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Hi folks.

I realise others have posted about this terrible drug, well I wanted to share my own experience with you.

I got a box of these as I were led to believe they were non-addicting compared to valium. My doctor had given me a small supply, but I bought another box online (very stupid, I know).

I was taking them every other day for about a month, maybe 6 weeks.

Sleep was great, my insomnia seemed cured. I developed a brutal headache though toward the end, which no painkiller could help - not even Codeine. Doctors were baffled.

I started crying inexplicably one afternoon.. what was going on? I made the connection around then. I had become horribly addicted to this stuff and the next day headache were withdrawal symptoms.

Well I stopped taking them immediately, again BIG mistake. What followed was perhaps the darkest and lowest point in my life.

For the next few weeks I had the sweats, irritability was through the roof, I was very sensitive to loud or sharp noises. I was getting about 4 hours sleep a night. I was stressed beyond belief. I was crying all the time (totally un-like me). 

Out of desperation I took another half two weeks later and the symptoms almost lifted completely. Such a relief, I really had no idea how far down the rabbit hole I had gone. I had my life back, I could sleep and laugh again! A short lived relief, however as about 36 hours later BOOM back to the shivers of a dreaded cold sweat withdrawal.

It's been very, very slow progress since (about 10 weeks since the last dose). I am getting more sleep, but nothing like the sleep I was getting before this horrible experience began. My appetite has returned, but the depression lingers (although it is not nearly as severe).

Some evidence online suggests I could be experiences this awful feelings for another year or two. Oh Joy!

For the love of god, do not take this poison. How the hell it is approved for medicinal use is beyond me. Be very careful out there

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    Whilst I empathise with your feelings regarding your experience of this medication, I do find it somewhat disturbing when people refer to POM as poison etc. many people use this site as a source of information and while you are brave to share your own experience, you should bare in mind the effect it could have on others.

    You were obviously prescribed this medication and if your GP did not warn you of how addictive they were I would be surprised. Most GPs now are Cautious of prescribing sleeping tablets for this very reason. The fact you then purchased more online rather than getting them from you GP also is worrying. A more interesting story for you to share would be the problems that led to your needing the medication and what positive steps you took to resolve these problems while the medication took some of the load off.

    I apologise if this reply seems somewhat harsh, this is not my intention, however, as I take this medication I have an interest in how it affects others. I hope that you have found some stability now and please keep me updated on your progress.



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      I am usure what you mean by POM.

      I was led to believe they were less addictive than Benzos by my GP.

      I am sorry David but I could not disagree with you more, this stuff is simply awful and people need to be warned.

      Good luck trying to get off it.

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      POM is Perscription Only Medication, you are not supposed to have it unless prescribed it by a GP etc. Alas Zopiclone is the least of my medication worries, as is the diazepam lol.

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      Ordering online I know is an extremely bad idea. I would discourage any others to do the same as these should be administered under the care of a professional.

      By way of explanation, the initial 5 seemed absolutely fine with no side effects and I really did not want to go back to the surgery and beg for more.

      You are going to need a very long taper I image to get off both of these drugs

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      I should also add that never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a drug could induce withdrawals lasting 10 times the original dosage length
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      Hi David, I was prescribed these by GP with no warnings whatsoever. Not keen on taking any mess anyway, but having to take steroids which prevent me sleeping so zoplicane prescribed to counteract with no warning. Historically I have had addiction problems-many years ago due to prescribed meds Lorezepam again with no warnings & after that alcohol  when I lost faith in doctors. I have been 'clean' fnof many years & am very careful what drugs I take-basically as few as I can. I find your faith that doctors would give warnings touching, but trust me few do. You have to be your own ate keeper & do your own research. Against my better judgement & GP's insistance I took one of these tablets & the effects were so horrid I won't take another. I slept for nearly2;4 hrs accompanied by visions, nightmares etc. also felt dreadful the next day. Hats off to anybody who can take these & go to work the next day, I couldn't. Think if I had taken two( which was a choice) I might not have woken up again. Lesson learnt again for me. Best Wishes Laura 
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      Never heard of such violent effects.   You must be allergic to Zopiclone. 
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      I'm generally not good with meds William, which is why I try to avoid as much as poss. Recently had horrendous allergic reaction to Codeine & I seem to be getting more sensitive with age. Unfortunately after being pretty healthy most of my life, I now have a condition that orthodox medicine can only treat with chemo. I know I can't take it, so trying to stick to alternatives until the steroids.trust me, my reaction was bad & that was only 3.75 mg. we all different. 



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      Hi Laura,

      It does seem that they affect different people in different ways, I have been taking them every night for three months with no side effects.

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      I've been using zopiclone daily for the past 11 years. When the drug was first marketed, one of its selling points was that it was less habit forming/addicting than benzodiazepines. They have since found out that it acts on the *same* chemical receptors in the body  as the benzos,  and that is why people are having horrible withdrawls. It is suggested that those people wanting to come off zopiclone taper down the dose slowly, and transition to benzos (they have a shorter half-life). 

      I have no history of depression, but over the past few years, I felt mentally off-balance. Nothing serious, but I couldnt seem to shake this feeling of doom. I wondered if zopiclone contributed to this. The 7.5 mg dose was mostly ineffective, so my GP added Trazedone. My gut feeling was I had to come off this crap, and that is what I am doing now. I weaned off both meds over the period of 2 weeks. I've been 14 days with nothing, and I am *just* learning how to fall asleep on my own again. Its a struggle. I wake up multiple times a night. Overall attitude means a lot. I try to stay positive.

      Zopiclone is poison. That's my *opinion* Dave...just because you dont agree with it,doesnt make it any less valid

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      Hi Dave I have to disagree , wait until you try going without . While it's working and the dose suits you it's fine, evidence shows that you develop tolorence and end up not sleeping so you take more , the withdrawals are awful but with support and trust me you need it , you will get there , I am a nurse and took them because I was going through a terrible divorce 10 years ago , I ended up taking 10 tablets a night , through the help of arch drug and alcohol abuse centre which I can tell you is very good I haven't taken any for 6?weeks the panic and anxiety stopped me leaving the house, driving and even speaking to people , every day is a fight , it's very easy to get sucked in to z drugs , thank god for the help I've been given x
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      I have now been off Zopiclone for 8 weeks and have had no real side effects, I reduced my intake from 7.5 to half over a period of a month and then with consultation with my GP We decided to stop the Zopiclone as I felt I was able to control my condition without it. I did start on Pregabalin which may have helped avoid some side effects but I feel lucky as my 9 month on Zopiclone was in no way as bad as that others seem to have experienced
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      Well done , becareful of pregablin my client has just been banned for 3 years driving on it , I am glad you had support , I started 12 years ago but feel positive about getting back yo normal 6 weeks off zops x
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    Hi Darren, I too sympathise with your experience taking this medication. however, I disagree with the addiction theory. I have been taking zoplicone for around 6 yrs on and off due to the fact I sometimes I find it impossible to drop off to sleep. This has caused extreme anxiety, depression and worryingly high blood pressure. I have tried just about every thing to get a  Decent nigh sleep, but in the end zoplicone has been my life saver. Sometimes I fall asleep naturally, sometimes I don't, I take each night as it comes. When I do have to take one, I have never had to take more than 3.75mg. Insomnia is the worst thing I have ever experienced, but I have to keep positive for the future
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      Sorry to hear about your terrible insomnia. I was taking 7.5mg

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