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Hi guys - it is a little quiet on here at the mo so thought I would ask your opinions.

On my ultra last year I had some indication of fat infiltration as you probably remember.

There are many on here taking Naltrexone, Campral etc with great success and some are honest enough to say they stumbled and drank, then pulled their britches back up and cut it out again.

There are varying degrees of stages that alcohol has caused to several of you and total abstinance is what in general you do.  I hate the thought of never drinking again and am sure I would be happy with a glass of red before bed.  Units being 7 a week.  Would this stop my liver from reverting and  mending cells?

I still taper Monday to Friday - and drink weekends.  But I want that down as well.

Hope you understand the post, I know what I want to ask but am not sure if I have put it very well.

Anyway, thank you to anyone who would like to respond.

Bestest of wishes to you all.


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    Hi Gwennie , you have achieved so much tapering back as you have and that can only give health benefits. One of my family members who had signs of a fatty liver was advised to stop but unfortunately she didnt , that was many years ago, the drinking escalated out of control and the rest is history .I would would always be advised to stop completely by the medics but my mind says if you can cut it back to 7 units a week thats gotta be of benefit .I expect you will get lots of replys from people who know a bit more .A fatty liver can heal and reverse but whether you have to be totally abstinent i dont know.

    Yes you are right hun , many of us have tripped slipped and fallen on our journey but we have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down dont we...I have had many a fall especially when trying to be totally abstinent.Abstinence is hard thats why i went the meds route in the end , I was just tired of trying .I give it a thumbs up as its working Its a secret as no one in the family knows but my son has noticed big time how different i am when i have a drink these days He seems pleased that i'm not drinking so much so maybe one day i will tell him how I.m doing it

    Yep.its really quiet on here..must be that hot weather.Take care hun and as you say we keep rockin on ! xx

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    one glass of red wine in the evening seems very little per week to me...i had to stop completely as you know and cannot have just one glass our could not at the time...seems ok to me and you have done so well. I feel certain that your liver is improving bit by bit...keep going! Robin
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    Hi Gwen

    Good to hear from you. I am no liver expert, but I do know that your liver can recover from the early stages of overdoing things whether from eating or drinking.

    Sounds as if you are doing ok. There is the Sinclair Method if you want to cut down even more but not abstain. Do you remember me telling you how ill my husband was before TSM? Well he is now down to 2 units a day. He was able to reduce his intake safely, with barely any shakes sweating etc. It has taken 4 weeks to reach this stage. We are starting to believe he is a fast responder. We are both over the moon.

    Perhaps this is the way forward for you?

    Lovely to hear from you

    JulieAnne xx

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      Aww mate - lovely to hear from you too - over the moon you should be - what terrific news. So happy for you both.

      Yes, if my tapering does not work out - it is TSM for me.

      Love to you both smile x

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      Hi JulieAnne It's,wonderful to read this that hubby down to 2 units a day ,you both should be over the moon and really seeing a beaming light at the end of the tunnel..Love to you both ,I am so so pleased 😉😉?

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      Hi Nat

      I can't believe how different he is. We are both so relaxed about life now.

      The amazing thing is, that before he has a drink he says he feels as though he could easily demolish a couple of pints. Then he takes a Naltrexone, pours himself a drink has 1 mouthful and 'forgets' its there. It's so weird.

      We have got to get passed his danger zone (3 months) if he gets through that ok, then I think he will be well on his way to trying alcohol free days.

      Did you manage to get Naltrexone? How is it treating you? xx

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      Thats so good JulieAnne .He may probably find the alcohol free days just fall in naturally as the weeks/months go on..Although i was not a daily drinket as such I found that the alcohol free weeks started to crept in after about 3 months was like 'do I dont I fancy a dtink and then no I cant really be bothered ' lol I seem to be having a dronk about once every 3 weeks now, nothing more than 2 small glasses . Yes it is weird as once you have the first couple of mouthfuls all interest in it seems to dissipate ..Its very wonderful ! Who would have tbought it 😄

      I have now all the info I need from Joanna to get Naltrexone but still have a few selincro left which i am determined not to waste, as much as i dont like taking the them.! ..Sooo it might be a few weeks before i order the Naltrexone but will be glad when the time comes and the another phase begins. Have a great weekend both if you ..Big hugs xx

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      Thanks vicks. Just read your post to gwen, glad Campral is working for you xx

      Life just feels so 'normal' at the moment. We are even having a dinner party soon, unheard of for us as I would never know how ill he would be. He used to spend most of his time in bed, 20 hours a day only waking up for a drink.

      Ive got my Husband back and it feels great xx

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      From Julie:  Then he takes a Naltrexone, pours himself a drink has 1 mouthful and 'forgets' its there.

      From Nat: Yes it is weird as once you have the first couple of mouthfuls all interest in it seems to dissipate.

