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:shock: I've just found out about this GH thing and found you guys through Google and I love you all!

4 years ago I got good A Level's, it was the summer holidays, I had a part time job. But I started to suffer from insomnia. I didn't feel any stress so I didn't know the cause.

1 year later the insomnia was still there but I began vomitting everyday. I told my GP I was getting this feeling like something globular was stuck in my throat, like a thick blob of something. When I tried to swallow it down it wouldn't go away. He said it was acid reflux and put me on Gaviscon.

For 2 years I took this when the symptom in the throat got really bad and I would start wretching or vomit. The insomnia didn't go away though. I managed to do 3 years of my photography course and had one year left. I was enjoying my course.

But in the last year things have gotten really bad. The globular feeling is there all the time and makes me feel like vomitting all the time. I find I get hungry a lot but even when I eat, the feeling in the throat gets better, but I still feel like vomitting.

I've been on omeprazole and then Nexium Esameprozole but that didn't work. I had a manometry and 24 hour pH test but they found nothing.

I've had 3 endescopies/gastroscopies done and they've found nothing.

This feeling in the throat is always there, the night's are terrible as I can't sleep then I start feeling like vomitting, then I get hungry and have to eat and early in the morning I've been trying to keep my breakfast down but I always end up wretching and vomitting it out. Even when there's nothing left in my stomach my body really strongly tries to force me to vomit.

It got so bad that I was finding it difficult to eat and concentrate and sleep and got so weak and exhausted and my GP ended up putting me on anti-depressents which didn't do much for me. I had to quit uni in my final year - I was devastated.

I emailed some yoga experts and herbal medicine experts and explaining my symptoms to them and medical history. The herbal expert sent me medicines that would improve my digestion and reduce acid secretions. I just started taking this medicine.

The yoga expert mentioned that it could be Globulus Histericus which was the first time I've heard of it. She suggested I should try and do a sequence of Asanas (Yoga) everyday, as well as Ajapaja meditation and Ujjayi breathing in frontal psychic passage from navel to throat with the mantra Soham. I need to look these up. She also said singing aloud religious hymns might be helpful.

So that's what I'm going to try to do and I hope that the GH gets better. The weird thing is that when all this started my life was good, my uni course was going well, I was enjoying it so if it's being subconsciously casued by stress and anxiety - I have no idea where that's come from. I admit I do get very stressed and anxious now because of the vomitting and stuff but I wasn't like that before so I don't undertand how it started in the first place.

So I have to be strong and try out these yoga techniques and pray to God they do something. I'll let you know what happens.

I'm so glad to come across this website and see that I'm not alone and I'm not crazy and that something is wrong even though my GP says there's nothing. Hope you all fair better and take care of yourselves. Sorry for my incredibly long essay I've just written.

Ushie P :lol:

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    One more thing - sorry I keep adding stuff - I also find that I cough a lot due to this and it sometimes brings about coughing fits which lead to wretching fits. Do any of you get that too?

    OK time for me to really shut up now - take care all.

    Ushie P

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    Hey UP – Sorry to hear about your struggles. But you are the first person I have read on here who is reporting the same – “out of nowhere” description that I have had. Everyone else seems pretty good at associated GH with specific stress or at least conscious awareness of what is going on in their lives that they can correlate it to. But like you, I was doing fine (I thought) and about 4 and half years ago I started to get my first symptoms, that of course got worse and more steady. I was tested and treated for post nasal drip, acid reflux, asthma, eating, swallowing and speech disorders, screened for cancer – you name it I was checked out and nothing. I did acupuncture and took herbs for over a year and a half and I have now been convinced this is all stress related – but yes – subconscious stress and by definition – stuff you are not aware of. I have been seeing a therapist for over a year now and that has been a great experience, but I have not discovered a root cause yet. Additionally I have been taking 1MG of Klonapin a day (which is similar to valium, but stronger) and I was not sure how much this was helping me until I tried to get off it two weeks ago and I was a mess with the GH. So I went back on it and I feel so much better. I have managed to get a huge grip on my symptoms and have gotten to a point where it is at least bearable and I can get on with my life. But it has been a lot of work and patience. I find all of the following help and I am not sure how much each does but any or all of these have helped me:

