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Zopiclone - 1st night tonight

Hi, I have been suffering from anxierty and can keep things under control with Propranolol but I'm constantly tired from the interrupted sleep and stress I'm under. I drift off before 11pm but I'm awake again by 12, then at 2, then 3, 6am etc. I'm so run down I can hardly string a sentance together and my work is already suffering.

My GP has given me 7.5mg Zopiclone to help me sleep, 4 nights on and then 4 nights off, I have 16 tablets. I haven't taken one this week as I wanted to ensure I am off work the first day after taking them so tonight is the first time, hopefully I can get some proper rest.

Should I take a full tablet as prescribed or just try half? I should have quite a low tolerence to pills as this is the first time (apart from Nytol years ago). Has anyone else had much luck with these, I am reading a lot of horror stories about how addictive they are.

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  • Update - I drifted off to sleep without any meds at around 9pm, sure enough 12:30am rolls around and I'm awake again. I left it until 2am and gave up, headed downstairs and took my first Zopiclone. 15 mins later and I'm out cold, woke up at 8am this morning.

    The weird thing is I usually feel agitated in bed and my mind races so I have to get up, instead I had a ruther hour and a half's sleep and got up at 9:30.

    I don't have any side effects from the drug, didn't have any nightmares, just some good solid sleep.

    Will be taking Zopiclone as soon as I go to bed tonight and for a few nights after that and will report back. The doctor said to do 4 nights on and 4 nights off so that's the plan.

    I feel less anxious today, possibly just from the extra rest I have had.

  • Hi b1001, I have just started on zopiclone because I was suffering terrible insomnia, I would go sleep then wake 2 hours later with anxiety attack, I would drop off for another hour exactly same again. So asked GP for help and was prescribed Zopiclone. It has helped so far this week, but I don't want to get dependent on this stuff. I need to get the anxiety sorted, any tips? Apart from CBT. Thanks

  • Hi Ian,

    I have exactly the same thing even now I wake up every few hours if I've not had any pills, I had the worst night ever after stopping Zopiclone though - couldn't even drift off to sleep. You really don't want to take Zopi, there are some nightmare cases of people with withdrawal symptoms and I started to see this after just 4 nights.

    What you need is Amitriptiline - its an anti depressant (150mg per day) but its not used for that anymore, instead a small quantity can really help you sleep. I was told to take up to 20mg at night BUT these take a lot longer to work than Zopiclone, you need to take it 90 mins before bed. 20mg helped me sleep all night but really gave me trouble the following day - I'd be groggy, hung over, sleepy, couldn't concentrate etc. I have found that 5mg does the trick now, and the side effects are very minimal. I take 10mg on a Sunday night as that is my worst night for sleeping and always has been. Also you will feel a bit rough on these for the first couple of weeks but most of that goes, although I sweat like crazy on them. The dry mouth and appetite issues didn't occur.

    You can take Amitrip for an extended period, I have a repeat prescription now alongside the Propranol. I am pretty much leading a normal life, over the past 2 weeks I've had several dates and given presentations! I have found that a lack of sleep makes my anxiety unmanageable so a good nights sleep is key. These drugs don't solve the cause of anxiety and I'm still working through that but they do help me control my body and get through situations. I have found that having lots of exposure to anxiety-causing situations has really helped me and I'm gradually getting through it.

    I took 2.5mg Amitrip last night and woke up several times so I really need to stick with 5mg, experiment and take the lowest dose that works for you. Also do not drink on these pills unless you can have a very lazy day, I had 2 pints of Stella the other night with 7.5mg Amitrip and I was a zombie until noon (work was not fun!).

    I'm looking for a sort of penpal/support buddy so if you or anyone else going through this is interested please PM me and we can chat over email maybe.

  • I was on 150mg of amitryptlene per night to make me sleep,this was after being on zopiclone for several years then being told abruptly I couldn't have any more.

  • Wean off of Zopiclone it does not stay in your system, and caused me severe depression, I had only taken it for 4 nights to help with PMS, and the next day I was so depressed I could not get out of bed! I have since flushed these wretched pills down the toilet, and will never rely on them again to sleep. If i can't sleep I will take hot mild and natural herbs. Google herbal remedies to help sleep at night. Thank you for posting your situation, it is helping others see what options are out there.

