Worst. Pain. Ever - Questions please?

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I've had abscesses before, usually it's this one tooth right at the back. Anyway, Friday just gone, I had a toothache in one of my front top teeth which I put down to being headbutted by my youngest :-\\

But Saturday I was in so much pain I thought something bad was about to happen! I didn't eat and was alternating paracetemol and ibuprofen 2 hourly all day until I slept so I can say for sure I overdosed. This also carried on yesterday but by then the entire left half of my face had swollen up so much I actually looked like an extra from planet of the apes sad

I spent most of yesterday laying on the sofa close to tears, I'd never had an abscess that hurt this much before so I wasn't much fun. And the kids, the poor kids, I must've frightened them. I frightened myself if I'm honest.

Today my partner phoned the doctor and got me in this morning. It's a big-ass abscess. I'm on Amoxicillin, DISPERSIBLE, no less. And despite saying they taste like strawberry, orange and pineapple, they taste like crap.

Couple of questions, When should I expect these antibiotics to kick in? I know 1 day is a bit optimistic :-P

Also, Is it safe to burst this thing myself and carry on with the course of tablets? Because the pressure is blocking my sinuses and giving me a headache and sometimes I've even been seeing double. I can't take this any more!

From sore gob!

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    OMG - you poor thing!! Sounds absolutely awful sad

    The time the antibiotics 'kick in' varies a bit depending on whether you have been prescribed the correct one. Amoxycillin is broad-spectrum and therefore the first to usually be prescribed so you hopefully should be having some relief soon - though as your abcsess is so huge it may take longer because of the pressure.

    As well as continuing with the painkillers (and please do ensure you do not take any more than the prescribed dose of paracetamol - people don't realise just how lethal they are) - try the hot salty water trick. Keep swilling your mouth holding the liquid for a minute over the affected area. Hopefully the pus will then come to the surface where it can be released.

    Good luck and hope you have some relief soon.

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    Thanks, I' ve never heard of the salt-water thing til today. I'm grateful for all the advice. I can't face another night waiting for my head to pop sad I'll let you know hw it goes smile

    I write this with a mouthful of hot salty water since a minute is a very long time and this is a great way to know I've done the minute!

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    Well done. Have the water as hot as you can stand .... and hopefully it will draw the pus and relieve some of the pain.

    You will probably end up having root canal treatment when the abscess has dispursed - so start saving!!!!

    The cost of dentistry is ridiculous today - my daughter had a very small white filling - £126 :shock:

    In my next life ...... I am going to be a dentist :roll:

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    I sympathise with u completely.

    This was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life! I would rather give birth than go through that again.

    I was informed that I would need root treatment etc. (Friends informed me that most likely it wouldnt work.)

    Anyhoo....after about 3 days on antibiotics....what a difference. I no longer had a face that could haunt houses... :lol: (and Im not lying).

    I had the tooth removed. Apparently if u don`t....the absess returns.

    Good Luck

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    Blimey Skye, wish I looked half like you - makes me sick!!!! :evil:

    Or maybe that's just a pretend photo!!

    Having root canal treatment following an abscess doesn't necessarily mean that you will eventually lose the tooth - had one done 25 years ago and it's still in standing!!

    Suppose it depends on th skill of the dentist.

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    \"Or maybe that's just a pretend photo!! \"

    Hey Katie,

    Thats not me....I wish!! Add about 14 years and u have me... smile The ladies name is Kat Von D....American tatoo artist. Ever watched the programme Miami Ink?

    \"Suppose it depends on th skill of the dentist.\"

    Totally agree! I just never want to go through that agony again.

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    Me again!

    I was there for an hour doing the hot water thing with nothing happening. I found the water cooled to mouth temperature very quickly. Instead I boiled the kettle, dipped some cotton wool in it and applied directly to the tooth and gum in question which hurt but I was prepared to go through it to get ris of that awful pressure. Within 10 mins I had a lovely yellow blob that just asked for a sterile pin. RELIEFFFFF!!!!!

    Anyhow, Now on day 4 of the antibiotic treatment and although I look normal, I still have a large lump and the area beneath my nose is tender to touch.

    I don't think I'll be seeing a dentist anytime soon, There are 2 in the town I live in and neither are taking on NHS patients. I barely have enough money to live, never mind forking out for expensive dental treatment. I'm lucky enough to have a doctor that sympathises and will prescribe antibiotics.

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    Hi there

    I'm so pleased that you have finally got some relief from the pain.

    The lack of NHS dentists in this country really is apalling... I know of so many people who simply cannot afford to see one privately. My daughter recently had a very small white filing and it cost her £126!!

    Hopefully your abscess is now well on the way to being fully dispersed and the antibiotics have done their work. The only problem is that following an infection like yours there is always residual debris left behind which often leads to a further abscess and for this reason the whole area needs to be treated by root canal work to preserve the tooth and thorougly cleanse the area.

    I do hope at some point you can get on an NHS list and have the work done.

    Good luck

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