Worse swelling at night

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After 5pm my belly swell right up anyone else have this? Most of day hard stomach but at night swells right up. 

I am also worried as drank most nights for last 10 years i know i have barretts but getting pain below right rib intermitent and worried done too much damage to reverse. 

Got family and want to make the changes liver function test came back ok as did ultrasound they were 3 months ago and worried it is much worse now.

Any advise would help. 

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    Hi!so sorry to read your problems!!!please start right now!!!!one day at a time!!!!no alcohol !!!!look for help eg AA start to make a big difference in your life!!!make new friends who will support YOU!!sad
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      Hi Roberta,

      Your right i have re joined the gym which i will start tonight and i will look into help. I don't drink a lot so hopefully it is not too late but as they say it is never to late to stop.

      as shiela said below she has same symptoms and never drinks so i might be ok.

      Thanks for your reply

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    Yes I have this problem, had it since February, swells up at end of day at least an inch extra from the morning.  I suffered from reflux in February it was then my belly started to swell. I don't drink alcohol and diet quite good. Reflux started due to severe stress. after 2 months reflux was improved a lot. i went on anti acids for 1 week then decided to try with out and managed with herbal help.  Doc could never tell me why I had pain under my ribs or upper right chest area, put it down to reflux, terribly uncomfortable and sore at times under ribs and upper chest. Went for endoscopy in April, whilst in hosp I asked nurse about the rib pain, she explained it was trapped wind!   Endoscopy showed up H Pylori. As far as I am concerned this is just a coincidence that it has been there whilst I have reflux. We can carry H Pylori for years. Put me on course of antibiotics. Got Candida and thrush on tongue coz of antibiotics and waiting for test to see if H Pylori gone or not. 2 months on after endoscpy I have Candida thanks to anti biotics and still have swollen belly every day and a lot of wind in the mornings. I don't suffer from trapped wind under ribs any more, this must have been coz of the acid reflux. Hope this is of some use, if I work out why I get a swollen belly every day I'll let you know, it's obviously digestion gone wrong, but how or what I don't know
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      Hi Sheila,

      Thank you for this, yes i have bad reflux and a lot of gas and barretts. Your message has made me realise that maybe it is not down to the alcohol and something else which is great as i am stopping.

      I hope they find out soon what is causing it but my guess is we might never know. Did it hurt worse when you breath in?

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      I had various pains in different ways. I did feel pain when I breathed in but I also had continual pain. when I wasn't having stinging pains I had a pressure like feeling like a trapped stone felt like at bottom of oesphagus it was so intense at times I often thought I had a hiatus hernia so was glad to have endoscopy to rule that out. I am assuming you've had an endosopy to tell you you have Barretts?  You'll know it's not good thing to have got barretts.  Hope you don't mind me saying, promise I am not being judgemental, but where you say you don't drink a lot, you did say for last 10 years you had a drink most nights that is a lot of alcohol, I think that you will get better if you realise it will take time, could be a long time, but you can do it.  Look at it as a journey, I am having to do that now I have the Candida and swollen belly. You have to be kind to yourself, watch out for stress as this tightens muscles and can make it feel worse, try meditation music each day, I did 10 mins each day jsut to relax and it did help. I was given Gaviscon by doc, utterly useless stuff, my friend who also had reflux was given it by docs too and found it rubbish didn't do a thing, but we both found we got quite a lot of releif from Rennie extra, I used to eat 2 of these before going to sleep or if it woke me up at night. I expect someones told you to prop your bed up quite a bit so you are sleeping down hill, that's meant to help too.  I bought myself Slippery Elm powder off Amazon, you heat 1/2 cup milk, put 2 tsps of SE in saucepan when milk got nearly hot, mix with wisk pour in cup shake of cinnamon and or honey, it goes a bit googy, it's meant to help line your oesophagus and ease stomach, I found it helped me a bit. One of the best things besides Rennie Extra was pure Marigold tea which I still drink if stomach feeling unsettled, get off Amaazon, it's very soothing, only meant to have 1 tea bag a day or it's too potent for some reason, it's really good. I could not eat apples or tomatoes too stingy, stay off caffinated tea and coffee, drink more herbals. try cocunut milk and or cocnut oil off spoon.  It's your digestive system that's upset somewhere, it's gone wrong, your valve is meant to close at top of stomach and not let acid back up, it could be inflamed you need to think soothing drinks, soothing food, cut down on the meat or give it up, eat fish, eat small portions food help your digestion in anyway you can, you have to stop the reflux or you could be in worse trouble later.  Iw ould be careful about going to the gym, (not saying don't try it) might be better to learn to relax or a bit of yoga class. 

       If is was me I would def give up all alcohol till i was clear of problem and  if I had barretts I'd have to think hard about consuming it again. Stay off fizzy drinks if your not doing so already. You've got to think balence, what can I do to help the inside of my digestive system sort it's self out, I wonder if some probiotics might give you a helping hand, it's something I never thought to try.  It is very hard going acid reflux, I hope you feel some improvement soon, perhaps go see a holistic therapist.  Hope I've not written too much, as you can see my last 5 months has been quite a journey and I'm still on it, my goal to be back how I was!  

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      Gaviscone was useless i agree,

      I have started hitting the gym and have stopped drinking so hope it shows improvement but bowel movements still bad even with fybogel so yesterday i tried this thing called lacose which never created a bowel movement but gave me a lot of wind which now makes me think my stomach is swelling due to gas which is what the nurse said when i went for ultrasound that i was full of gas.

      I did have endscopy to confirm i had barretts yes but it was more by luck they found it they were trying to find out why my stomach was swollen, so next test is in 3 years but they have not told me how bad it is etc.

      Why would you be wary of the gym?

      Thanks for your reply


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      it was just that I thought lots of gym exercise might make more acid shoot up the oesophagus just by the body movements if LES valve is not closing as it should. But I could be completely wrong of course and it might not have any bearing on the problem at all, it's why I thought relaxation/meditation might be better.  

      Why haven't they told you how bad your barretts is, do you think you ought to know?

      My stomach has got very swollen again this last 2 nights, I thought I'd seen some improvement this last week, but it's started again, got quite windy again.  I think I've upset it's balence again by taking some SF722 capsules I bought for my candida too strong.  But the capsules I bought called Total Candida Defence from Silvertown have been good and they had started to settle down a lot of my stumoch discomfort and good improvements of the swelling and I was feeling that I was starting to mend in some places, but the SF722's I think have totally upset any ground I was making, so got to wait and see if I can get back to where I was. Silvertown has a good range of health help supplements do you take any?

      the other thing I've just done is bought some ph strips off Amazon so I can check my alkaline/acidity see if I'm in balence with that.

      I am quite sure that your stomach swelling is gas, mine is defo. It's a case of trying to get ones system back in balence again somehow


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