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Hello if anyone could help or any knowledge id be really greatful.i have severe keratoconus in my right eye and i see double/triple images which i know is completley normal withh keratoconus but i have had a corneal transplant in the left eye (a repeated one as i had trauma the first graft which i also lost my natural lense) and im still seein the double triple vision out of that eye the same as the right eye?surely i shouldny be seeing the same as the right eye now its been grafted?i am really scared this is neuro related like ms or brain tumour.i am having an mri scan saturday on the brain and im seeing my opthamolohist on tuesday,but i am having bad anxiety at the moment about this as i am also geyting static vision(visual snow) i just dont think i should be seeing double vision like the right eye when ive had a graft??if anyone on here could shed any light or if theres any eye specialists on here that could help id be really thankful.

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    So, I wish your situation was unique. It is not. I feel certain that the cornea graft is probably just fine. But sometimes the sutures create irregular astigmatism. This, not a brain tumor causes the monocular diplopia. Monocular diplopia is "always" optical in nature and as close to never as I can say for Organic or some sort of brain issue. I am sure there is some random case of a brain issue, but yours is "cut and dry". Go meditate or something..cause it isn't your brain, its your multiple surgeries. The answer is of course optical in nature as well. Its called a Scleral lens or large diameter contact lens. And don't even start with that "I can't stuff" because you not only can, but will wear one. Sure, an adjustment in the sutures may help, but the only real answer is that stupid big lens. (Did I say that?) Its not stupid, that's just a figure of speech. I am so....blunt! I realize you may be in another country, but someone there will no doubt have experience with Scleral lenses. Not typical small lenses, but the really big ones.

    Can I post something really long here? Maybe and maybe not...I'll remove my name and just post the review. It will make you feel much better.

    Dr. P gave me my vision back, which I had previously thought was impossible! I had a LASIK/PRK surgery go bad almost two years ago in 2016. I was told by the company that performed the surgery for the past yr and a half that my eyes were just settling and it would take time. I should have done more research online, because after the surgery I found horror stories of Lasik surgeries going wrong and people permanently messing up their vision. Everything that I read said that my vision could not be corrected by contacts or glasses because the actual shape of the cornea had been damaged. So for the past 2 years I had accepted that this was my life and I would have to live with my terrible decision to go through this optional surgery (I am 22).

    After having enough of going to the company that performed the surgery, and hearing the same thing I decided to get a second opinion just to make sure there was no other option for me. I was experiencing blurred vision, ghosting, dry eyes, halos (especially bad at night), and on a good day my vision was 20/40 - 20-50.

    I did a little research and Dr. P name kept coming up, and I had read a few reviews that said he had seen patients who were experiencing the same problems I was after a failed Lasik/PRK surgery. So I decided to go in and get his opinion.

    From the moment I went in Dr. P and his team were helpful and super friendly. Dr. P  knew right away that my only solution was Sclera contact lenses. He had top of the line equipment that I had never seen before in an optometrist office. One actually showed what my blurred vision/ghosting actually looked like and what I was experiencing. From the first visit I was able to try some lenses on and they were life changing! They felt as comfortable as soft contact lenses and were easy to put in. I was actually able to get to 20/15 vision! The lenses came within a week after ordering them, and Dr. P walked me through all the steps from taking care of them to helping me put them in. Going to Dr. Pwas the best decision that I have ever made!

    Thank you again so much Dr. P and team! You have literally given me my sight and life back!

    I'm sure there is a Dr. P where you live who can give you back  your life..I wish you well.


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      Thankyou for your reply,i do have a sceleral lense in my right eye with the severe keratoconus it fits well but now i am starting to see double even with it in,this has only recently started to happen.what im saying is im seeing the same double images in my right eye with servere keratoconus as i am in the left eye even though ive had a graft.
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    It seems that you have a misconception of your treatments.

    Keratoaconus is a difficult condition. Having a graft does not fix everything. There is obviously still irregular astigmatism. Return to the doctor who fit your sclerals for adjustments in the power or type. Good luck...you seem to be on the right track, you simply have not yet found the final answer.

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    Hi W,

            lets go thru this one slowly. Firstly, is it double vision? Technically double vision  is where two eyes deviate and you get two different images at the fovea of each eye. If you cover one eye and the " diplopia" disappears, you have double vision.

             If on the other hand you are referring to the ghost ( fainter ) images  that you get in Kconus, these should be reduced or disappear by observing an object through a small aperture ( pinhole ). The ghost images are produced by distortions so that the cornea becomes like corrugated plastic. The same affect can occur with a corneal transplant if the tension of the stitches causes distortion or one snaps. Sensibly you are seeing a specialist so I hope all turns out well.


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      Thankyou for your reply basil,the images are fainter so maybe it isnt double vision as you say,for example if i look at a street name sign itll have the name twice,i saw my specialist amd she said it was the contact lense fit so i am seeing the contact lense specialist soon.i have another question for you and eyemech.i had a graft 5 years ago in the left eye it failed due to trauma and i lost my natural lense...last november i had a repeat corneal graft but i did not have a lense replacement as my surgeon said she wanted to reduce rejection as much as possible and by doing to much to the eye it improves chances of rejection.my graft is fine and my retina is flat and fine and my surgeon says when stitches are removed and a contact lense is fitted she is confident i will have good vision.just a second opinion really off you are the chances of good vision high?thankyou
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      Just to repeat, look at a black on white sign, then cover the right eye. If the double vision is still present you have ghost images in your left eye. Repeat with left to see if you have ghost images in the right eye. You need two eyes open to get double vision, so if the double vision is resolved when either eye is covered You have your answer. Bear in mind you could have double vision and also have ghosting in either one or both eyes. Can't help you with the surgery as it is above my competence.

      Good luck.



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