    Exercise: 5 – 7 days a week

    Mediation: 5 – 7 days a week

    Klonapin – everyday

    Therapy – once a week

    Drinking - a few drinks a day works well, though obvious health risks

    Not thinking about it – engage in activities that consume you and your creativity. (read about your throat chakra – may prove insightful)

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    Hi guys just thought id share my symptoms as they are extremely recent. i have recently come back from filming an advert in new zealand for a large company in britain. i had the best experience of my life, but after been back for a week i have had a feeling like a lump in my throat like something is stuck just below my adams apple. the feeling is like if you can imagine a time you have wanted to cry but kept it in. i have been extremely anxious coming back to my job (as i have been away for a month)and a new relationship with an ex girlfriend.the lump in the throat is starting to make me more anxious, but after reading these blogs i feel possibly taking kalms herbal tablets may relieve the uncomfortable feeling...
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    Regarding symptoms, I experience them all including coughing fits which can go on for some time and become most embarrassing. I had to rudely conclude a telephone conversation the other day, phoning back later to apologise.

    I have had all symptoms since July of this year and although I can now eat certain things, yoghurt, creamed rice, soup, shepherds pie, I still feel uncomfortable and consequently unhappy most of the time.

    I have ceased to take Lansoprazole, Amitriptyline and now Ranitidine as nothing makes any difference, although still taking Gaviscon at times but not as much. I do not see any point in taking drugs that do not produce the desired effect.

    I don't know where any of this came from as I was certainly under no stress, had no anxiety or depression and as the medical profession is showing no sense of urgency although I have lost 2 stones I am trying to find my own way through this with the help of tips from this site, such as sipping cold water for acid reflux and constantly taking sips of water when trying to eat.

    For many weeks I thought I was the only one who had ever suffered with this so it was quite a relief when I found this site and can contact fellow sufferers.


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    Hello all. I was avoiding this site until I had some more good things to say.

    I asked the consultant at the hospital about globus, this is what he said (not the exact words):

    \"Globus\" is a subconscious thing, the muscles in the body over react to something, they become tense and over work themselves, that leads to exhaustion and tiredness.

    Tense muscles are working all the time, they are not relaxing. That's what causes the feeling of something stuck in the throat - the oesophagus is constricting itself. This \"globus\" can explain the insomnia too.

    There's nothing we can do - no medicine - you should try yoga, meditation, pilates etc.

    THE END.

    I saw a herbalist, got stuff for acid secretions and to strengthen my mind (I've become a bit forgetful and lack some concentration) due to the insomnia I've had for ages. I'm not sure how much this stuff has been helping.

    My patience and sanity have really been tested over the last year! I'm doing my best not to feel sorry for myself - it's hard.

    Anyway the hopsital referred me to a psychologist. She can't find a cause for my globus. She wants me to find work experience in photography (I was in the midst of a photography degree before I got so ill and quit uni 1 year ago). I've still got insomnia - I'm not going to be able to cope with a job. I did 3 years of uni with this insomnia (and 2 years with globus) and slowly slowly I lost the plot!

    I've made a sticker chart - helps keep me focused. I've wrote everthing I need to try to do (or use) which is:

    yoga, aromatherapy shower gels, throat gargling 3x a day, walking (for exercise), meditation, camomile tea, using lavender cream at bedtime, listening to a CD my psychologist told me about at bedtime.

    The walking and gargling I don't quite manage to do everyday. Also I have no idea how to meditate so I need to find out. I've only been doing this stuff recently so I can't really say if it's helped yet.

    The gargling I do is with a home remedy the herbalist told me about. As the throat is restricted it's meant to help stop it from becoming damaged. It's 1/4 teaspoon of tumeric powder, even less of that of salt, 1 pinch of soda bicarbonate, a few drops of lemon. Mix into some hot water and gargle. It's a home remedy the herbalist told me about.

    I agree with what you said \"northeast\" about no point taking medicines that aren't working like Lansoprazole etc. Luckily for me I've actually gained weight this year (not sure why) I've been trying to gain weight for almost a decade and now finally it happens.

    Also DavidG22 can you tell me what type of exercises you do and where did you find out about meditation please?

    Thanks everyone nice to read your stories - sorry for my long essay again - I do tend to go on.

    Hope you all have a good Xmas and New Year. Take care.

    Ushie P smile

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