Worse heart condition please help me

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As I wrote many time about my heart condition. By the day first i m telling all my cardiologists that my heart is sinking my heart is sinking my heart is sinking. They said i hv anxiety. Here is summer and much humidility. I go out for bank and got sweat. My heart going to sinking. I had no tension no depression at that time. O ly my heart sinking and my heart condition going terrible. When come back home I sit under fan drink water and after half an hour I became normal. I want to know why dr said it anxiety. Its make no sense.

I feel my heart muscels r weak. Can echo dr stethoscope and ecg tell my heart is strong enough and normal? Because dr believe on their test and by the GRACE OF ALLAH all tests r normal. But i think my heart is weak. It cannot bear stress. I m 37 year old. Can i make my weak heart to strong and healthy heart. How it is possible. ?

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    Hi Gloria!

    If you doctors ran tests such as echo I believe that shows the heart muscle and therefore would rule out a heart problem if results are normal.

    However, I had many of the same symptoms you are having for many years. The cardiologist did stress test and had me wear a heart monitor to catch any abnormalties.

    These tests were repeated several times over a 10 year time frame and I was told all was normal.

    Then I get scheduled for an unrelated surgery and a pre-op EKG showed afib...an abnormal heartbeat.

    My cardiologist told me that afib is often missed in the early stages because the heart is not always in afib. So it does not show up on testing.

    I dont know if this is your case, but you could discuss with your doctors the possibility afib is not showing up on your testing.

    Best of luck!

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      Hi cathy first of all i m thankful to you for your detailed answer.

      More than one cardiologist checked me. 4 year ago i had an EPS for reduce or normal my heart beat. Necause my heart beat go fast much. So dr did operation and reduce or normal my heart beat.

      Then i have high bp and heart sinking problem. When ever i go to dr he see my ecg and check my chest and back by stethoscope and say i m fine. They daid i hv anxiety and my heart is normal. But i dont believe. I dont know how in Afib feels. I only feel my heart is so weak. As u told about afib i search on google many symptoms i found in myself. Difficulty in speaking and stomatch problem. But dr said dont google your disease because dr know better.

      Kathy what is your age and do u smoke?

      In stress test i become fail but dr said u are not use to running so no problem. My ecg is always normal.

      Kathy please tell me what i do. I cannot speak can not eat or walk. Even i caanot sleep. Tell me how much i believe on my cardiologists.

      Please guide me what i do?

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      Hi Gloria,  Have you been prescribed any medication for your problem?
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      Gloria...I am sorry you are suffering so. Like you, I suspected for many years something was wrong with my heart, but it took a long time to catch it. And by then I had moved into what they call permanent afib...it will never go away.

      I understand being told to not google, but I think it is human nature to try to find out what is wrong with us. For years I seemed to be more worn out than others by heat & humidity in particular. I began to have occasional dizzy spells, I can walk but cant stand in one place too long without feeling weak. I get super winded going up stairs. I need a nap everyday bc by mid day I feel as exhausted as one would feel after being up 24 hours. There are days I dont have much energy, but I can never predict in advance.

      I belong to a Facebook group on afib that is very educational. The members talk about many symptoms and treatments.

      You may want to check that out, but I guess due to cultural differences I do not understand some of what you mean. Does sinking heart mean heart failure?

      Are you on ANY heart medications or do they say your symptoms are all anxiety related?

      I am 61...never smoked, but had sleep apnea. And I was very overweight. I took care of both these issues, but the damage was already done. I also suffer from anxiety, but it is better controlled than when I was younger. But sometimes I wonder if my heart beating wildly when I was upset didnt contribute to my heart problem as much as the weight and sleep apnea.

      Again, best of luck. I cannot tell you what to do...only share my experience.

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      Also Gloria....did you have tachcardia...a very high heart rate that did not respond to medicine? And the operation they did...did they implant a pacemaker to slow down your heart?

      Again cultural differences make it a little difficult to understand. It appears you are outside the USA where I live so the way medicine is practiced may be different...

