Young and very sick from silent reflux

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Hello I am a 20 year old girl use to be a sport student but had to quit due to really severe gerd. It came out of no where last July I was very healthy never drank alcohol or smoked was studying sport at college.

First I was coughing for 6 weeks non stop to the point of coughing up blood visited doctors 8 times didn't do anything for me as they said my lungs sounded fine. Then came the constant vomiting, I woke up one night covered in vomit and had no idea how it happened in my sleep. This went on for 2 more months I vomited all day every day even water made me, I would throw up in the streets on my way to the doctor it was humiliating.

Anyway fast forward to today my gerd has turned into silent reflux I am on one omeprazole once and day and ranitidine at night. But I have a huge problem with my throat it is constantly tight and spasming to the point I can't eat or drink anymore or exercise it has completely immobilised me I have constant nausea too.

Has anyone else had this and does anyone have any remedies? Would greatly appreciate it, gerd is ruining my life to the point where I don't want to live.. thank you

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    If this began with coughing....,I would get tested for tuberculosis. If not properly treated, tuberculosis can spread to the stomach. This is called Abdominal Tuberculosis. It is becoming much more common. Google it, and see if it matches your symptoms.
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    Oh my darling my heart goes out to you. I agree with the other replies you must have an endoscopy to see what is going on. Go to your doc and demand one. Tell them you are feeling suicidial. I totally understand how gerd can make u feel like this. My gerd came out of the blue too. I'd never had reflux in my life however mine started when I was 41. I thought it may be hormonal, then I thought the chiropractor may have caused it from smaking me on the back so hard (top mid spine), then I wondered if Colonic irrigation had caused it??? But I think the main contributing factor was STRESS!! It coincided with me going back to work and my daughter becoming a very difficult teenager.

    Were you under a lot of stress when it started?

    You need to find a good gastro doc. You may need to see one that specialises in LPR as it's your throats that is suffering most. My gerd is under control now but I still have relapses. I don't take stomach meds cos they don't help me. In fact make it worse. Here's list of what helps me:

    Raising top of bed with 2 bricks

    Avoiding diet triggers (they can be different for everyone. I avoid caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, spicy, citrus and dairy. Sugar is bad too)

    Dgl licorice (brilliant)

    Slippery elm (sometimes helps)

    No eating after dinner (6.30pm)

    Exercise 2 hrs after food (walking, Pilates, yoga and cycling) be careful with stomach exercises. Might have to avoid all together.

    I had terrible nausea at the start but I never actually vomitted. I think stomach meds made nausea worse. Have u tried weak ginger tea. I say weak because if you have sensitive stomach like me ginger can make it worse.

    These are tests I've had done:

    3 endoscopies over 3 years.

    1 colonoscopy

    Barium swallow

    Ultra sound (stomach, gall bladder, and pancreas)

    Ph study and 24 hr monitoring ( tests LES muscle)

    Food intolerance test ( natropath)

    SIBO test

    Fructose and lactose intolerance test

    What country do u live in? If it's free for you I would try and get all the above tests done.

    I have inflammation in my eosphagus quite high up and I have a small hiatus hernia. Also get tested for Celia disease when you have endoscopy and H pylori.

    My blessings to you Hun. Hang in on there you will get better. For stress I'm on lexapro 10mg per day. This has helped a lot. Also I do yoga and deep breathing.

    Let us know how you get on. Don't be overwhelmed by the tests. One step at a time. Also there is nothing to fear all the tests are not painful. The 24hr monitor test is uncomfortable that's all. Positive thinking can get you a long way. Try not to focus on it. You will be able to exercise again I'm sure. btw I studied PE!

    Warm blessings


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      Hi, thanks so much for the reply it was really comforting smile I live in London so I think most test are free but the doctors in my area are so awful they really don't care about patients especially ones with LPR, one doctor at my surgery didn't help a pregnant woman who was bleeding she ended up going to a&e and found out it was an ectopic pregnancy! I wasn't under stress when I first had gerd I was the happiest I had ever been this has completely ruined my life I am now unemployed and not in education because of it sad but thank you for advice I'll keep trying to push for test and hope you are feeling well xx

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      Hi Domiique, I need your advice. My reflux came suddenly last year. I was 43. I felt bitter taste in my mouth. Went doc they told me gastric. I am a vegetarian. I have cut on coffeedaoru, chocolate, spicy, citrus food and soya products. I have been having like globus in my throat since I was kid, not sure it's silent reflux or tonsils. Of late I started feeling like a needle prickling in my tounge all the time and at time feel like lack of breath also feel like the right side under my breast feels warm. Is there any remedies that can heal this. I feel so lost and sad. This has caused anxiety too.


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