Worried I am lifting my Shoulder 9 days post op?

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I had my rotator cuff repair on 12th June. Very pleased as I was expecting a patch

Saw Physio yesterday just for wound check. I am just doing a few basic hand and lower arm exercises neck etc

I am finding getting in and out of the sling very difficult Going to buy anew one getting dressed is a nightmare for me

My problem is that I had failed surgery 15 months ago Rather the surgeon was unable to repair it at that time

My main worry just now when trying to use only my left arm I find I am tensing the repaired Shoulder and maybe raising it .Any idea how I can avoid this or is it harmful

Can I use the fingers on that hand when the sling is in place

I feel this is my last chance I live alone Any advice would be appreciated Sue

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    I have 2 who work together Pay for 3 hrs but it just takes an hour and a half Been in twice the first week but now come in once a week Have them booked for 6 weeks I live in a retirement apartments but it has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathroom lounge and dining room They are very thorough and I am very happy with them The lady who has the business and anothrt lady so always the same two I just need to make life easy for myself. And I like everything tidy and in its place

    Thanks again

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      I assume that you do not have an immobilizer, only a sling?  You don't need someone else to help you get dressed. Plenty of us live on our own and do just fine. I lived in extra large t-shirts and sweat pants for the first four weeks. I went to the Salvation Army and was able to buy some good quality large t-shirts.  

    As for your other arm, when you carry something heavy you will stress your surgery arm but otherwise, you should be able to carry out most activities that don't involve lifting or strain. I don't think you have to worry too much about injuring your surgery shoulder. Did they teach you how to put your top on with the sling on before you left the hospital? You might be more comfortable if you do it that way. 

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    It is an immobiliser sling The problem is that I came back from theatre with the sling on A nurse did help me get dressed but nobody showed me how to dress

    The leaflet was a generic one My daughter helped get undressed when I got home. It shows a picture of the sling in situ but not how.you get there

    I know to put the bad arm in first and then the good It is then getting the sling back on I don't take.it apart but step into the waist belt part I struggle with buttons Are you putting something large on that does not open down the front?

    Anyway going to buy a new one which I see had a video so I can follow

    I am 76 but feel so stupid with this thing I think I am just scared I do any damage Thanks again

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      I didn't put my arm through shirts for until I started PT 14 days after surgery. I used fleece jackets (larger than I needed) and kept the arm and sling underneath. No button just zipper.

      Pants draw string or elastic waist like scrubs or sweatpant/track suit.

      Socks only short athletic socks to not have to wrestle much with pulling them on.

      Shoes slides or laces-which it tied loose enough to allow the foot to slide into yet not fall off.

      Oversized tops/ shirts for know. When you start PT sleeveless pullover tops work well. Sweater or fleece over that if needed.

      Take your time. Think about what you have available to work with go from there. You'll be ok!!

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      Susan, I get everything you're saying. I felt the same way too. I am 59, and I sat and cried every time my daughters (27 & 31) took turns to come over 2 times a day to wash and change me. My Dr told me to slide it off, he showed me exactly how, and to rest it on the table while my daughters washed and changed me. Never to lift or move it at all. He is extremely strict. Sleeping was horrible. BUT..I found after the 1st month, and into the second is when I started to get used to it, and tired of it to the point I was counting down the days to take that damn thing off. I only wore loose T-shirts that my daughters would change for me 2 times a day. And forget wearing a bra, I never did. Hope you have lots of help, because it will be until month 2,3 before you can really do things yourself again. Good luck with it all, we all know exactly what you're going thru. But there will be an end in sight, promise!

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      The day of the second surgery:  after discharge upon return back to the house...my older sister (60) was there with her husband - visiting from out of state (nice time to visit).  Anyhow...I was still groggy but needed to use the restroom.  I thought to myself, ah I can handle this after going through it the previous five months.  The nerve block was in full effect...I was groggy but able to pull down my pants and plop myself down on the commode.  After expelling I looked down and to my startled amazement my left arm was flopping around outside the sling.  OMG  yes, somehow my arm slide out of the sling.  LOL  omg, it was goofy.  I tried to put it back into the sling but the arm wouldn't have anything to do with that sling.  Slippery-like and not doing anything I needed the arm to do.  I pulled up my drawers and hollered from my sister which also brought along her husband.  My sister decided to gallantly jam the arm back into the sling.  ME NOOOOO you can't do that...so she stopped, and my arm slides out flopping to the side. Of my thigh.  OMG. No movement no movement let alone this fiasco.  I was so groggy and sister was of no help.  I said a pillow  I need a pillow to prop up the arm on my leg while I try to sort this out...ah the downfall of day surgery and being pushed out the surgery center door because the surgery ran for five hours, and the place had closed...they  (nurses and doctors) wanted to go home so I had to leave before I should have gone back to the house.  My brother-in-law retrieved a tiny bed pillow.  I looked at it and said no honey I need a large pillow from my bed.  He chuckled as did I.  At this point; my sister began searching through my surgery bag (canvas tote bag provided by the center complete with their logo - marketing gimmicks)...she was supposed to be looking for my cell phone.  Atlas she turns around demanding to know "what's this" glaring at me.  I said what?  She was holding ONE of my inexpensive Fruit of the Loom cotton sports bras (3 for $11) upside down demanding to know what in God's name is this..black on the outside and white on the inside.  I looked at her saying what as I had been focused on getting my arm back in the sling.  I looked at her and cocked my head sideways (not wearing my eyeglasses) and I blurted out a bra.  She said OH.  I thought a minute and bellowed laughter at her... YOU THOUGHT THAT the bra was CROTCHLESS UNDERWEAR!! Hahaha, which brought about the loudest howling laughter from my BIL and sent my sister into an OH and put it back in the bag.  HONESTLY... what a dingaling...she proceeded to find my phone.  I called the doctor at home and he laughed.  Calmly telling me I was fine.  Just start at the beginning open the cradle, grab a finger or two and lay the arm in the cradle, velcro; sling over head and viola.  LOL  omg, what an experience.  OH, THE STORIES... I could go on and on but will leave you with that one... sometimes alone is BETTER OFF.  LOL : )))