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      Thanks kathy for you answer. Yeah i m outside of usa. I m in Pakistan but dr are here well educated famous and experienced.

      Heart sinking me mean i feel heart is so weak not working properly. Its going to stop. Feeling weak heart or feeling downing.

      I try to explain you by an example. If you are going in car and suddenly any thing come in front of your car and you push your car breaks quickly. At that time when suddenly you did this your will feel your heart going diwn your heart sinking. So my heart sinking with out any reason.

      You talk about pace maker. Pace maker is used to increase heart rate. But my heart rate was already high so dr decrease it by a laser operation. Burn my heart tissues that increase my heart rate. It call EPS ( Electro physicology study ).

      Here i many time ask my dr is there any dangerious they said no. Its anxiety. But i dont believe. I dont know why dr r not serious. But people say dr a serious and well know but i m mad.

      What i do. Dont know.

      Dr give me propanol ( indral) no serious medicine of heart. All medicines are about anxiety.

      Is humidity is in usa? Is there this weather of rain season. Here in humadilty my heart cannot bear it. Feel so bad heart. But i never breathless.

      Actually there are many symptoms of heart and anxiety are same. But i think dr has to take care of it.

      I m again thankful to you for your answer. Hope continue talk.

      I will try to search afib group on facebook. What is dp of that group.

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      Hello from the UK,  I'm 64 and was diagnosed with Supra Ventricula Tachycardia (fast heartbeat) back in 1996. I also have missed heartbeats known as Ectopics. And then back in 2011 I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation for which I take a beta blocker and Warfarin. I remember being very frightened when I first started with heart problems. So, I understand how you feel. I'd like to add that my father's side of the family are from Lahore and are called Mirza and my mother was from the UK.  The Indian side of my family are mostly doctors and have missed heartbeats but, they are harmless and very common in people all over the world. So, try not to worry too much. I know that is easier said than done.  I hope you are feeling much better and know that you are not alone with the heart problems. 

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      Thank you sir.very much. I.visited lahore many time. I m from islamabad. Can i talk with u on cell phone to discuss about my heart. Can u give me ur cell phone
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    Greetings from the USA where it gets very hot and humid on the East Coast where I live. Sometimes the humidity gets so high it is difficult for a normal person to breathe let alone us with heart problems!

    Yes, the Pakistan doctors are very good and have a good bedside manner. My main doctor of 20 years is from Pakistan and we talk about the different ways of Eastern vs. Western medicine. I have an interest in whole body healing rather than just being prescribed medicine. When I discuss this with my doctor he laughs and says he has been 'ruined' by America!

    In reading your response it sounds like you MAY have afib! The procedure you described sounds like the ablations they do here. They are done by electrophysiologists who specialize in heart rythmns.

    The name of the Facebook afib group is called Atrial Fibrillation Support Group. It has over 10k members worldwide. The moderator is Debbe McGee and she is very knowledgeable.

    Many members talk about anxiety. It often goes with the territory of having a heart condition. Especially with afib where you feel every beat, skip, pause, drop, etc. I understand what you mean now by sinking heart. I, too, get that feeling. I take zoloft which helps with depression and anxiety.

    I hope I responded to everything you wrote.

    Let me know how you make out.

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      Kathy love u and thank you very much. Just 20 mint ago i visit a cardiologist who is not my regular cardiologist. He said my heart is ok. Ecg again is nomal. I spend alot of money here because i have to visit dr privatly. I have no job. My mom besr expences of my dr and medicines.

      R u doing job in 61 year of age. I m very much distrub i can not sleep. How i undeestand nothing going bad with my heart.

      Dear do you hv cell number can i talk with you. Thanks

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    Yeah, I hate to break it to you, but this honestly just sounds like anxiety. Every feeling you are describing are symptoms I have for my anxiety disorder. I wouldn't keep going to doctors, as you are most likely wasting your parents money. You should look in to finding a psychiatrist and/or a therapist

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