You CAN get through ETD it WILL get better (success story)

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Never in my life have I ever shared on the internet BUT for the past two years my entire life went spiraling down .I mean depression to the point where I was having suicidal thoughts and I am a very happy person. I did everything of course saw multiple docs and they all sucked! No one could tell me anything.This condition or whatever it is can truly truly get you down & the pain was unbearable and confusing to spot where it was coming from 😦 Long story short January 2020 I tried out another doctor and he helped me....


  1. tingling in fingers
  2. headaches
  3. neck stiffness
  4. congestion
  5. mucus build up in throat (i always felt like there was something stuck in my throat)
  6. post nasal drip
  7. ear clicking
  8. dizziness (especially while driving)
  9. head and neck pressure

Medical Diagnosis:

  1. highly allergic to trees and grass (took an allergy test)
  2. Deviated septum (google how this can cause the symptoms I listed)
  3. congestion (mucus buildup) around Eustachian tubes and behind nose and upper throat and highly allergic to grass and trees

Regimen for healing:

  1. weekly allergy shots now that we are in quarantine I've been switched over to drops
  2. Drink LOTS LOTS LOTS of water for the mucus build up. (at least a gallon a day)
  3. Dont eat foods that increase mucus buildup (dairy for the most part)
  4. Advil Allergy Congestion & Relief
  5. Working out, yoga, and neck/back massages
  6. Ayr Saline Nasal Mist
  7. muscle relaxers prescribed by doctor
  8. Humidifier in room
  9. Facial Steamer
  10. positive mindset
  11. manifest healing (I would journal weekly how I would be healed)
  12. Neti Pot (temporary relief but it helps break the mucus down)

These are the things that I have been doing that has helped me tremendously. I do still experience pressure here and there since the mucus hasn't gone away completely but its only because my deviated septum is sooooo bad and my mucus gets stuck around the back of my nose upper throat area. Possiblyconsidering surgery which I think will fully heal me. My doctor told me its very hard to pin point the WHY but really just focus on things that help heal. once I complete my allergy shot dosages we can look into surgery for my septum if I'm not 100% healed.

my symptoms have decreased from 90% to 20%and I am sure once I finish my course of allergy shots (it takes a year to fully feel benefits from allergy shots/drops) and have surgery for deviated septumI WILL BE 100% Healed. It is definitely a journey and you wont be healed overnight BUT these things have helped me tremendously. Do not be so quick to have surgery until you have done everything you can naturally first. I've read so many stories about grommets and things but that may not be needed. I know for me when the doc looked at my e.tubes they were fine I had congestion around them but no dysfunction. Good luck to you and I hope this has been of help.


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    Thank you for posting this. I have been suffering from ETD (I think) for the last 6 months, and after trying everything my doctors and I could think of, I'm about to have an allergy test. You've made me hopeful that this awful condition might be healed for me one day 😃

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      Hello deenee,

      I was wondering how you are doing? I too have done everything the doctors have told me to do. All the tests and medications (that don't do anything) I even bought a device call a Eustachi. 😦 Did yours just come on out of the blue like me? I'm a breast cancer survivor and I can't believe that a clogged ear is taking me down. I handled chemo alot better then this. Each and every day I'm suffering. Maybe somehow we can help each other figure this out thru comparing meds, tests etc. It alot worse in the afternoon and in the evening. I can't figure out what makes it worse though. Do you know if you have allergies. I keep looking at my two little dogs hoping it's not them. The blood allergy test for dog dander showed a low number.

      A lot I've read on the internet has been so despressing. I know I shouldn't read things but I can't help but come across alot of the negative stuff only because I can't give up searching for an answer. If the doctors can't help us who will?

      Margo , Sending you Healing Hugs.

      I sure hope you see this post. I just registered today. I'm not even sure I'm using this site properly.....

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      How did you results turn out? Are you feeling any better!?I hope that you are.

      With Love

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    I was reading your story and I am in a bad way. I have had a clogged ear for over 3 1/2 months and nobody can seem to help me. I feel so alone and like I'm going crazy. 😦 I've been thru 2 ent's and my primary, etc, Tests upon tests and no answers, Just use flonase and an antihistamine in the morning. I GUESS YOU COULD SAY I'VE LOST HOPE.

    How are you doing today? What kind of doctor finally helped you in the end? This just came out of the blue. I had allergy blood tests a few weeks ago saying I wasn't allergic according to the numbers. One ent said they couldn't possibly test you for everything we breathe. He said the allergy tests are usually for about 50 things. Years ago it showed I was allergic to quite a few things but I was actually never bothered by anything. How can I figure this out?

    I know our stories are different but seeing what you wrote at least made me feel that maybe I too can find someone that might be able to help me and figure this out! Thank You so much. I hope your see this post. HEALING HUGS!

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    Hi! What are some of your symptoms beside clogged ear? Does your clogged ear feel like there may be mucus there? The only thing I feel like helped me at the time are the things I listed above. I have a deviate septum so alot of my clogged ear feeling was coming from mucus buildup due to the deviated septum. The mucus buildup is what was giving me the clogged ear feel . Which also gave me terrible headaches. The top things were journaling positive affirmations about being healed and allergy shots that helped me. I no longer take the shots after a year and I am good. I still have clicking in my ears when I yawn that sounds like my ears are popping but I no longer have the headaches and horrible pain, heavy head, and neck pain that was wearing me down. You should try a lymphatic drainage massage and see if that helps at all. Whenever I would get them I could literally feel the mucus draining after lymphatic massages and I could spit the mucus out. I did notice that helped me a ton. You should also try the ayr nasal spray and drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. Water seemed to help thin out the mucus making me have less pressure build up. Also, try your hardest to not stress. Stress makes it 10x worse. Once I started yoga, drank water, lowered my stress, journaled. I really started to notice a difference. You could also look into your diet. Are you possibly eating anything that could cause the clogged ear? Did you move? Start a new medication? The best thing is to figure out WHAT is clogging your ear. I had the doctor go into my nose with some type of tool and he told me he saw a lot of mucus buildup. (he had to numb my nasal passages to do this) I guess you can say that is what helped me go in the right direction. I really hope this helps you and trust me it will better!!! Just dont give up hope. Natural cure is the best way to go. Also, I read that you went through Chemo so glad you beat it! All of this etd stuff happened after I had strep for like a month. I know thats no where near cancer but thought I should mention just in case you find any connections there. Once I got rid of the strep thats when this happened. You will make it trust me 😃))

    With Love

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