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A possible alternative diagnosis other than diverticulosis, colitis, IBS, etc.

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    I have been suffering for one year with abdominal pain. At times it has been severe requiring ice and bed rest. 

    I am fortunate to have access to great medical care in North Carolina, yet I am retired and have only Medicare to pay for services and prescription drugs.

         Unlike other blogs or tutorials, I'm going to cut to the chase. If you, like me, have had various diagnostic theories prove unsuccessful, you may wish to join me in an experiment to see if you may be suffering from something totally unrelated to all other theories. What could be the problem?

         A torn or damaged area of the abdominal oblique muscle. Sounds crazy, but follow my logic.

    The abdominal muscle is attached to tissue which supports the abdomain. If, by chance, in doing some daily task weeks or even months ago, you strained enough to create a small tear or break where the tissue attaches to the muscle, this tear may never have had a chance to heal.  Sounds crazy doesn't it.

    Please hear me out. 

    I can't promise you that this is the answer to " your" specific ailment, BUT, what I can tell you is that, by process of elimination, working with a seasoned physician who is committed to solving this mystery, he and I have logically approached all possibilities and are pursuing this track for treatment to resolve my severe pain.

         After duplicate tests, MRI, CT, x-ray, urineologist exam, kidney stone exam, hernia exams, steroid injections in the spine, etc. , my doctor decided to attack the source. Can you point to an area where the pain seems to be focused? My point being, you don't hurt all over? 

         If, like me, you can point to a spot where you perceive the pain is centrally located, try to get the doctor to perform a diagnostic experiment. This seemingly benign experiment is not beloved by all doctors, for without proper technical assistance, it could be risky, but inject a small dose of lydocain or numbing agent beneath the surface of the scrin tracking the abdominal edge where the tissue attaches to the muscle. What's the purpose?

    If you receive any temporary relief from your pain, this serves as a valuable diagnostic tool. 

         I had the shots, my pain temporarily dissappeared. Yes, the pain returned, BUT, what this experiment revealed was that if any of the other theories, diverticulosis, chromed, IBS, stones, etc, etc, had been correct, I wouldn't have had pain relief.

         I simply wish to share this latest " theory" as an alternative to the endless unsuccessful efforts to resolve the mysterious abdominal pain syndrome.

    I've read horror stories from numerous people throughout Europe and the US. 

         This isn't going to be an easy fix. I'm going to commit myself to staying as immobile as I can and avoiding any strain of my left abdominal area. FOR SIX WEEKS!

         Sounds impossible, but I've been disabled for a year.

    The total repair and recovery time period for a torn muscle may be 13 weeks, but IF this works, it could resolve pain for many of us that has lasted for years. 

         The optimum plan would require you take muscle relaxers, a patch ( I can't afford) and to focus on not doing ANYTHING that might tear that area of your muscle. No lifting, no bending, nothing!

         I'm going to report back on my results over the next six weeks.

    I have nothing to lose. 

         Fingers crossed.

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      All the best Hun wish I had money or access to treatment like like you people in the uk do I would get my whole body checked out I'm in very much pain of something's I don't know and can't treat because I have no money to treat them fingers crossed for u miss I hope it all goes well

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      I am a retired old guy, not bright enough to even choose the right user name. I tried to post my info to try and help folks with NO money. I'm not in the U.K., I'm in North Carolina, but I see lots of folks suffering all over. It's terrible. 

      All I'm trying to share is this: I've seen a lot of doctors, lots of theories, and finally got hold of an old doctor who is a no nonsense guy committed to solving the mystery of unexplained pain in my abdomain. 

      By thinking and using common sense he concluded I'd torn my muscle tissue and unless you totally change your behavior and routine, it's NEVER going to heal.

      That's it. Doesn't cost anything to use common sense and to get involved with your own medical treatment. 

      Hope you can find a " good" ole doctor to help you where you live.


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      Can I inbox u please and well thing is doctors ask for money which I don't have and my parents neither it's hard enough surviving a day food is hard to get so medicine is more expensive

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