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hi every one i am trying to come off 37.5mg of zopiclone i am now just taking two 7.5mg at night but i feel really unwell with feeling sick chest pain shakes etc this is my 9th day on reducing them .has any one else felt ill like this when coming off them if so how long is it be for you start to feel well .

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    Yes i also get those symptoms plus a lot worse. sometimes i shake uncontrollably and feel like my heart is gonna pack up!!

    It's basically Anxiety that is making you feel worse, try to get a good anti anxiety med from your doctor, i got beta blockers "Propanolol" which stop you from feeling your heartbeat which helps a bit.

    But at the end of the day 9 days - you've done really well , well done!!

    Stick to it you should feel better real soon.


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      hi every one yes the anxiety is really bad i feel so ill was in bed all yestaday afternoon started being sick aswell i have been to see my gp this morning and she has reduced the zopiclone again from two 7.5mg to one 7.5mg and one 3.75mg at  night i dont think thats enough for the withdrawls i also started felling really cold and shakey its really scary i am just wishing for bed time strugling to get through the day just dont feel normal i am also taken citalopram for depression  thank you every one for your reply .
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    Your symptoms you have mentioned are relatively common when reducing or coming off Zopiclone, especially at a high dose. 9 days is really good, so the key is to reduce very very slowly, even cut up the pills into quarters if you can.

    Using Diazepam is also a method to reduce the sometimes harsh symtoms of withdrawel. Ask your GP. How long have you been taking Zopiclone?

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      hello mark i have been taking zopiclone for bout 17 years may be a bit longer i have been to see my gp again this morning and she has reduced them again to one 7.5mg and one 3.75mg i told her how unwell i feel and was in bed most of yestaday afternoon she said they got to be reduced but i have just been coming down off them 10th day now i dont feel thats enough to help with the withdrawls as i dont feel my heart beat is right and i am bit scared when i get up in mornings i just wish it was bed time again just want to sleep through these frightening feelings do u no if coming off these can cause heart attack just feel to unwell .
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      hi caron

      Listen, your body is basically telling you that it needs the zops and it is craving them, just try to remember that ok.

      Don't think about reducing or lowering the dose right at this moment you are going through enough stress as it is. stick to what you have been taking for the next few days and when you feel a little bit calmer then look at maybe halving a tablet and put it aside for the next day =)

      I know it's so hard hun i'm there myself, as you say i only feel safe and secure when i lay in bed and i have a tv in my bedroom which helps i just put the news channel on quietly so you have something to focus on. If you get to the point when you feel you can't take anymore then ring your doctors and tell them you need them to come out to you ok at the end of the day that's what we pay our taxes for.

      Remember =

      1/ Try to stay calm

      2/ Try slow breathing exercises

      3/ Tell yourself you can do this! It is just anxiety playing with you!

      4/ If it gets too much call for help!!!

      Everyone is here for you so you are NOT ALONE ok =)

      Try and relax

      Kels x

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      In very very rare cases Caron heart attacks may occur. Heart pulpitations are very common in withdrawel of z type drugs. Unfortunately the government has cahnged the type class of Zopiclone to class C, so GP's are under pressure to reduce the amount patients on the drug. So if you get an unsympathetic doctor it can be hard to reduce the dose where you are in control. Coming off these pills will make you unwell for awhile but try and remain calm and just keep saying to yourself its just the withdrawel symptoms. Best Wishes
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    Hi you need to reduce by as little as possible. Stay on that dose until you feel comfortable again then reduce again by as small amount as you can and repeat thi until you are down to half a 3.5mg. When you are settled on this reduce to 1 every other day, when settled reduce to half missing 2 days then 3 days until you are free from them. It is a long process. When you are free from them your first 2 days will be great, then you will start with swears tremours dizziness nausea and the rest. Later in the day will be the worst but it will get better. I am talking from my experience only, I do hope this works for you. Stick with it, it does get better. Good luck.
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