Wrist fracture

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I fell and broke my wrist seven weeks ago. It was a collies fracture but with two breaks. It was put

Into plaster for five weeks. I am now two weeks out of the plaster and I can't believe how horridly

painful it is! I am doing the exercises religiously and am trying not to overuse it. The worst pain

comes from the little finger side and not near the thumb. Where the fractures were is uncomfortable but the other side of my hand is worse. That side was black and blue when the plaster came off and pretty badly swollen. Some, but not all of the swelling has receded.

Anyone else had this experience? Not sure if I should return to the surgeon or, if it's pretty normal,

stop whining!!

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    Hi Jan...talking to my niece who is a nursing Sister in USA, she advised me to keep the wrist warm at all times in order to ease the arthritis, which is apparently fairly inevitable following a wrist fracture, and which i actually already have badly.  Warmth is a comfort and  I find it soothing to heat a hottie and rest my arm across it at times. Cheers.


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      Thank you for that.  At present I live in Sri Lanka so not so much of an issue.   Will be on my return visits to Scotland however!!   Thank you.
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    Hi i'm a 14 year old.

    4 weeks ago i went sparring and i punched my oppenent .  10mins later i had some really bad pain in my hand and it started to swell. When i returned home my mum saw how swollen it was and took me into A&E , where i got xray and realised i had fractured my scaphoid. I had a appointment 3 weeks after that and i went back to the hospital and  they had said the bone had moved and i would need an operation. Today i got a phonecall saying that i will need to keep my cast on for 3 weeks and see how i get on?

    Should i be worried

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      No sweetheart.   It might be kinda painful but the cast should ensure that the bone heals properly.   You may need to accept that there will be no more sparring for a while.   Listen to the doctors and do as they say....no matter how frustrating!
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      Thanks i shall let you know how things go 3 weeks from now.
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    Hi Jan

    I have a colles fracture with 3 breaks and have had a cast on for 4 weeks.   Your symptoms with your fingers sound similar to those that I am getting wearing my cast.  I'm wondering if you experienced similar pain while in your cast and if you continued to receive pain during the final weeks before the cast was removed?  

    Did you return to your surgeon in the end  and was this confirmed as part of your recovery process from the fracture?  How are you getting on now, hopefully, you have made good progress and feeling much better? 

    Kind regards

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    I caught my foot on a metal bar jutting out from the base of a partition at work three weeks ago on Halloween.  I went down on my left arm and broke the Radius bone.  I like you have a Collies fracture.  I have been on 2codiene and 2 paracetamol every four hours until 2 days ago when I reduced the dosage to morning and night.  Obviously big mistake and back on 4 hourly now.    Can't believe the pain, also burning/stinging/numbness down edge of thumb round to top.  Fingers very swollen, I thought it would have gone down a bit by now, it seems to be worse!  I returned to my GP for these concerns but he seemed to think all was ok.  So I will have to wait now another 3weeks to see the consultant and  the cast to come off.  How are you doing now?  Hate not being able to drive, work etc.  etc.
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      Hi Maureen

      May I ask how is your wrist now?

      I broke mine 1 month ago today and my fingers  are swollen and the drs dont seem interested they just say its  normal!!! but everybody keeps commenting on them!!!

      Just so fed up.


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      Hi Wendy,

      I broke my radius 4 weeks ago. Swelling is down 2 weeks on Splint and now on my 2nd week with a half cast , have another 14 days but Im going to try to see if the Dr removes the cast a week early. Pinky is numb but Im able to move my fingers. This whole experience sucks!

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    I just found this thread and have found all the comments very helpful. I fractured my right distal radius just over 4 weeks ago, falling in the snow. I saw the consultant a couple of weeks ago for him to check the position and decide that I do not require surgery. I mentioned that I was experiencing a lot of pain, but he didn't seem interested. My hand and fingers are swollen and useless, and I am still having a considerable amount of discomfort but I am reassured to read this is not unusual. I too, at 61, have been referred for a DEXA scan. I would be very interested to hear your experiences once the cast was removed.
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      Hi Linda, what I realised [u]eventually[/u] was that the cast itself causes quite a bit of pain and when that's combined with the fracture and the soft tissue damage, it's not surprising that it hurts, a lot. The critical thing is to move your fingers and hand as much as possible. It will help prevent complications and make everything much easier when the cast is removed. It's very likely you'll feel pain when the cast comes off - for me it shot right up again, but the good thing is that it does start to ease off after a couple of weeks, especially if you exercise the wrist regularly. Ice has been one of my saviours; it helps numb the pain and reduce inflammation. The other saviour was my physical therapist; if I could have my time over I would have started with him when I was still in a cast. And finally, don't feel bad about taking pain meds - you can't exercise if it's too painful and exercise is essential for recovery.
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      I broke my right  distal radius in May .. Had back slabs and full cast 14 altogether .. Got them off six was ago break is all good but cannot get the swellen down very little movement in fingers and wrist ... And where pins were the scars has not tagged onto my bone cannot move the skin attending ot 3 times a week . Now I,ve to go to physio on elbow and shoulder ..the pain is getting so bad .. 
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      It took me close to 3 yrs to get most of the usage of my wrist, handm fingers and elbow back, I attribute most of my function to my physical therepist. She really helped me alot. I did some excersise at home as well but she taught me what to do at home too. anyway I took opiod pain meds for over a year. The pain of broken radious and ulner (shattered actually were horrific! Sometimes I can't believe I lived through all that pain, It still hurts a bit on pinky side almost 3 yrs later as a screw was in my wrist joint and another screw was rubbing on my tendon, they backed out. The dr. kept telling me everything looked ok on X-Ray but I knew he was wrong. ^ months after 1st surgery with a Plate and 9 screws I had a 2nd opinion and the doctor said no wonder u r in so much pain.

