Worried again :(

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Hello all I hope you had a nice Christmas smile

So.. I am a bit worried about something again and have tried to not allow myself to google etc. But my fears are not subsiding.

Christmas Day I was very anxious and when I finally relaxed I experienced a really bad pressure headache. The following day my sinuses felt awful and felt like they were burning (this has all gone now, by the way!) and come that evening I was so panicked I felt my head and sinuses would explode. I relaxed a little and it did subside.

The next day I went for a long walk with my partner and when I came home I felt better.

But then after sitting for a while I got up to find I had a sort of cramp in my calves.

It eased a little this afternoon, but after using my legs for driving etc, it's back again.

Of course... Google says brain tumour or MS. I panicked and am still panicking a bit now.

I talked things through with my counsellor but I still feel very uneasy.

I am terrified that I am dieing again - of some undetected thing. I have been to my GPnumerous times (and have another appointment next week,) but I'm worried.

My anxiety has been very very high recently and Christmas really did make things worse.

I had only a few weeks ago shown great improvement. I felt like my old self and many symptoms had lifted. Now I'm back at square one but with something new. It's always something new.

Please help x

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    I should add that the cramp is not a pain. It just feels tight.
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    You know wondering if you are dehydrated. Its not drinking a couple of water bottles and you are all good. Its about drinking half your body weight in water or juices in ounces daily. Maybe even throwing in a gatorade or two, anxiety does stuff to our bodies. It depletes nutrients rather fast as they are needed to run thru all the adrenaline cycles and depletes water as well. I get a lot of headaches. I have yet to figure it out. I take a b complex, do magnesium flake  foot soaks and drink and drink and drink. Many times i dont want to even drink but i try to force it. Usually at that point i grab a gatorade becauss water sometimes is too bland. We get symptoms, new ones, old ones, ailments, illness thrown in its overwhelming to us more so than the average. Its like it never stops. I think we are all very alert to oains and aches and very impatient for them to resolve.

    you have come a long way and know so much now about anxiety and all its evil spins. You also know theres no trade offs. Illness can occur too. Illness mostly heals or stabilizes its just time. Time none of us can tolerate at times

    You arent back at square one. You never will be. You know to have faith and hooe now and that many of these quirks pass. Sometimes they need help from a doctor too but eventually they pass or you adjust...

    you are still young and strong, embrace that.not so easy when you are older with ailments and all this junk happens but it is still the same faith and hooe to carry you through either way.

    i am sending you a big huge air hug. Cramps and headaches needs a lot of hydration, the body  does know how to recover from a lot of this junk too.

    exhausting isnt it 😔


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      Yes yes yes, I agree 100% with you and no... I do not drink nearly enough sad so I am trying to up my fluid intake. I don't have Gatorade in the UK but I think lucozade is similar? So I will buy some of that.

      And again you are right that I'm not back at square one... I'm not as low as I was. I actually woke this morning feeling quite hopeful about things.

      I still have external stresses which I cannot control, but as my friend said: don't we all?

      If I want to get back to some normality within myself, I will never achieve it if I live permanently convinced I have a brain tumour.

      Thank you Lisa smile I wish I could give you a hug! Xxxx

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    Aw Mopsy! You bad, bad girl!

    Googling! Brain tumours! MS!

    When will you ever learn..sigh...

    You silly sausage smile Cramp is nothing to fear, now is it? I often get cramp. I often get headaches, well actually, I suffer from chronic migraines....what I don't do is google or leap to the assumption that I must have a brain tumor...

    You have sinus problems, sweetie, which is miserable at the best of times ( my eldest son has ongoing sinus issues ) and it does induce headaches.

    Mopsy, dearest, you have to accept that we all get aches and pains, sniffles and the rest, especially at this time of year. But you are doing what you used to do...freaking out at the slightest hint of a symptom

    I know, I know it's not easy. But you make it harder, much much harder by googling. You know that, don't you? It's like sticking your hand in the fire, knowing it will burn you, but doing it any way.

    I want my old Mopsy back, that determined young woman of whom I was so proud. Do you hear me?

    You are not dying!

    You are panicking.

    I want you to promise me you will get your right thinking head on.


    I send love and hugs ( and a slap round the ear for good measure smile )

    Helen xxx

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      Hello Helen smile I promise smile thinking head is on... As I said to Lisa, I feel a bit better this morning and a bit more positive. I think Christmas was a huge obstacle for me which I needed to get over. It's very selfish because Christmas should be a lovely time of year and I should have done so much more for those around me. I feel very guilty. Very guilty.

      Sending cuddles xxx

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      Hello Mopsy smile

      Well, I don't know about Christmas being a lovely time of year....in theory, yes, in practice, no

      It's as stressful as hell

      Lisa, as always, is spot on. Fluid intake is vital


      Don't overdo the Lucozade! It's very gassy. The last thing you need is tummy bloat/trapped wind pains

      But, please feel free to take 2 paracetamol for the pain the slapped ear I sent you, lol

      Hugs, sweetie smile


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