Years of pain and food intolerance

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Hello. I am a new member here. i have been to many doctors. they have only diagnosed me with IBS or constipation. 2 years ago I lost 30 kgs after seriously trying but then ended up with diarreah and not being able to eat or hardly take care of my family. after the diahhreah stopped I had horrible stomach pains. at this time I lived in Mexico and when I went to see the dr they told me I was constipated. I went 6 months trying to find a remedy to be able to go to the bathroom. after pure desperation i moved. back to the USA to get medical help.

my doctors prescribed me miralax 3 times per day and refused to do a scan. i ended up in the ER once a month with a fever and terrible pain. slowly i started to go to the bathroom. i lost 5more kg.

over this time period o realized there is a bunch of foods i cant eat. and it seems to be getting worse.

here is a list of foods that bother me:







any kind of squash





green/red/yellow pepper

oils are now bothering me too. now i am scared to eat. at one point i only ate eggs, tuna grapes oranges and tomatoes. does anyone else have a food intolerance like this? i feel like everything makes me sick.

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    That's a lot of food to avoid. I suggest you try a gluten-free. lactose-free, wheat-free and no preservatives diet. I have allergy to shrimps. Every time I eat shrimps I get red bumps all over my body and I sometimes find it hard to breath normally.

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      I normally do not eat wheat at all. but now corn is bothering me. last night I ate a corn tortilla and got hives under my eyes. i didnt know I could develop food allergies in middle age! gluten free for me!

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      My sister in law's dad developed celiac in his eighties so it is possible to get food allergies at any age.

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    Hi Ashley,

    I do have similar problems and do understand your what you are going through. I think you should stop all citrus fruits and raw vegetables. Make sure all your food are cooked and eat regularly in moderate as many time as and when you feel hungry. Fyi.. i have done endoscope 5 times and seen 4 to 5 gastroentrologists over the last 15 years and still not cured. It is also partly due to your mind which stimulate your gut further. You need to relax more and do not overly think of problems that are bothering you especially your health.

    I do believe we have to heal on our own. I have seen many healers, alternative medicines besides allopathy but none really helps in long run. probably its the mind as I have been suffering for many years. Finally please control your food intake.

    Hope you will get over it asap.


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    IBS can cause constipation or diarrhoea or both and it can also cause food intolerances. SInce your doctor has diagnosed you with IBS, accept the diagnosis. Scans will not show IBS. Constipation alone would not cause food intolerances. It sounds like you have IBS A which means you alternate between constipation and diarrhoea. Try the Low Fodmap Diet and avoid the foods that bother you. Try to stay as calm as possible which helps to control flare ups. I found diagnosis acceptance really helped my IBS to get better.

    I have intolerances to spicy and fatty foods which appeared after I got GERD but they are not related to my IBS. Over time I have been able to tolerate a lot more oily foods than before.

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      thank you for the replies. i accept my diagnosis I have just noticed that i cannot eat things that i could eat before. like beans. very well home cooked beans i now have a problem with and tortillas too are bothering me. almost any carbohydrate is bothering me. so I about going low carb. i can really only eat grapes and berries when any raw vegetable is a nono. tomatoes are about it. i am just getting depressed because i thought I knew what I could and could not eat and my stomach is now really bothering me again.

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      Raw vegetables can be difficult to digest when you have IBS. Have you tried cooking these vegetables? Sometimes this makes them easier to digest. Don't get depressed; Diet change can help with IBS. Look into the Low Fodmap Diet. Not being able to eat things you were able to eat before, is common with IBS. Sometimes, you can eat a food one day but get problems with it the next day.

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    Suggest you consult a registered dietition or nutritionist who can sort it all out for you and give you a daily menu to tolerate your condition.

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    i got you beat! After 7 years of complete ignorance from the nhs and at deaths door more times than i care to remember. i am fairly certain that the foods we as humans today are simply not foods that are edible long term.

    Same issues here, but 100% food intolerance. No matter what I eat it has a

    symptom of some sort. I just about tolerate...

    Maris piper potato





    Popeye's favourite: spinach, helps a lot..

    unadulterated beef




    Taken me 7 years to figure that out.

    The NHS in the UK is not the best! In fact on this subject its no different to being on your own in space and in need of a surgeon. Useless is to say the least. Used to be a fan, no longer.

    The foods above ended my IBS.

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