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Hi everyone, it's my first time posting here and I just wanted to look for some reassurance/advice from people going through the same thing as me.

Basically I've had anxiety and OCD since I was very young, but have managed almost symptoms free for the last year or so- until I started university a few weeks ago and now everything is back and 10x worse.

I had a virus a few weeks ago (they think it was flu) and I was sent into hospital to make sure it wasn't viral meningitis (because it's more common in uni students now) which thankfully it wasn't but this sparked an awful period of health anxiety. 

In the past two and a half weeks, I've seen 4 doctors, been to A&E twice, had 3 blood tests, a urine test and a chest x Ray and nothing of concern has been found. 

Logically i think my symptoms are anxiety, so I was wondering if people could chip in on whether they've experienced the same symptoms? Also how do I trust the that the doctors would pick up anything noteworthy? Surely 4 doctors couldn't all miss something awful? When I try and convince myself that it's just the anxiety by kind says 'but what if it isn't? It's too risky to leave it'. 

Basically my symptoms comprise of-

Shortness of breath 

Extreme tiredness and fatigue 

Feeling weak/shaky/faint 

Loss of appetite 

Head aches- particularly on one side at the back 

My chest feels 'heavy', almost like my lungs are tired 

Feeling out of it, possibly depersonalisation 

Also in class sometimes I can't keep my eyes open and my focus goes (this makes me panic about a brain tumour)

Occasional muscle twitches 

Sometimes tremors when I'm really bad 

I would love any help and guidance as I feel so desperate and alone. 

I'm already on medication and am starting CBT next week.

Thank you so much 

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    I have these same exact symptoms.. In fact im experiencing it right now... Im lying in bed with a big headache tho
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      Anxiety can give you physical symptoms and it can be scary! I was at the mall the other day and i felt short of breathe and my acid was flaring up and my chest felt heavy and all the above. Depending on what you think you may have... You will give yourself the symptoms of these diseases. For example... If you think you have a brain tumour... You already know all the symptoms... Or maybe i should say most.. So whenever you think about it.. The symptoms of that disease occur.. Which leads to the fight or flight response which is produced by the adrenal system in your body..

      Sometimes hyperventilating could lead to fainting or presyncope because your body is getting too much CO2 or carbon dioxide and its creates an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide and it causes the person to pass out.. And have low blood pressure. Once the persons body hits the floor.. The heart begins to beat a little fast to correct the blood pressure levels and to give the body the ability to fill up with enough oxygen. These situations are harmless and are not life-threatening.. But many people call an ambulance or go to the ER to make sure the cause wasnt serious.. And 99% its not. In your case.. You dont have anything wrong with your body. The mind is amazing! You can beat this and you wont die.

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    So I have had

    - pressure feeling in head/behind eyes/in temples/in nose

    - extreme dizzyness/dizzy spells

    - EXTREME exhaustion

    - muscle pain and exhaustion

    - pins and needles

    - muscle weakness

    - nausea

    - vomiting

    - abdominal pains (especially under left rib)

    - acid reflux

    - severe twitching (falciculations) ALL OVER BODY

    - headaches

    - visual disturbances

    - racing heart

    - shooting pains

    - dull ache in arms but MAINLY in legs

    - back pain

    - rib pain

    - tremors

    - dioreah

    ... and, my friend... the list goes on and on and on and on. I have spent almost 20 years of my life feeling this way, concentrating on symptom after symptom and pain after pain. Please please try and not let this ruin your life. Look after yourself, join the gym, go to the doctors and get on some antidepressants, meditate, do anything you can to nip this in the bud now! Because it's a long, lonely, depressing road to walk down sad

    Take care

    Rhianna xxx

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    Yes, I've had all of these symptoms during my time dealing with anxiety. Almost all of us on this site have had these symptoms, and most of us actually deal with them basically every day. It's not fun, but once you learn to cope with them, it gets easier. You're not sick and you're not going to die. Physically you're very healthy. It's just your mind causing these symtpoms. They're harmless, but incredibly scary. I believe you'll find CBT very helpful once you start it next week. It'll be okay, I promise. smile 


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    But you haven't left  it, Emily. You'ce had a bunch of tests done and they were all normal.

    So rejice in your continued good health and do your best not to let these spoil a great time in your life.

    You've done it once. You can do it again.

    I bet that all th symptoms you've mentioned were there when you ignored your health anxiety. You've just suddenly become aware of them.

    I'm glad you're starting yout CBT SOON.

    LOVE tess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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    I don't know where you got the brain tumour idea from.

    The symptoms are; INTRACTABLE nausea and vomiting, the worst headache  which won't go away and you can't even move off the bed, and finally seizures. So as you have none of these symptoms, you can cross that off yout list.

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    Hi Emily,

    All of the above what u have described is me!!!

    That is exactly how my anxiety manifests itself. It's horrible and debilitating.

    At the time it's hard to focus on the positive but think how long you've been good for. It can and will be good for u again.

    Take each day as it comes and don't get down by having an off day, also talk to people. I think it really helps to talk and u never know there could be someone similar going through the same who u can talk to.

    Always here if u need to chat x

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    And you're right - four doctors couldnt be wrong.

    The ophthalmoscope with which they glared into into your eyes would have even a medical studen instantly worried. Raised Intracranial Presure is an extremely serious symptom and a brain tumour in the minds of all your doctors.


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    All sounds like anxiety,

    Have your CBT and see how it goes, they will hopefully introduce you to Relaxation Tehniques, and ways of controlling your fears and concerns. Go into your Appointment with an open mind and take everything that has been explained as a good, positive way foreward.

    You have us here to talk to, you lucky person Lol

    Keep a hold

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    I get every single one of those symptoms and have been in your situation many many times.

    Health anxiety is a pain. Especially when you go through test after test with no concerns and your brain still finds loop holes.

    It most deffinately is your anxiety.

    At least all of the symptoms you mentioned are part of mine.

    Just try to stay calm and talk yourself out of your anxieties one by one.

    Try to justifye it when the symptoms happen.

    For example when my chest gets tight I breathe slowly and tell myself in my head y chest is tight because I'm anxious and if I focus on calming down it will subside" when the depersonalisation happens, I try my best to focus on things I can see and hear around me and try to sort of ground myself to my surroundings and what's going on around me. (Although this may not help for everyone)

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    Yep anxiety. Other than that ur fine. The stress of starting uni is taking its toll. Are u exercising ? I hav recently started a delivery job and I see a lot of freshers running around their campuses to keep anxiety in check.

    Exercise is so gud for u.


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    Hi Emily,

    I'm at uni and I just had a weird viral bug which I think was flu too but who knows. It's also triggered some very weird things for me, which I'm assuming are also anxiety based. I've had a loss of appetitie, nausea and just generally feeling very run down and fatigued. I've been told it's just my anxiety as I'm also very health concious / a hypochondriac. 

    I'm 100% sure you're going through the same thing as I am right now. 

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