      For ppl taking only Tylenol/ paracetamol I don't know how u do it. That did nothing to help my pain for the 1st yr.

      I wish everyone well and hope you get function back soon. P.T. is a must if available o you, a good therepist is the key, it was for me anyway.

      Good luck to all...xoxo

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      Hi Linda, I am coming up 51, I broke my left wrist 2 years ago. it was a bad break! they did not check cast,and cast had become loose, so bone had slipped. 3 weeks into the break it was manipulated back into place,and yet another cast put on! this was more painful than when i first broke it.I have restricted movement and the wrist swells with any heavy work.gardening etc.i also found out i have osteopenia(sister to osteoporosis) meant to have Adcal, but cannot take it as it irritates my tummy,due to my having IBS.
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      I have just had my cast off and in limbo land waiting for physio cannot get any private where i live. I too am having a dexa scan next week how did yours go?

      Still very sore and swollen and given no time scan when should things start to get better?

      Feeling very down.

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      Dear Linda,

      I have the same, since March 31. I post my problem and nobody answered me. sad After five months , without surgery I have grip in my thumb and fore finger but the others , nothing! If I try to get anything a little heavy, my wrist swallows immediately. Hurts once in a while and at night . No surgery from the second opinion. Next week I'm going to see another doctor in Brazil. I think, for all issues here, with surgery people still suffer pain, without surgery, the same. I figure out, so far, that since I don't have to remove my left hand(imagine!), it's now, just a useless hand. Better than nothing!

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      Celita, Honey I'm so sorry for you. I think sometimes folks get busy and try to keep up but sometimes it's hard to keep up. I know where your coming from. How did hurt yours ? and what did they say ? Was it a fracture in your wrist and was anything else affected ? I had a fall and I'm going through I don't even know what . I went to the doctor the following day after I fell and this was a work related injury and I made the mistake of just randomly picking a doctor out of the 3 I had to choose from, should've did some research before I picked. The first doctor I went to said I had an Intra-Articular Distal Radius Fracture of the wrist and immediately started trying to find a hand specialst in Ortho but as it was the weekend of the 4th of July all the doctors had already gone out of office, they put a half a cast on the side of the affected wrist which was on the thumb side and said I had great limitations so work said they didn't have lite duty and that was on July 1 Friday afternoon and they had things messed up with the workers comp case worker the one they assigned to me wouldn't be back in office until the next week and the other one they put me with wouldn't be back till that Monday so they finally got me put with somebody and they finally got me an appt with an Ortho Hand Specialist July 12th I went to him and he said that my wrist wasn't fractured and told me the fall had caused me to have an Arthritic Episode. I tell you now I had Arthritis in that thumb for over a year and it didn't feel like Arthritis to me the palm of my hand felt like I had a stone bruise on it and he told me not to be pinching/gripping anything to let my thumb joint rest. I went back to work and reported what he had said so I still worked and did my regular job just couldn't do things with that thumb. I still had problems and hurting so on July 26 I went back to him and took a copy of the first x-rays taken right after the fall and he wouldn't even look at them he said we didn't need them because we had fresh x-rays so he was still saying Arthritis and he decided that I needed an Cortisone Injection which he did and I knew that in the past a Cortisone Injection would help if it was indeed Arthritis but needless to say it didn't help anything if anything it made it worse, it felt like he hit something when he gave me the injection and it's been down hill ever since. The pain was only in my thumb and the part of the hand that's like the meaty part that goes from thumb to wrist and now my whole palm feels like it's been slammed in a door several times and it's into my wrist and it crosses it toward the side with pinky finger and goes up my arm, also the pinky finger through the bird finger hurts especially when I straighten them and it fills like everything is being pulled. I had went back onl August 10 and told him it wasn't getting any better and on examination he had me crying and with the test he did he wanted to rule out something else being wrong besides with the bones so he sent me for an MRI and that was no good but he decided that I didn't need to use left arm at all at work so that was the restrictions that I went back to work with . I had ask my worker comp case worker if I could switch doctors and she said I had to wait until after the MRI so I did and then I told her I wanted my second opinion and that was on the 18th of August so she called about that and the doctor said he would see me but they had to pay ahead of time and the check was suppose to have been sent and their supposed to be waiting on a call from the doctors office to schedule appt but I haven't heard anymore and the first Ortho doctor I have been seeing decided to have me sent for an ERG with a Neurologist to do a Nerve Conduction Study so I go for that this Thursday Sept 15th. He said that he thought it might be possible for me to have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and that it wasn't usually caused from a work related accident. I think that the injection could've hit a nerve of something, not Carpel Tunnel and all these symptoms that I now have I didn't have until Ii had the fall and like i said things have gotten much worse since I got the injections, that's all I know. So at this point Celita I don't know what their gonna do with my situation I'm still in the dark and it sounds like you are to with what I've read. I just wish I could do my picking over again because I would definetly do some research before I picked doctors. I hope things turn out ok for you. On the swelling try taking some Benadryl for the swelling that's what I did and it helps immensely because swelling is caused by histamines building up in your body and it's an antihistamine so it helps take the swelling out. Keep us updated and I'll try to check more often. May God bless you and I hope you get relief soon.

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      Thank you and I hope you are doing alright, I have something new that's going on and I don't know what to think about it on my left arm my veins are protruding out just like you have had a turakit on it for them to draw blood except no turnakit. All pumped up and you can see the blue really well.

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