Worried I might have diabetes

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For the last couple of weeks I have been feeling thirsty and needing the toilet alot. Sometimes in the middle of the night, and despite the amount I'm drinking I feel dehydrated in the morning. I also have thrush.

I went to a walk in centre this morning and they tested my urine and said it is not diabetes. I hadn't yet eaten and I had drank alot of water since the night before.

I'm just wondering if there's any chance the urine test would not be accurate as the amount of water I've been drinking may lower the glucose levels?

They've given me medication for a UTI, but I'm not experiencing any of the other symptoms for UTIs such as pain or dark urine, as it is coming out almost clear.

Also my brother has type one diabetes and was diagnosed in his 20s, I am also in my 20s.



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    Go to your own Dr they will ask for a fasting blood test, this will be more accurate than a urine test, or you could go to your nearest boots chemist and they will do a blood test
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    A fasting test is where you have nothing to eat or drink except water after 12am
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    I did the full on gluco-test. It takes about 6 hours to do (I did mine in an American blood clinic). You go in and they take a sample, wait an hour then take another. Then you drink a glucose liquid they give you and they take another immediately. Two hours later they take another. It's an accurate one because they see the fluctuation in levels over the time period of a pre known amount of glucose and how your body handles it.

    good luck, hope you're negative!

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    Okay so of course we don't have al lthe info and as lay people are not qualified to advise but.... I have to jump in here in case it might help:

    Last year I began to suffer from extreme thirst and urination. This went on for almost three months of misery before I was properly diagnosed. Doctors didn't take me seriously when I talked about how thisrty I was or how discruptive the thirst and frequent toilet trips were to my lifestyle, sleep pattern and overall health. (I couldn't go for long walks -- or drives -- without ensuring there were places to pee along the way etc.) By the end of it I was drinking 20 litres of water per day and urinating every 12-20 minutes. And not just any water would do, it had to be ice cold or did not satisfy.

    Finally, after speaking to two doctors who didn't truly listen, I found one who did, and I was correctly diagnosed with "DI". I'm calilng it "DI" because to call it by its proper name is often misleading. DI stands for Diabete Insipidus - a far more rare form of diabetes which is NOT related to blood sugar levels. It happens when your body does nto produce enough of the anti-diuritic hormone wich regulates the output of urine. When you are peeing all the time you are dehydrating and needing more water. 

    One easy question which may help steer you in the right direction is to check if you urine is dilute (odourless and very pale or clear). If you are passing clear urine very often, and drinking huge amounts of water, I would ask your doctor to consider and possibly test for "diabetes insipidus". 

    Since my own diagnosis last year I am much more comfortable though I am now completely dependant on taking a drug to regulate the anti-diuritic hormone normally produced in the brain. Life is much better and I am so grateful for the doctor who finally listened and diagnosed properly. 

    I hope this may help you too. Best case scenario is that you don't have DI, but if you do have it, a speedy diagnosis will avoid much distress.

    Cheers and best wishes from Canada smile

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      I have a question for you. I am confused with my situation. Seven years ago one doc told me that I might have diabeties but other doctores told me I don't. My A1C always was 5.5 or 5.7. I never took medication. My fasting is always under 100 but when I eat it can go to 150 after an hour. It depends to what I eat of course. Then it goes down in two hours. Today I ate some potato chips my blood sugar was 138 after 1 hour and after 2 hours was 157 then I check it again after 3 hours was 103.

      I was confused by the numbers that why instead of going down it went up and then down. I went to four different doctores and even saw an Endo specialist. Most of them looked at my A1C and told me I'm ok. But I am scared beacuse when I research on line I see horrible stories.

      Do you have the same situation? Is this normal? Do you have any suggestion for me?

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    Hi Katherine, do you have any other symptoms besides being thirsty and having thrush, by the way thrush isn't usually associated as a symptom of diabetes. Not everyone with diabetes has glucose in their urine, it can show itself in other ways.

    Please think carefully have you had any abscesses, boils etc., these can be a sign of possible diabetes.

    but better still please go and speak to your GP and explain your fears, ask him if you can have your bloods done to put your mind at rest, I'm sure he will if you ask. 

    Goog luck


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    I've had diabetes for 20 years and I thought that my only symptom was a raging thirst for about three days but after diagnosis and my sugar level going down my eyesight totally reversed and where I needed glasses for distance I now need them for reading (all to do with the high sugar levels affecting the lens of the eye).   Several years later I diagnosed my sister because she kept getting thrush and was being treated with creams etc. that didn't clear it up.  I'm afraid that thrush IS one of the signs that you could have diabetes and, when I found my sister's sugar levels were raised she went to the doctor, was given medication and the thrush that she had for over two years that was causing her a lot of pain and discomfort disappeared within two weeks.
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    So since my last message I have had my blood and urine tested. I went to a walk in centre (I'm mid moving home at the moment so I don't have a permanent address where I'm staying). It came up negative for a UTI and my blood sugar level was normal, and everything else was normal. They told me I should see a GP, but there was nothing they could do for me there.

    So today I have registered as a temporary patient and seen a GP. He has told me there is medically nothing wrong with me, and I should just try not to drink so much. I'm not really sure what I can do next, he seems to think I'm just imagining being thirsty. 

    I am definitely still feeling thirsty, and I'm feeling tired and finding it hard to concentrate. Sometimes after eating I feel a bit twitchy and find it harder to concentrate and have been feeling irritable. 

    Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

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    I  was having bouts of thrush, not just one but one after the other. I had 4 or 5 courses of anti biotics but they only cured it for a week or so then it would return. My doctor then asked me to have a blood test to check my glucose levels as multiple bouts of thrush IS a sign of diabetes. I didnt need a fasting test nor a urine test, the blood test was all it took to diagnose diabetes. Since then I am now on medication for the diabetes and have not had thrush since.If you had a urine test and the experts say your not diabetic I would tend to believe them, unless you keep getting thrush over and again and then perhaps you would be better asking your dr to check you out and have a blood test
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