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I have been taking prescription zopiclone for three years for pain related insomnia as I have not had much success with pregabalin/ nortript . I am struggling to stop taking this med as I have become dependent and it does lower my mood somewhat. I manage to sleep for about 3hrs then I take the zopiclone to get me through the night.If I don’t take it I’m in a mess with tremors and sweats , which I think is addiction. I’m not sure how to stop this med safety. I’m prescribed 7:75 and have tried to cut to 3:75 without success. I asked my gp for an alternative to help me off but can only offer diazapam which is non effective in my case. Any advice, ideas would be gratefully received. Chris 

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    I'm addicted to 15mg zopiclone

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    Hi Chris. I've also been taking Zopiclione for pain related insomnia. I have severe unoperable carpel tunnel in both the L&R. I've been on 15mg for more than a decade. It's the only way I can sleep without the carpel tunnel rearing it's ugly head.

    Thank goodness I remain tolerant of the Zopiclione and I don't need more than 15mg to allow me to sleep.

    My Doc however is all together reluctant to script 15mg. According to Doctor Doolittle I'm only allowed 11.25 mg three nights a week and 7.5mg four nights a week. I think this is madness. That's a 75% reduction.

    I think your tapering down from 7.5 to 3.75 is too excessive. It needs to be much much slower and on your terms.

    I wish you well on your journey 💜 may it go easy for you.

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      Thank you lollipop. GPs r under strict rules about zopiclone now and I think they would withdraw it completely if they could which is what mine is trying to do at the moment. I think they are worse than diazapam personally to stop

      Thank you for your reply 

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      I'm on 15mg too, I've been on zopiclone for 10 years!! Woop!!

      Convinced its killing me tho lol

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    Hello chris, have you discussed possible anti depressants for coming off your zopiclone?. Mirtazapine, and amytryproline on a low dose can help pain relief and aid sleep. A low dose of venlafaxine can help with pain relief as well, but possibly not with sleeping. I think they could be good options for you, sedation mostly, but with a bit of an uplift, instead of a downer with zopiclone.
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    Thanks for the info I have an appointment tomorrow . I have tried mirtazapam without success and am currently withdrawing from it. I was on amytrip which worked but the powers at be said I should be on pregabalin which was a huge mistake. Reached the giddy heights of 200mg never again.

    I will see what he says tomorrow. Thank you for your reply 

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      Strange about taking you off the amitriptyline. Had that years ago for depression, and was sleepy as hell. Had to come off it for that reason.
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      Yes I was on a low dose, and ticking along reasonably well but had an anxiety issue so was convinced to try pregabalin to my detriment. I read somewhere it’s like a benzo to come off. I’m nearly there down to 50 from 200mg. I’ve had so many different types of meds over the last few years that I’m either coming off one or starting another. I only have 15mg of mirtazapam left to come off and 50 mg pregabalin and then the dreaded zopiclone. I’m determined not to go back on any thing if I can do it but I’m already a bit fragile with my current reductions that I don’t want to hurry 
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    Hi Chris.

    Yes it is very easy to get addicted to Zopiclone. I was addicted to them for years and I detoxed off them with the help of good support.

    The only advice I could give you is when you are taking the 7.5mg tablet, take it for as long as you're ready to taper down, then if you're not comfortable with 3.75mg, take half of both tablets it works out at 5mg and see if it helps. Then taper down again when you're ready , also , keeping a diary really helped me.

    PLEASE don't take any sort of Diazepam tablets , they are so difficult to come off if you get addicted to them. Much much harder than Zopiclone.

    I wish you all the best with your journey.

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