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I've really struggled this last week or so with tiredness sad 

Im cream crackered come 5 o clock. 

Im taking a multi vitamin every night. 

I've been on orlistat for about 6 or 7 week now and its just started happening. 

Any advice anyone? X

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    Hello Claire :-)

    Sorry to hear you are so tired, are you sure you are eating a balanced diet whilst on Orilstat? maybe you have stress in your life, which can cause you to feel tired.

    If you are able to have a nice warm relaxing bath and get yourself a few early nights,you might feel a bit better (people are usually tired for a reason) If you continue to feel tired, you need to go have a wee check up with your health care professional.

    Daisy x


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    Hi Claire, 

    I totally know how you feel.. I feel so tired it does pass but it always comes back I find it's when it's nearly the time of the month that I get extreme tiredness. When I went to see the nurse she said I wasn't eating  enough, so I ate a little more. And I am trying to drink 3l of water a day. I take green tea but I do need to start a multi vitamin. 

    How much have you lost so far? X

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      Im currently stuck at 15stn 2 n half lb. Have been that for about 2 weeks now. Its annoying me so so much. 

      I currently drink about 5lt water a day maybe 3 on a bad day. 

      Ive stuck to no more than 1350kcal a day or under.  

      I take a multi vit every night.

      Been so good but it just won't shift. Am starting to become a little despondent with orlistat sad xx

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      I know exactly how you feel, don't give up though. Keep going. I have lost 16lb I have been on them since may so not a great deal but my nurse says slow is good as it's more manageable to maintain. I have been on these tablets before and lost 3.5 stone I lost it really quickly. But since stopping them it has gradually creeped back on. I do get weeks where I have no energy and jut can't be arsed it's not nice but I just plod on. My goal is 5 stone. What's yours? Xx
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      Ideally id love to be 8 n half (a girl can dream) but my 1st goal is to get to 12 stn so I can have ivf. 

      So I have another 3 stone to get to 12 to be able to have ivf.

      I put on 4stn in the last 3 years since having an ectopic pregnancy

      Maybe we can be each other's motivation when we are having a slump week lol.

      Its my turn this week. 

      Im finding it such hard work and boring.  If that 2lb would shift it would be such a big motivation to carry on but right now im wondering what the point is. But we keep plodding on.

      Thats over a stone and its much easier to keep off if you loose it slowly hun.xx

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    We are so similar, i am trying to loose weight to concieve again after having an ectopic pregnancy (worse time in my life) it will be 3 years this christmas since i lost my baby and it still hurts like crazy. I lost my right tube so it will be more difficult to concieve and i thought been over weight wont help thats why i decided to go on these tablets. During my op they damaged a nerve which has left me with constant pain in my right leg this means i cant do no weight bearing exercise this is the reasons for so much weight gain.

    Is there no chance of you concieving naturally or is IVF the only way? (sorry to be so personal, you dont have to answer)

    We can keep each other motivated and do it together!!! xx

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      Oh bless your heart. 

      I was so very lucky to not lose a tube I was treated conservatly and monitored closely and luckily it came away naturally and after an internal exam they found both my tubes to be clear and healthy.

      Its the most horrendous memory I have tbh. The physical and emotional pain is like nothing I have ever experienced going through that and pray to whomever is up there it never happens again. 

      The reason we need ivf is my husband has low and lazy little guys, so although we conceived once naturally they think it was a fluke.  The chance of it happening again is there but slim.

      I don't talk about it in person - I get a bit emotional but I find talking about it with someone who has been there easier. 

      I was told that if I lost a tube it didn't effect my chances of conception much.

      Hope you are having a positive day xxx

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      I find it hard to talk about and i feel really uncomfortable around babies and pregnant women it hurts .

      I didnt know i was pregnant but felt not right for weeks went to drs and they told me i was run down wouldnt do a preg test so i did my own and it was negative, it wanst till christmas eve / day that i knew something was seriosuly wrong i couldntg walk i was paralysed with pain had to ring for ambulance on xmas day of all days, it was horrendous they monitored me on xmas day i was told i was pregnant and everything seemed ok and they questions appendicitis but on boxing day i had lost so much blood from bleeding interanly i was rushed to theatre i was told that i they had left me any longer i wouldnt problay be here.. sad so i am thankful they did what they did. i was told that it would take me longer to concieve but my other tube is healthy so fingers crossed.

      Fingers crossed it happens for you, has your dr referred you for IVF i have heard its a bit like postcode lottery.

      Its good to talk to someone who has been through the same as they undersatnd.

      yes busy at work but looking forward to a week off next week.


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      Mine was after Christmas,  my periods are so irregular that I never know when im due on ir not.

      I can go anything from 35 days to 70 plus.

      I came on but I was so heavy after day 4 was planning on going to drs the next day,  I woke up that day and I was crippled with pain phoned the emerg no who adv that me they thought I was having a miscarriage and to call an ambulance.  They came and reluctantly took me to hospital (they thought I was just having a bad period) but my partner insisted they took me. I had horrendous pains in my thighs and could hardly walk.

      Anyway they done a test which was positive and had to have an internal scan after the ultrasound showed nothing. 

      Got the bad news and was admitted and monitored.  Sent home the following day under the promise that if I started to bleed heavier or pains got worse I would return. 

      That night I was in tears with the pain and rushed back to get there was admitted for another two nights had 6weeks off work. And here I am. 

      3 years on still trying in total have been trying 6 years.

      Its sooo draining.

      Ive been told we get 3 attempts at the ivf for free I just need to get my bmi down then we can start xxx

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      Wow that is iregular aint it. i had heard of ectopic pregnancies but didnt realaise how dangerous they can be until having one, its the worse thing ever. The pain is just horrible...

      I cant believe they wernt gonna take you to hospital that is ridicolous, i was the one saying i didnt want to go (i work at the hospital) and didnt want to spend xmas at work but i had a week long stay. i couldnt walk for a week i had 3 month off work.

      I have a 10 year old son, and i have always wanted more but other half wasnt so keen but we agreed to try and thats what happend..

      Fingers crossed you get lucky i hope you do. The nurse i see for my weight has told me that after a year of trying i can have tests done so we shall see.


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