      I am smiling so much at your comments, ladies.  One of the biggest barriers I experience when chatting to people about this method is when I discuss how this disinterest can, and does, happen.  Of course, because I've been there myself, I understand how much of an 'alien' concept this is.  To an active drinker, it seems impossible.  Pie in the sky.  A ridiculous statement!  It's tough enough to convince the drinker, but that is nothing compared to explaining to a loved one that I am saying their partner must be alowed to drink to make this happen.  It's so completely contradictory to everything we are told about alcohol misuse.

      But regardless, I just love to hear it for real from those who listened, educated themselves and then that took a chance and trusted a complete stranger to help them get started.

      Thank you so much!

      Your comments mean so much to me, especially in the face of all the abuse I regularly get from those who just don't believe it, or don't agree that this means 'recovery' in the way that they have come to understand it.  It keeps me talking and educating about these options, when there are those who want to shout down anyone who offers options to the standard, but failing, approach to this issue.

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      Hi Joanna

      So glad we have made you happy. We certainly are. I've got my Husband back and for that I am truly grateful. Your guidance has been incalculable.

      There will always be people who believe it's their way or the highway. They're too lazy to do their own research and too quick to denounce what they don't want to understand.

      I am hoping that eventually, the groundswell for TSM will be too large to ignore.

      So I am pledging a donation to C3foundationeurope every month, because I would like to see C3europe/TSM have the recognition it deserves. Hoping to see more of TSM on youtube soon xx

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      Well, I know that just based on how busy I am, and how busy Paul Turner is right now, that the groundswell is growing for sure.

      There is some really interesting testing going on right now about whether just the association/thought of a drink after the initial craving releases enough endorphins to do TSM using pictures of drink etc.  Initial results seem to show that there might be and this would be invaluable to those who can't drink (maybe due to health issues or being in prison etc).  They still might be able to do TSM, even if the process is a bit slower than usual because they can't actually drink.

      And I know in November this year, there are going to be some tests done using virtual reality headsets to act out the drinking experience on the medication.  So the naltrexone or nalmefene is taken on the initial craving/urge to drink as normal, but then the virtual reality headset will act out the drinking when the time has passed.

      I am SO interested to see what the results are.  If it works, I'd love to see the haters arguments then, since their biggest abuse seems to come from the fact that still drinking can't mean recovery.  They also claim that magic pills don't work, but I always point out that the only people who claim it is a magic pill are them!  Those of us who are proponents for this method know full well that there is also work to be done by the drinker.

      The youtube plans are still on track for late August, early September.  I will get the background banner back from the printers on the 28th of this month and then it will be a case of most working out what we want to say, remembering that as far as Uk regulations are concerned, I can't be seen to be 'advertising' a prescription-only medication.

      Oh.... that and some sort of hypnotherapy course for me to get over my hatred of being in front of a camera, ha ha.

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      The virtual reality tests sound intriguing. Never would have thought Nalfemene or Natrexone could be tested in this way. Definately 'one in the eye' for the naysayers. Will scientific evidence be enough though? They strike me that they're a bit like the flat earth society, denying the truth despite overwhelming proof to the contrary.

      Yes, you need to work with TSM. As my husband has said, it's not going to do it all for you. Planning the day he says is one of the most important things and compliance with the method.

      I am sure you will be fine in front of the camera. Can't offer any words of wisdom though, because I felt like throwing up when speaking at a conference! xx

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      I've lost count of the number of times we had friends round for dinner or drinks. I spent the majority of them either having to go to bed, or in the kitchen drinking secretly. I'd refuse a drink before dinner in front of everyone, saying I needed a clear head when cooking!! translates into "I want to look like the perfect hostess, I've no problem with alcohol haha, Ive got a bottle of vodka poured into a water bottle on the work top" 

      My OH put a stop to our entertaining, and dinner with friends. I'd never know we'd been asked to dinner as he'd just say sorry we've something on that night. Poor bloke had been embarrassed too many times.

      Weve got six round for dinner tonight. Done all my prep, house spotless, full drinks cabinet. What a difference, not touched a drop and am not even remotely bothered. Thanks campral.

      Well done to you and of course your husband 

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      Of course you are joking - mine is at it all night long but totally denies it.

      Well maybe one day I will gather my Patient fam all up in a coach and take us to total hysterics - we all deserve it.


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      what an achievement Vickylou!! I still remembery our disastrous Christmans when you were cooking for hours and it went totally wrong...husband, sons and daugther etc the whole family came back from the pub expecting Xmas dinnner and all different and you should feel proud!! Assume that dinner party went well today!! All the best..Robin
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      Hi robin

      dinner party went very well thanks. Was a great evening. An even better morning. No hangover, no blanks and panic about did I do or say something inappropriate? OH on holiday today, just taken him a strong coffee and two pain killers for his head!!

      Im off for a run now, then swimming with little grandson. Wouldn't swop this way for anything. Like you and your twins

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