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hi everyone

i did so a quick post to sam last night. thanks for your replies sam much needed.

i have been chipping in quite a lot in the past few months. if anyone bothered to keep up to date with me posts. lol

i finally got to the bottom of the so called frozen shoulder.

on a good note my worst worry was arthritis. all good on that. thank god.

he showed me the MRI on my supposed good arm. the second one to play up ( since sept ). yup he could see it was frozen. we all know how that feels.

then he went through the arm and picked out a black mark. the tendon on the top of the arm is torn ( craps ) .

then just down its like a small beak. na its a spur of bone poking into the torn bit. hence why i cannot shift this with hydro dilation.

he is going to put me to the knife very soon. really disappointed in me . my body is a good healer.

the rock and a hard place is now. as i kept on to sam . you have to keep the joint moving to keep it free.

it now all falls into place why i cannot get past 90* rotating out from my side up the wall. i am at about 45* off the floor then the bone pinches the torn bit.

while he is there he will look in the joint for scar tissue and clean it out.

so really a crap prognosis and up to 4 weeks rest off work.


give me any tips. i am off to NHS physio pm to day to see them. as i need the recovery to be spot on. my arms and movement are my job.

have booked a MRI on the first shoulder which was the worst one origionaly. to see if there is any under lying problems when i injured it back in dec 18 to start this whole thing in motion.

costing a fortune all this. but as it was a work place accident work will be paying through the insurance.

to be honest would give anything for a good nights sleep and a pain free arm/s.

then to sign up at the local swimming pool to start rehab ready. got tape over most of me shoulder now holding things in place

really really piffed off and gutted. have a million questions that need answering now.


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    Hi Colin, sorry to hear you are suffering, although we all know just how bad it can be it doesn't make it any easier to cope with, especially in the lonely hours of the night. I haven't posted for a long time because I am thankfully post pain and once through it don't want reminding!! you can read my various historic posts when it all happened. I believe mine was triggered by injury and critically i believe you simply cannot rush the process or recovery because this can only set you back. Rest is best in my experience. This is the one time when pushing through pain with exercise does not work. my bad shoulder is now as good as it was before. wishing you all the best 😃)

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      thanks penny for the reply

      my main anger is i have to start over again. this will be the third time now. two starts with each frozen shoulder. when you think you are winning. the ribbon is moved further away.

      now with the operation i am back at the starting line for the third time.

      to be honest i had a real phobia of needles at the start. now i cannot wait till the operation. it hurts so much now with the frozen joint which i thought i had beaten with the hydro distension. and the pain from the torn tendon added to it with the spur digging into the tear.

      its just pulling me down. had the pain now for 15 months from the first freeze. its been one problem following another. and as you know the pain and ache that comes with it.

      i was thinking yesterday cant remember whats it like not to have the ache.

      even the wife commented on the second freeze and said its not quite the same when it presented its self.

      had the aches and the lightning bolts like normal. but it was different. now after peeing it off early this week i am getting the lightning every 20mins on really every sharp move it goes off on a paddy.

      it all falls in to place as its originating from the top of the rotator cuff where the tear is.

      i have NHS docs appointment to set up physio ready for post operation. i have ramsey health care booked for a seperate MRI on the origional frozen shoulder to see when i injured it there is no underlying problem there and a meeting with the insurance company.

      keep a lookout for me post and thanks for the ra ra ra


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    Oh Colin! No wonder you're in so much pain! On a positive note, at least you know the problem and hopefully on the way to getting it fixed!

    It really does take it's toll on your wellbeing though, painful and frustration!

    Cant answer your questions but sending positive vibes! You're a warrior!!!

    Agree with penny! Rest is best!

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      Hi Sam

      cheers for that, was just logged on to email the surgeon, we are trying to get the GP to refer me for the other arm MRI, as it £450 for a single shoulder, my main worry is have i buggered up the other joint (excluding the frozen bit), if not i will pay as i cannot wait.

      after snapping that lock this week its been hell ( i really snapped the r/h side), as i was saying to penny this is a more so pain, getting zapped all the time.

      been on doctor youtube lol, don't really like what i see recovery wise, while he is in there i have just asked while is is rummaging to take a look at the capsule to see if he can release the scaring, it is my worst case fear come and bonked be on the nose.

      i am still asking out there has any one had this done and how was recovery, surgeon told me for some one doing my job its going to be hard ?????.

      and to take up swimming again, i tried that on holiday and could not move me arms quick enough because of the pain ( i sank ), seems like i am going to have 4 weeks to watch day time tv.

      kill me now lol

      cheers for the support and advise much needed as other i speak to just laugh and take the pee.

      a very wounded Colin

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      What a nightmare for you!