  • Zopiclone made me depressed also- and zombie like the next day. . I would like to go on Amitrypriline also - i've taken it before but my doctors will not prescribe these type of antidepressants anymore to elderly people . I am 75.

  • I suffer with anxiety state and depression. For years i have had bad nights...i just seem to want to sleep in the day and then become wired at night. All my bad memories play through my head like a silent video tape.I take propranolol for the anxiety, and this helps me to feel fairly ok most days. At first the Doc put me on 80mg a day but i realised that this made me feel faint and spaced out , with tingly toes and fingers(like chilblains).They are also usually very good for migraine. I reduced the dose slightly to 70mg a day. It means breaking one up for daytime and as i have 40mg tabs this isnt too difficult. I also take Seroxat 25mg a day, which has helped my depression mostly although i still get bad days. But night times i seem so awake. The Doc gave me Zopiclone but stressed that these were only to be used occasionally, for REALLY bad nights. I found the dose he gave me made me sleep the clock round, so he reduced them to 3.75mg. They usually give me about 8 hours sleep but i still feel very muzzy the next day. And quite nauseous too. What i need is something that i can take nightly but i darent take Zopiclone nightly as my Doc said they are very easy to become addictive. ?? i did talk to someone who said she used an antihistamine for sleeplessness...? i may try that...anyone has any suggestions i would like to hear them.

  • Hi

    I have suffered from depression for many years I contain it with Prozac I per day, but I do miss some days but it doesn't seem to bother me. I take zopiclone to sleep as if I don't have a drink I lie awake all night.

    I must admit sometimes I feel a bit groggy in the morning sometimes, so I now take my Zopiclone about 10 ish with a view to going to sleep at 11.30 ish !!

    I am concerned about the anxiety feelings I am having and have had for some months, I would be interested in your comments about this. When I lie in bed I can hear my Jugular pulse echoing in my head and my neck seems to throb do you experience this ?? I would appreciate you explaining your anxiety state to me as I am desperate to know whats going on with me. I have thought about going to the doctor but how do I explain my neck throbbing ??

    Hope to hear from you


  • Hi Sue

    How long have you been on Zopiclone? If you have been on it some time you may be getting withdrawal symptoms from the Zop as it only stays in the body for a short time.

  • Hi to all i'm new here, iv recently stopped alcohol and also come off of amitriptaline,codeine, and propanalol all at the same time. I know it may sound extreme but i'm an all or nothing type of person when it comes to detox and i'm getting through it i'm like 3 days clear of all of it now. It's made me very anxious and shakey but it seems to be calming down now. My doc gave me 2 weeks worth of zopiclone 7.5mg which has helped me alot i'm just worried because i know when the zopis run out it's going to be hard work to get my sleep pattern back as my body and mind will be in chaos after everything iv stopped. the worse one was codeine but i'm 8 days clear of that now so i know i'm over the worst of that one. I'm really determined to do this iv realized that tablets are not always the answer. Once iv done this detox i'm only on citalopram for my anxiety and depression and i get no side effects from citalopram so that one is ok to take. I was just coming on here to get it all off my chest how i;m feeling and coping and to talk to people in a similar situation, and if anyone has got any suggestions on ways to cope when my zopiclone runs out, to get a good sleep pattern back that will be much appreciated. Jay smile

  • Hi and thank you for sharing. Your experience is your own, and if the Zopiclone is helping you to stay healthy and well rested, then you should continue taking it until at least a couple of months when all the other drugs are out of your system. Good luck, and take care of yourself. You are your number 1 fan, and you have one life to live. Cheers!

  • b1001

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  • b1001

    Hi I've been taking Zopiclone for 12month I'm allowed one 7.5 zopiclone three times a wk, I take them every other night, and I have at least 8hours sleep, I find if I wake up for bathroom, I go back to sleep and feel rested when I wake up. on the night I don't take the tablet I don't sleep, this is usual for me as before I tried zopiclone I didn't sleep at all. There is days where you might still feel bit tired if you can sleep another hour do it, otherwise just rest, I was kind of person who wouldn't try before but am glad I tried them as getting rest helps me to feel better if four days on and four days off becomes a problem, try different way, I'm happie and found it works for me

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