Worried my UTI has spread to kidneys

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I have previously posted about my UTI and my 4 lots of antibiotics. Since last Sunday I started having a pain in my left side. It feels sore and swollen. I still have the lower back pain as well.

The doctor seems to think it could be because I am constipated. I am not so sure (I am constipated though)

On my 3rd urine sample they could not grow a culture (probably because of the antibiotics I have taken) how would they know if it has gone to my kidneys?

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    I decided to go to the out of hours doctors last night. My urine sample that I took was still showing white blood cells. He was appalled that nearly three weeks down the line I am still getting no where. The amoxicillin is clearly not working. He advised me that because of the pain, I should go to A&E on Monday if no better. He said I could have gone last night if I felt I needed to. He couldn't believe that I am not having a test to see if I have kidney stones.

    He has prescribed me Ciprofloxacin, I know there are some on here that have had really bad side effects. I haven't had side effects from any other drug prescribed so need to give this ago. 

    I am constipated and have been for a while, I know my bowel is attached to other parts of my body from adhesionssad. I go every day but the form has changed. I can pin point it, to when I gave up my seeded bread at lunch. I thought my diet was pretty good, I love vegetables and don't have potatoes. Stewed fruit every day with natural yoghurt, porridge for breakfast.

    thanks for listening!smile

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      Cooked veggies don't give you the fiber of raw.  And potatoes are nearly the perfect food.  Baked them and eat the skin, too.  I agree with the seeded bread since I bake lots of nut breads during the holidays and they are great for getting you going.

      Whole grain cereals such as Cheerios and Shredded Wheat (I buy the Frosted Mini Wheats) are good.  Raw apples along with the peel put the truth to "an apple a day keeps the doctor away".

      However, I still advocate a daily fiber supplement.

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    Usually the urinalysis would indicate if it was the kidneys, and you would display sever flank pain and high fever.  I would request a pelvic ultra sound if you are conerned about your ovaries.  Cysts can be a cause of sharp pains as well, and they are quite common in women of child bearing years.  Sometimes after a UTI even though the bacteria is gone there can still be inflammation from the infection, sometimes the antibiotics can cause this.  Remember even though they kill off the bad bacteria they also kill off the good ones too, so probiotics are VERY important.   I feel I am an expert in this area as I have been dealing with all that since early spring, I am starting to see improvements.  To cover all my basis I had a complete pelvic, and kidney ultra sound to rule out any abnormailites.  I still get occasion dull pain, or sharp jabs, but since I have increased probiotics, cranberry, and drinking a lot more water and D-mannose, I have felt better than I did a month ago.  When ever you are unsure of something always get it checked out, it is worse to sit and worry, that will not help your body to heal either.
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    Been back to the GP today. Blood tests are being done to rule out anything nasty going on. I have to finish the antibiotics that I am on now and go back next Tuesday. Hopefully my ultrasound will be done soon.

    If the bacteria has gone and nothing shows up from ultrasound then they will investigate my adhesions

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      Amanda I'm so glad you got another opinion! I hope the Cipro worked - it did for me (recurrent UTIs). I didn't have any bad side effects, thank goodness. 

      Let us know how you are and what you're finding out. Ask your doctor about taking probiotics for constipation. And also something like Colace.  

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      Ultrasound has been done, everything was OK, kidneys, liver and pelvis. No ovarian cysts. However, even though the UTI has gone and it is now 7 days after taking my last antibiotic, I still have lower back pain on the left and occassional lower left abdo pain.

      They think the pain may be from scar tissue/adhesions.

      I am trying stretches/yoga to help with this but have a GP appointment for next Tuesday and will maybe ask for a  referral to see a specialist.

      Constipation has ended, now back to normal

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    wow it is so "nice" to find another person with similar issues to mine!  a test for IC is expensive and my insurance doesnt cover most of it (goes to deductible) so i've been dealing with it for months now.  hopefully soon i can find a doctor to do a simple ultrasound and ck for stones.  i am sure i have them. and i have had cipro a million times, it doesnt seem to work for me.  

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