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      Thanks You did well I am managing to shower and dry Suggested a towelling robe to dry good arm and body

      I have a collar and cuff sling foam covered with stocking like fabric I put this over my head out my hand in the sling part very gently and hold my arm and shoulder close to my body

      I let the arm hang down low like they say to wash under arm I use a spray deodorant easier

      My Daughter travels to work every day by train Away early home late .

      I am finding I don't want her coming here. It is gettingvleasier and I am gaining in confidence Thanks Sue

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    This has given me the best laugh I have had on a long time

    I was worried as my daughter was helping me get undressed brought me home from hospital. Granddaughter was staying over . Stupidity instead of sitting down we had the sling in bits. Like you I had the nerve block.

    My daughter says you hold the arm while she struggled to work out how to put the sling on . She has one bit her hand on don't remember which arm I let the blocked arm go and it fell like a block of concrete. We were oh oh She gets me to the dining room table and sat me down. She's studying in the leaflets Shows lovely picture wearing the sling but not how to get it on Then it was you tube but my sling was different. We got there somehow and she says you need a BSc to put this thing on.

    Since then I have been doing as said I do arm in cradle fix over my head It is the waist belt I was still having problem with Shower etc I step out of it Step back in holding arm then cradle and over my head

    My Daughter came earlier helped me dress and we have been and bought a pile of things Very nice thing They are hung up and will try them out tomorrow. Bought bigger size blouses X 4 tested the buttons for ease of opening Pull on elasticated TRS X 4

    At the moment in England we have very warm weather so no need for the zip up tops etc etc

    I now feel better equipped only bought 2 lots prior to surgery

    I have had a spending spree My Daughter kept trotting off saying how about this or that just said take the lot.

    I was exhausted when I got home

    Have now eaten. Daughter is away with the washing and I hope I can get to church tomorrow if too tired sure I will have a dispensation!!

    I have laughed so much and visualised your situation Thank you everyone for your advice and the funny stories

    Incidentally I didn't buy a bra Too much else to think about.


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    I found this post I put on facebook 6 weeks after surgery.  Haven't we all  been  here ?   LOL

    6 weeks post op. Big milestone, I can now wash my left arm! You can't wash your left arm if you can't move your right arm. Just doesn't work. And drying off..that's another story. Can't do that either. I've tried shaking off like a dog but that's not the answer. hee hee I hang up the towel on the towel rack and rub my arm up and down to dry. What a picture huh? I can also put deodorant on. It's impossible to smear on deodorant on your left side with your left arm. Elbow doesn't bend like that. And can't put it on the right side because I couldn't move my upper arm from my body. What a challenge. But I'm moving along. Next up....I'm going to try and tie my own shoes. smile

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    Just read your post Sleeping is a major problem for everyone I know

    Just getting 2-3: hrs at best Sleeping sitting up V pillows not uncomfortable but pain and lots of turmoil in my head.Trying meditation to no avail

    It 5 45am here now awake since 2 am got up briefly tried to read Tired so going to see if I managec another hour Still it is temporary and just want my life back Sue

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      Do you have a recliner at home?

      I have a Lazy-boy recliner and a Queen Ann Braddington Young recliner. I had to move back and forth being them for comfort. I also found that using five standard bed pillows allowed me to build a wedge and cradle which works beautifully. Three pillows leaning in front of each other and two stacked perpendicular to the three. Some of the pillows are firm so are soft. Very comfortable.

      Are you icing?

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      I got so tired of the recliner and trying  to sleep crunched up.  I have twin beds in my spare room.  I had my husband push one  against the wall.  I stacked up pillows by the wall and went to bed...and  stretched out ..ahhhh, laying on my non  surgical side of course.  I was half  way between my side and my back and just kind of rolled into the pillows.  It worked for me.  Kept me from rolling on my back and supported my shoulder.
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