Worried it will come back.

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In August I had a pilonidal cyst come up, at first I didn't know what it was. So I went to urgent care and they gave me pain pills and antiobotics, they also sent me home for two days to do heat compressions and to stay off of it. I went back to work the third day and it wasn't going away so the doctor gave me a shot of antiobotics and it helped, with in two days it had went away.

Exactly a month later it came back, so I went back to urgent care and they told me that I was going to have to have surgery so they refreed me to a surgeon, I was to meet with him that Friday but the next day I woke up and I couldnt bend over or put my shoes on, I work at a daycare and I went ahead and tried to go to work but when I got there the pain just got worse and worse so my boss sent me home and I went back to urgent care and they got me into the surgon ASAP. I had suregury and spent the night in the hospital. The next day he took the packing out and that hurt so bad, probably the worset part of the whole process.

After I got home they left a tube in for drainage. He attempted to take it out three weeks later but the pain was too bad, so instead he put a smaller tube in and then three weeks later another smaller tube. Two weeks after that I was still having pain and so he did a CT and it came back clean so he took the tube out and now I am on the upside of the healing process or for me the worest part. I have returned to work and I am scared half to death I am going to have to go through all this again, because I am having pain stilll not as bad as the last time part of me believes it is just my mind and I am worried I will have to go through this again.

In between all of this I got a fungal infection that traveled up my buttocks and then on the sides of each buttock. I had to do a medical withdrawal because I have been out for two months. I have till January to see if it comes back before I start back to school. I was wondering how long it normally takes?

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    Hey Jess smile first off sorry that your going thru this, it's absolutely horrible.

    In my experience it's about 4 months.. Could be longer, like my first one was in 2010 then didn't get it again until 2014 and now I've had them every 3 months,

    Did they do an open excision with you?

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      sorry you've been through it, I also have  had pilonidal abcess, operated on, now have sinus left which gets infected, so going to have another op.

      What type of tube and drainage did they use, as that sounds like a good idea. What type of op was it? and what hospital?


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      From the way that I understand the doctors is that they took the tracks out and yes left it open. I had a cut on both cheeks and the tube ran through them to keep it open and for it to drain. I really hate that I dont know when it will come back. I was hoping that we would know within a couple of months because of school. I guess I will go ahead and go with life and just wrry about it when it happns again.
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      They took the tracks out and closed with a tube that kinda reminded you of fish hook but only rubber. Its hard to explain. The tube didn't suck anything out it just held the wound open, so that it could drain any infection to come out, I don't know yet how good of an idea it was as i dont know if the infection is going to return. Abess of the glutenal cleft is what the papers say others say Pilonidal drainage, I am not a doctor so I am not to for sure what the correct name for the op is called.
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      that is called rhomboidal flap surgery which is latest one and is what I had.. in this also they use suction tube which is kept inside after stitches for 3 to 4 days... and that small opening heals on its own ....

      you can ask your doc about this

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    so you mean to say is they did rhomboidal flap surgery?.

    and that pipe is suction pump which stays till the time wound stops bleeding...

    in my case I got operated and for three days suction pump was there.. I was in hospital for 5 days... it's two weeks now...

    I too have pain and feels some infection is there , not sure. tomo visiting doctor and he will update on this .

    from where u get it done?

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      I didn't have the flap done, what they did was they went in and took the tracks out and then to close they put the tube in to hold it open to allow it to close from inside out. The tube wasn;t a tube that sucked anything up it was just a tube that held the wound open and allowed it to drain whatever infection was in there. My worry is that I stilll have a fowl oder and I don;t know if thats just because I am moving more than I am use to or if it is infection.... I have doctors appointment Wednesday to see how well it is healing and the doctor is thinking this willl be the last one unless it comes back then I will go striaght to the surgeon.
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    What an absolute nightmare for you Jess, I dare not leave my son to take care of this on his own and although the sinus had fully closed there was the beginnings of it opening back up again yesterday.

    I think we've been so happy to be rid of it we've become a little lax.

    My son is mildly autistic so has a high pain threshold but it's still been very unpleasant.

    Like yourself we hadn't heard of the condition until we discovered his.

    I don't think people realise just how awful and painful these cysts can be unless you've had the experience yourself.

    I'm hoping my son's doesn't come back again but I've a gut feeling it will.

    I think the salon brand of povidine and iodine has helped him a lot, it's kept it free from infection and helped with the healing process.

    He hasn't been referee for surgery as it hasn't been as bad as others I've read about and if I'm honest if he grows another 1 the same it's been managible.

    Wishing you the very best of luck in your recovery 😊

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      I can only imagine what you have been going through! I am sorry he has had to also.

      I have the same gut feeling that it is not over. Although the doctor seems to think that it is healing fine just a little red for his liking. I am back to work working half days, because my boss is nice as my doctor has released me to full time. I worked four hours and that night I about died I was in pain luckily I had my last round of pain pills to tide me over. I work in a day care normally with two to three year olds which means a lot of bending over and picking up, today I worked in the four to five year old room and it was a lot better as they can do things all by themselves.

      The doctor also told me I should be done draining but when I'm at work and don't have a gauze pad in I can feel it draining. I have another doctor's appointment in two weeks so hopefully all will be well and I am just crazy, but I don't know. It just stinks that I worry about it coming back as it has been such an experience that I don't want to go thru again.

      I hope your son well! 😊

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