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brooke 81054 brooke 81054

would this be considered night sweats?

About 8 weeks ago I found a enlarged lymph node on the side of my neck, I started googling this and it said to be concerned if I started getting night sweats. Sure enough after I read that I woke up one night to sweat between my breasts (I had a sweatshirt on and 2 blankets so I ruled it out as being warm) however now I sleep with the window open and fan on so I'm cold and ive still been waking up with sweat on my chest/in between my beasts. It's enough to make my shirt damp but not drenched and my chest is the only place this occurs. Are these considered night sweats? Is it anxiety? I work out everyday and I'm on birth control, both of which I heard can cause night sweats. But I still have the bump on my neck even though it has decreased some in size. Help?

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  • SteV3 brooke 81054

    Hi Brooke,

    Any Lymph Node should be checked by your doctor as soon as possible. They will refer you to probably see an Oncologist, whom will ask for blood tests and Ultra Sound tests to be done. Cancer can show in blood tests, but this can be a false/positive result. Ultra Sound is better since they can see it in detail.

    I would book an Appointment with your doctor ASAP, and see what he/she says, but I expect it will be a referral.

    I have had cancer before and only recently been signed off from remission.

    Hope that helps,



  • eileen11130 brooke 81054

    Before you keep guessing.  I would ask a doctor.  The lymph mode could be a swollen gland and sometimes can become inflamed and goes away by itself.   I do not know what lymph glands do depending on where it is.  As far as sweating.  I sweat head, neck, face, arms,mchest. Legs, and groin.   Not just one place and not always all the time each place.  Under breasts can sweat just because of growth, hormones, anything.   No one has told me why I sweat so profusely or when.  And it is very debilitating.  It seems very hard to diagnose why if it isn't the typical Hyperhydrosis which is face, hands and armpits and feet.   None of which I have except face along with head.....sorry I couldn't help, but don't give up....


  • gill22568 brooke 81054

    I don't know if they would be considered night sweats Brooke, but in any event you need to get the lymph node looked at asap, to rule out anything nasty, don't want to scare you but please don't ignore it and get to your doctor.  Hope it turns out to be nothing (probably is smile ) x

  • Jeessgb brooke 81054

    Hi Brooke. Have exactly same symptoms as you. Including the not so excessive night sweat and lymph node. My doctor told me to track the growing of lymph node and said right now it's not concerning but I'm still worried. Did you have a diagnosis? Did it go away? Thanks

    • duch93565 Jeessgb

      Hey, I have the same symptoms as you and I  recently started having night sweats and I went to doctor. They told me the same thing to track the node. Just wanted to know have your symptoms went away. Did you find out anything else about this? Please let me know. Thank you! 

  • christina07 brooke 81054

    I'm 32 and also have night sweats on my chest. Not enough to change clothes but it leaves me a bit damp. I've been going through a lot, I found old tests I've never seen from a year ago that showed that I've had high WBC count for three years! No one told me, also tested positive for a auto immune disorder which they also never told me. I then contacted my new doc and she had me come in for more blood work. Tests were the same so she sent contacted an oncologist who ordered me specific tests for chronic meloyd leukemia which came back negative. They don't think I have a auto immune disease now, If anything it's the start of one. I found a lump under my chin that my doc thinks is a lymph node and to watch for a month. I developed a rash on the sides of my mouth. It's been one thing after another. I've never had ANY health issues before so this has been a horrible few months. I also have a 14 month old who I still breast feed. I'm hoping the night sweats are due to hormones from that and not cancer. I don't mean to sound weak but I don't know what I'd do if that were the out come. They want me to come back in two months for more blood work and if still high do a bone marrow biopsy. I guess to look for other cancer. I have a feeling it will still be high since it has been for three years. Has anyone go through this at all? I've been so worried. It's been one thing after another and I really thought this would all go away once the lukemia tests came back but it's not.

    • duch93565 christina07

      Hey, I have the same symptoms as you and I  recently started having night sweats and I went to doctor. They told me the same thing to track the node. Just wanted to know have your symptoms went away. Did you find out anything else about this? Please let me know. Thank you! 

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