Your feedback about the Mirena IUD and if you had it removed, why?

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Hi Ladies,

I just had my Mirena IUD removed a few weeks ago because it was giving me alot of side effects and problems. I had it in for only 1 year and 1 month. I wanted to see if any of you ladies had this type of bc and if you did, did it work for you or not? If it didn't and you got it removed, what effect was it having on you?



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    I had the mirena coil fitted November 2014 I read all the horror stories but decided to go for it anyway (it was my last hope before a hysterectomy) due to a continuous period (ITS BEEN 2 years!)

    The first 6 months my problem continued and we realised that the coil clearly was not working for my problem

    Now I will get straight to the point

    In this time

    The peroids became more erratic bleeding every 2-3 days

    They became even heavier than they were before I had it in.

    They became unbelievably painfull (I have never had period pain at all and I had the period problem for a year before having the coil put in and they were still not painfull ) but now every time I bleed its like mike Tyson is playing with my womb.

    Ive also gained just under 3 stone I this time

    And I dont haave spot prone skin at all never had but I do now and its awfull


    After realising the coil has done nothing I wanted it out I had left it a year to settle and was just having way to many problems to keep it

    Firstly I have had to wait over 3-4 months to have it removed. When the coil was suggested it took a week from there to having it put in . Its a different story getting it out they take there bloody jolly time.

    Today was finally the day I could have it removed and was the most horrific experience I have had

    A routine 5-10 minute coil removal ended up

    Me with my cervix full opened in the normal coil removal position for A HOUR AND A HALF !!!!(with no children this was painful enough) As the coil string had inbeded its self in the wall of my cervix I had one doctor with a camera one doctor trying to comfort me and one doctor who had to give me a anaesthetic injection into my cervix and cut the coil string out of my cervix !!!!! And then was able to remove the coil!



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      Hi Sarah, I'm sorry to hear that you too, had a bad experience with the Mirena IUD. I can't imagine having to be in that position for an hour and a half!! You poor thing! I'm glad you were able to get it out finally and hope this traumatic event in your life passes by quickly. I too had mine removed abut a month ago and wished I had done it sooner. I had it in me for just over a year. It didn't make me bleed like it did to you, in fact, it did the exact opposite. I rarely bled, only had to wear panty liners occasionally for light spotting. But it gave me very bad mental issues. I became depressed crying for no reason and very anxious. It literally caused me to miss 3 months of work and me going to a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and a Biofeedback specialist. I am on 3 different medications because of it. I really wish women like us who are affected adversely by this IUD could all go in together to sue this company to get this darn bc off the market! There needs to be more of an awareness of the side effects of this IUD. I hated going to Dr after Dr to only get confused looks back at me like I was crazy.
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      Hello yes it was awfull I was told before it was put in that "ouh the side effects are not that bad"

      But where was the ouh it can in bed itself in to your cervix and you will sit there foor a hour and a half having your cervix sliced and a camera and 3 doctors one just to comfort you because of how long you had been there

      I was definitely not told about that and yes ive suffered with trauma induced depression in the past and this was sending me over the edge the IUD Is possibly the worst thing ever created and should not be allowed to be put in thankfully im just thankfull its gone and im emotionally back to normal .

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    Hey there,

    I had my coil removed 5 days ago after having it for 4 and a half years.

    My coil worked in that I did not get pregnant, and my periods became very light to non existant, however I do suffer from anxiety and bad OCD, so its interesting that you have mentioned the coil mking this worse!

    I have recently started meds to help my OCD...

    I have had problems whilst my coil was in; a couple years ago I couldnt have sex with my ex for a long while because it felt like something wa sin the way, and if I did it anyway I got bleeding and pain, and upon getting coil checked it had not moved.

    More recently I have had odd discharge and itching, and my normal smell was alot stronger, so ifcourse I got tested at an std clinic (about 5 times!!!) and all tests and blood tests and an ultra sound came back clear!

    Upon reserching other peoples problems with the mirena I discovered that alot of other women have experienced exacly the same symptoms with Drs having no idea whats wrong with them!!!

    So I got it removed (which was very quick and painless), and am hoping everything settles down in the next couple of weeks.

    So far I have had a very small amount of blood and a small amount of discharge, but it seems to be slowly settling down.

    An interesting pattern I saw in peoples comments was that after about 4 to 5 years their periods started to come back and these discharge symptoms developed, so I wonder if the hormone within the iud starts to run low at this point or its the limit to keeping it in!

    I would be very interested to know other peoples experience of symptoms etc...

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    Hi Laraquel and sarah92c.

    to you both : I'm sooooooo sorry what u both went through, it's sounds very frightening,painful and very scary......I hope you both r ok now after that terrible audial?

    no one can imagine that pain?

     Me I have the Mirena coil, this will be year 5 (December ) I will either have it out or another one put it??????

    im unsure yet, as I don't know what to do so I'll have to I'm in peri ( premenapause).......,.

    my experience has been nothing like you'rs.

    plus I'd do have children so I didn't find the experience that bad.........just the taking out as I have heard more painful coming out than going in????

    that is my experience anway,


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