Zoloft issues. . .

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Many complaining about the use, effect, and side-effects of zoloft. 

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    Seems to be. What dosage are you on and how long?
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      I have been off Zoloft beginning my third day after 2 weeks on.  I was also prescribed Xanax, Oxycodone, Tramadol, Zolpidem.  I went through a very very rough week.  Off the xanax now for a week, never to take it again!  Down on the Oxy to .25mg and Tramadol 50mg a day  for pain, and 10mg zolp to begin sleeping again after a week and a half of waking at 2am or 4am mind racing racing racing.  Just now beginning to get back to my intial state of depression and anxiety which is a tremendous relief.  Weird.
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    So is this drug that bad or is it that people take only to the internet boards to complain rather than compliment?  Such powerful mind changing/altering chemicals.  I guess it is fine if you truly have a chemical imbalance, but it's almost impossible to know that without PET, MRI.    I'm certainly not speaking ill of Zoloft, as I'm sure this drug has worked wonderfully for some people and relieved their depressive symptoms.  It just seems to be more a roll of the dice, give it a shot and hope it works.  If it doesn't pray the side effects are moderate and shrt-lived.  You have to be very careful when taking psych meds with what else you are putting on top of them.  Be it another psych med, a over the counter sleeping medication or supplement, to even coffee in the morning.  What ever your current situation remember that you are not alone.  We all struggle to some degree in this life and there are people who share your experience and want to support you.  You are significant, always.

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      hello john, it certainly is a tricky hit and miss world with antidepressant meds isn't it

      hopefully in the future, maybe a new kind of generation of depression/anxiety meds will come along.  until then though, we have to try what is avaialble, and we know some meds certainly work for some people, so the way i see it is, there is certainly a med out there for everyone to help them, but it's that searching and trying which causes problems for people, as often you have to wait quite a few months to give each med a chance to get going.  i had wasted about 6 months with other meds before settling on sertraline 100mg which is working really well for me (but it took about 12 weeks to get going properly).  i'm extremely pleased i kept going and didn't give up because i am really enjoying life again and no depression or anxiety, or negative thinking patterns.  do keep going everyone, it really really is worth it once you reach the goal

      we all wish there was something you could take to provide instant ongoing relief, but i guess until then, we just have to make the best of what's available

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      Hi John,

      So true what you said regarding roll of the dice. I was taking 100mg sertraline for a couple of months then increased to 150mg...thinking this will sort me out. But I have reduced back to 100mg as the higher dose did not agree with me at all. Its to find that right balance and the correct medication that will suit YOUR needs.


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      Yes, drugs on top of drugs can cause problems.  Check to make sure they all play nicely.  There are online sites that can check for potential interactions.  The worst I have felt came with setraline with trazadone. It subcided when I quit the sertraline but now I gotta deal with withdrawals. Life goes on.
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    Hi John. I have been so so many ads and none have worked. I found sertaline to be the only one that is doing something positive. Today sadly I'm not having a good day bit I do believery that is because my dose has increased. It works for some and not for others and again I think people give up too soon as the side effects can be nasty... I'm there with the side effects but I know they will pass and I will feel good again.

    It's trial and error and getting the doze right.

    We are all in the same boat. Tc x

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      hi jay try not to worry about the odd bad days,  i had the same thing, i was taking sertraline 100mg for 3 months, all going well, then a week or so again i had a crap day where i had some depression and anxiety, and so there i am back on the internet looking around to see about if i should increase my dose again, or add something to take with my sertraline, and i was reading about health supplements and so on..  then the next day, i felt ok again, so it looks like it was just a bad day which happens sometimes.  so now in hndsight, i dont panic if i have the odd crap day.   instead, i will only look at making some changes to my med or adding something, if i have a bad week (several bad days in a row).
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      Great ty for replying. I do think it's because we are having good days that when the bad ones happen they feel so much worse. I do think this drug is working as before I took it I was in a constant panic state..so 👍tl that.

      Just got to take the good with the bad but as you know it's easier said than done.

      At least we are all here to support each other

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      one thing which i find really helpful is, when i have the odd bad day (and i imagine this applies to others),  i find that my bad feelings (depression/anxiety) are not as bad as how i was when i was at the beginning about to take ssri's

      so basically im saying that my bad days now are no way near as bad  as how i was in the past.  then once i have that in perspective, the bad day im having doesnt seem so bad after all

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      So true.  I think sometimes we believe once on the med it should be a miracle cure all never have anxiety or depression again.  That is not a realistic expectation whatsoever.  Not for anyone with or without medication.  Life ebbs and flows.  So long as the medication keeps you from rising or falling to quickly and you have more good than bad days you are doing well. 
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      Hi jay.  Might i suggest journaling your feelings.  It's easy to foget the good days, so make sure you write those down.   Do try and focus on the positive.  I have began seeing a counselor and find it beneficial to have a third-party hear my crazy feelings and put those in check.  Hot baths are good for the nerves as well!  just sayin.

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