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I know there's a lot of negatives out there re zoloft and i too was afraid and hesitant about antidepressants altogether. Worried that I'll gain weight so i refused going on medication for a long time.... But my anxiety/panic attacks got so bad over the last few months that i had no choice cuz it took over my life and happiness!!!!!!

I stressed to my Doc please prescribe something that isn't going to increase my appetite because then i will fall into a massive depression over gaining weight as my figure is important to me cuz i worked hard to achieve it. i have heard and read horrid reviews about almost all antidepressants...so fear is normal.....

A little quick note about my need to go on zoloft: depression due to losing father, which caused other illnesses, fear, anxiety, panic attacks on a daily basis... ones that made me shiver, could not walk, heart palpitations.... it had taken over me completely. Thoughts of death, constant worrying and so on.

So today is day 6 of Zoloft for me, i have not had any of the above happen since starting zoloft.... i feel so muchhhh better. I call it my magic pill. I take 50mg once in the morning. I have no appetite whatsoever. I do drink a lot of water. It has made me a bit emotionless.... which for me is a good thing.... no more bad thoughts, thoughts about dying.... its like i cant even believe i am the same person. I had forgotten what life was before the horror of anxiety/ panic attacks..... my sleep is fine, it hasn't made groggy or anything like that. I sleep normal... at night...!!! Make sure you take it early morning.... i take mine between 5.30 - 6am.

Overall, yes its true medications can work wonders for one and not so well for another. But don't read the the negatives and be out off. You will never know until you try it yourself. Be your own judge. I read all the negatives and a few positives..... and tried it for myself because i thought, it will either be good to me, or bad. 50/50. WORTH IT! If you don't take risks, you lose. Now I'm at 100 and couldn't be happier.

Wishing you all so much luck, happiness and peace.

Be your own judge, whatever it is, do not settle for what you heard, or the negatives you read,

If you never try, you'll NEVER KNOW. Might be your life saver.


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    I'm really happy that you feel so much better so soon, and it will only get better and better. No appetite at the beginning is very normal. But usually around the 4 month mark is when sortie starts increasing with out you really noticing it. I too have always been working hard to keep a good shape, I used to be a gymnast, but I was so happy to get my appetite back that I just didn't think it would affect me. But it did, I put on nearly 2 stone in Waight .

    Just try and make sure you make health choices when you do get to that point when your appetite comes back . But most important you are well . I would always prefer to be a little chubby and happy than thin and in that dark place I was. X

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      Thank you so much for the encouragement =) i am just over the moon that the horrible panic anxiety attacks have not happened from the day i started on zoloft. And they were horrid, they would last at time for over an hour and once so bad , had to call paramedics cuz i was convinced it was a heart attack.

      So far no appetite which as you can imagine isn't worrying me. I do try to eat a little, but makes me feel sick and i just can't. I stay hydrated instead. Once and when it does start to increase my weight , i will no doubt control it and hopefully it wont become an issue. There's always options.

      Thank you for your feedback, I'm glad it has also helped you and you are too feeling good. Love and peace to you.


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      Hi Eleven - You are so lucky that Zoloft began to work for you so quickly. Yes don't worry about your appetite. It will come back and you'll be able to gain your weight back. I've lost about 15lbs the last 8 months from trying difefrent meds. Zoloft is working a little but it's only been 7 days for me on 150mg. On my good days my appetite comes back and I can eat. On the bad days, it takes me 45minutes to eat a bowl of cereal.

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      Hi Paul, Are you on Zoloft for depression and anxiety? I guess i should really consider myself lucky as it has turned my life around in a very little time on it. It is just day 7 today for me. Still no appetite, did crave cheese yesterday (so weird) did have a little bit that has been it. Not complaining and won't complain because having no appetite compared to the panic attacks i was getting on a daily basis? I will take no appetite with open arms on any day. Not worried at all. I honestly had lost all joy to life. Constant worrying.constant thoughts of death, bad horrid thoughts had consumed me. I could not do anything. It was chronic anxiety, and oh the heart palpitations... it was like my heart had moved to the outside of my chest... sad it was a nightmare i lived through for too long before i finally gave in and said to my doc ok... i will do as you say...just give me something that wont cause weight gain... cause that would cause other mental issues. So far thank goodness, so good. I hope it works wonders for y5. I'm on a tiny dose and happy to stay on the 50mg per day prescribed. But guess only time will tell. smile hope it doesn't stop working... fingers crossed.

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