      Try putting up another post with something in the title that might alert anyone who can help you out?

      Try and take it easy

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      hi sam

      how is it going with you. have you herd about the appointment for the hydro jab or is it postponed. hows the beloved arm behaving


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      hi sam

      hows the shoulder going. know all this is for the best. just wish my arm would go and self isolate some where else.

      work kept it kind of free. now already it is already being a complete git. and also with the impingment into the tear as well. have some really crappy nights now.

      have got down the portable massage couch. wife if trying to ease the muscles. and uber hot bath at the end of the day.

      how are you getting on

      trying to redecorate the house just to get it moving

      stay safe


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      sorry Colon just seen your previous message. Op and cortisone jab postponed. Shoulder is freezing more and aching, some days not too bad, other days sh&t.

      Using co cocodamol and 10%ibuprofen gel which seems to help. I teach so still working, hope you are getting by ok xx

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      Hi Sam

      time off been you tube the process for if ever i have it done.

      rotator cuff repair and a spur shave. at the moment hot baths are my friends.

      after and for the week will look like a borg. serious arm sling and a cold cuff on top to pump freezing water over shoulder .

      it looks pretty grim especially at night. you have to sleep sitting up with the shoulder strapped secure to the torso. kind of laying on your back full time.

      i will

      snore like a wart hog lol. cant see us having this till sept ish at the best


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      Hey Colin! hope you're doing ok? sounds grim, yeah sort of resigned myself to getting through it by myself.

      have a question, have a lump on my clavicle bone on the side of bad shoulder. do you know if this is normal? feels like bone sticking out 😕

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      Hi Sam

      ho dear would not really know. is there any chance of it being a muscle in spasm and gone solid.

      had me fair share of them over the year with mine i can move them from side to side.kind of getting under them.

      they have been the bane of my life. i named mine after the physio. the lump running down from my shoulder down the forearm ( bicep ) is called the Gemma lump. and it has been solid for over a year on and off.

      is yours between the ac joint. can you move it off the bone.

      was up last night till 5.30am laid on it wrong at midnight. really peed it off.

      took that 5 hr gap to study shoulder anatomy on the phone in the spare room propped up with cold packs on. to keep myself amused lol.

      found out about torn rotator and tendons lol.

      can you send private pic of area.will send it to my physio gemma to ID if you like

      ( no face shots) just the arm with a finger pointing to the area.

      but really it should be a proper person looking. and at the moment we are stuffed.

      no GP. no physio. no help

      BUT WE ARE SAFE ( thanks nhs)


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      sent you a private message of where i had a bad spasm in me arm

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      hi sam

      not spoke for a while. wondering how you are getting on with the pain. me struggling. worst day 5th june. went back to bed mid day. rested it for 5 days ( not hard work involved ). at the moment using time to do the hard scaping to the garden.

      best day was the 10th june. i got 5 hours sleep yay.

      i have invested in a ( its called aircast). its a cryo cuff that velcro around the shoulder. flask of ice cubes and very cold water sends it to 4* c. it pumps around the cuff and expands it like a balloon. then lets it back into the flask again.

      it is so good like a perminent cold pack. and no pain. i sit there and smile for the time it is on.

      how are you and any news on treatment.

      mine is to start again next week (PT). she is going to use me as a test PPE guinepig . as both shoulders are locking up at the moment. again......


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    at last i am now pain free still dont have great ROM. shocking actually

    but i am pain free for the first time in 2 years. i kind if got use to the pain. since the t-shellz cuff it has eases the night aches

    thanks for every one chipping in to this. i am persuing the ROM with the surgeon in 6 weeks time when i have me surgery checking post 6 months.

    still up for MUA or ACR to get motion back. yup glutton for pain again.

    i cannot get to the right position at work sometimes. its a real bind .



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