophagus. If it is acidic, it will burn the lining of the oesophaus, inflaming it (oesophagitis) and you may feel it as heartburn (though not everyone does).

    If there is also bile in the refluxate, it can act as an emulsifier permitting the acid to bind to the tissue that could permit it to effectively digest itself. As a protetection, the normal ("squamous" ) cells are replaced with columnar cells resembling those in the intestines. These present a smaller surface area for attack and move the nerve endings further away - effectively reducing the pain.

    This is called "Barrett's Oesophagus" which may be considered an untrustworthy friend because the columnar cells have the ability to mutate through stages of dysplasia to cancer. However, that is very unlikley (around 0.5% p.a.) and if the progression is to occur, it would usually take many years.

    Lansoprazole will reduce the amount of acid you produce so your reflux will be less damaging. Any oesophagitis will usually clear up in a few weeks.

    If you develop Barrett's Oesophagus, you'll probably need to take lansoprazole for life.

    Your sore throat is a product of your reflux which you'll have to try to control.

    You really ought to try and stop smoking. The nicotine can relax the muscles that control the lower oesophageal sphincter making reflux easier.

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      Thank you Barretts for your response feel reassuredsmile I know smoking is going this Xmas!!!! thank you again G

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