worried bout my stomach???

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hi every one,

since from last one year or more i am facing somach problem my problem is i burp alot,and also Bm problem.....before i pass stool 4 to 5 times a day then after that i visit to 4 different doctors and they do stool test for me and ultra sound and also cbc test ater that they give me colofac for 6 months i use it and i pass stool now one or 2 times a day but my problem is that when every i go to tiolet i pass small stool some time fine but the thing make me worried when i ever i eat water melon it will cause me red stool and yesterday i eat eggplant and today morning when i go i pass the whole un digested one peace of eggplant in my stool which make me worried some time i pass tomatos whole un digested in my stool,,,,,3 weeks ago i do endoscopy and its clear shown no problem but i have alot of gas and i burp alot......don,t know whats wrong????tomorrow i will try to go to another doctor and ask for colonscopy i am 30 years old male and scared of colon cancer and now i am very sure that may be i have that.....bcoz i use lot of medicine but nothing work for me the only medicine work for me is immodium now i am not taking that.......is there any ne who face the same problem with me there is no blood in stool---------------------super worried about that i have done gall bladder surgery 6 years ago and last week i discuss with doctor about colonscopy but he say me u don,t need it bcoz in gall badder surgery they check my stomach intestine but i insist on which doc say me in our clinic we don,t have so tomorrow going to another doctor-------welll it didnot happens on every food but today it happens sad and worried about colon cancer

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    I think you have this

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), food intolerances and allergies, bacterial infections and celiac disease can cause food to be “malabsorbed,” or not processed correctly by the digestive system.


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      yeah my previous doctor mention ibs to me and take colofac for 6 months and it control my B before i have 4 to 5 times stool in a day now once but some time i feel un comfortable bcoz its small no to much---any ways today i visit to new doctor-----i request  for colonscopy and on august 7 i have colonscopy 
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      one of the doctor tell me that i have may be stomach infection the 2 doctor say that i have ibs problem----i use colofac for that and its good for me not to much but it control my stool from 4 to 5 now i only pass stool once a day some time 2 times sum time once in 2 days--------i have lot of gas may b bcoz i don,t have gall bladder and one doctor who will do an endoscopy for me told me that its possible acid reflux-------celiac disease may be but during endoscopy doctor take sample for biopsy didnot show h pylori and may b he do test for cleiac disease to-----bcoz he check the small intestine to in endoscopy but beside that i donate my blood like one year back they will do all of the test after that i give blood so may be they will do for celiac disease to-----don,t know but on august 7 i have colonscopy let see what it shows
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      I'm glad you have a colonoscopy to futher ease your mind.

      Did they give you an antibiotic for the suspected infection?  

      My Dr. diagnosed me with IBS-D...but gave me an antibiotic...to see if it reduced the number of times I went to the bathroom daily...and it didn't.

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      yeah Misssy 2 doctors give me antibiotic for 2 weeks----ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice a day + metronidazole 400 mg twice a day----------but this medicine didnot work for me i pass green stool for 4 days i use it but after 4 or 5 days od using this medicine i start immodium really a very nice tablet--immodium changes the colour of my stool to normal and my stool is hard------but after that i start spicy food bring me to zero --------now i go once to toilet sum time twice even i have loose stool or hard stool or thin stool i go once sum time twice some time once in 2 days my problem now i didnot pass to much stool since from when i start work in japan my friends are the same but i am un comfortable but some time my stool is hard and normal don,t know -----Missy better to go for colonscopy that will be the best option 
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    I understand exactly what you are going through. I have been through it also. Make a tea with garlic and ginger , let it cool and drink this 3 times a day for two weeks. You can drink it hot or cold. This will get your stomach lining together and it sounds a lot like your stomach is not producing enough acid to digest what you are eating. Start you day with 1/2 lemon in 2 ounces of warm water. Also have your vitamin D and B12 checked. They play a very important role in the way your stomach take in the nutrients . Also start using a probiotic. Let me know how you are doing after two weeks.
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      thanks simba you are really very very sexy------i have  bad anxiety attack 3 and half year ago while i am thinking i just passed out my breath stops and i feel totaly dark on my eyes i think thats it---it will be because of food and i was super tensed bcoz i have a gf on net she is coming to meet with me to my country----i was thinking what if she didnot like me and many other stress may b bcoz of that don,t know really-------then i feel heart escape beat shortness of breathe for how many weeks go to alot of doctors but they say i am fine any ways i have super gas i feel every time heavy on my left side echo ecgs done medicine didnot work for me but i must say that the thing which really make my chest clear from that heaviness is ginger tea medicine didnot do any thing for me now i am million time better then before because of ginger tea now i am not taking that--but i am trying to start it soon again------let me see i visit today to another doctor and i request him for colonscopy and on august 7 i have colonscopy let see what happens hopefully it will b clear----then i will start ginger and garlic tea-----thanks for your kind reply i will try on it soon and inform you thanks again sexy

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