Zoloft not doing anything but affecting my sleep

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I made it a little over 21 weeks in total before I had to discontinue use as I could no longer sleep at all. I did have headaches and nausea as well as minor dizziness for about the first 4-5 days, my anxiety hit extreme levels from days 4-7 or so with some moments of extreme adrenaline surges and I had minor-moderate bowel issues for about the first 2 weeks which slowly went away but other than that no major side effects that would have otherwise caused me to quit.

The problem I have had is that beginning Day 3 onward I would have incredibly vivid dreams and trouble staying asleep, waking up a half dozen times a night taking 30 mins to fall back asleep. Before I would sleep like a log 8-9 hours. This felt like I was getting no rest as I was living a 2nd life in my dreams when my head would hit the pillow.

For about 1 week from Day 14-21 I felt good and was running fine on the 3-4 hours of dream filled sleep that the medication would allow me, although I did not notice any therapeutic effects except for brief flashes of euphoria for 1-2 hours here and there. 

On Wednesday I began to feel very fatigued from 3 weeks of very little sleep. On Friday I took my last dose and woke up exhausted again Saturday morning and decided on pulling the plug cold turkey on these things. No side effects so far except for Day 1 of quitting I got horrific nightmares but the last 2 days have had the best sleep in a month since stopping.

It's hard to imagine any positive outweighing the torment of not being able to sleep and being exhausted all day. I will fall asleep fine initially then almost like a form of Chinese torture I will be jolted awake every time I manage to fall asleep.

Did anyone have similar experiences and would this ever go away?

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    I should say I made it 21 days no weeks*
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    I had a similar experience

    I watched a comedy on TV to have a temporary relief from the pain

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    Hi what are you going to do now? R u trying a different medication 
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      I don’t know - I am set to see my doc in 2 weeks. Tbh all I want to do now is full recover from the effects this has had on my sleep as I am in a worse state now than before. I was taking this for anxiety and now it has left me exhausted and depressed. It blunts the anxiety somewhat during the day but because I can’t sleep it is terrible at night instead whereas before all I had was a good night sleep when times were bad. 
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      Just prepare your mind and body for the next 2 weeks for the side effects if any, I saw this on the web today and it made me laugh "Zoloft, All the withdrawals of heroin, without the high!" Good luck.

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    Hi ,

    21 days are not enough I think .

    This med is a slow one .

    In the beginning I was feeling very tired to but I would say after a couple of weeks this went away.

    I also had headaches but they went away too.

    I ve been having vivid dreams as well but this is something i had before I start the medication.

    Did you speak with your doctor about the sides effects ?


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    HI I’m on 100mgs of sertraline which I Av been on for the past 8wks with little progress. I too can’t sleep with it either, do you have any detached feelings like uve lost ureself. I also am suffering from depersonalisation aswell which is really scary. Av u had ever experienced anything like this. I’m thinking of Cumming back of these tablets and going back to my old 1s. Which was paroxatine. Any advice or reassurance please 🌹

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      I didn't really have any side effects after the first 2 weeks other than the dreams and sleep but unfortunately sleep is a pretty big deal. I also noticed I had somewhat less of a filter and would just blurt out hurtful things but that could have just been due to lack of sleep. I have very little experience with all of this so can't really give much advice as this is basically the only medication I have ever tried.

      I had to take a tablet again this morning to wean myself a bit as was starting to withdraw due to the cold turkey approach I had taken  (headache, bad anxiety and gastro problems). I'm hoping it will be my last tablet and am expecting horrible dreams today due to having to take it while being half in withdrawal. 

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      Hi I have not been on this forum for a while but was just chilling out and thought I would see who is saying what . I myself started Sertraline 11 months ago I started  on 50 then 100 then 150 then 175 . The first 6 months I honestly thought no way this isn’t working  but persevered I felt like rubbish though this was the end for me the adrenaline rushes of fear the panic the depression it’s horrible . Doc then put me on Buspirone to take along side Sertraline just 10mgs a day it’s like diazepam but without the floored feeling. After 2 months I felt amazing. As if there had never been anything wrong with me . I honestly feel now that I don’t know what all the fuss was about . At least that’s how I feel now . So you see it takes months and months and months for the meds to work . While I was fighting through it I starting doing half hour of exercise a day . Anything in the house running up n down the stairs to get my heart rate up and Adrenalin pumping . And for you girls I came off the pill . Bam mood swings gone . It’s important while your fighting through the first few months that you keep yourself busy try not to be alone even if you don’t want to be in company make yourself . Try not to go on talking about yourself to people remember to ask them how they are and what they are up too . I really hope this helps . That’s why there is not many people on here that have been on Sertraline for more than 7 or 8 months it takes that long to work but worth it to feel human again . Best wishes C J 
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      Hi Cj did u ever experience the feeling detached and liked u ad lost ureself cus it’s that what scares me the most and makes me panick even more. Any advice or reassurance please 🌹

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      OH YES it takes your brain months to feel normal  it’s really important to keep yourself busy even when you won’t want to . You need to do as much normal stuff as you possibly can even if you think people think your weird which they don’t it’s just the way your feeling that does that . Walk to the shop for the milk don’t drive say hello to people on your walk . Breath the fresh air take time to stop and notice things . Keep yourself in reality 
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      Keep yourself a daily routine stick to it everyday set your alarm for the same time every morning go to bed same time every night look forward to bed time getting snuggled up or watching a movie . DO NOT stay up all night it will make you ten times worse also do not sleep too much or it can also make you worse . Plan ahead for the week /month keeps your mind occupied have something to look forward too 
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    I used to sleep on my left side . I switched and I sleep better on my right side .

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