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I went in Macmillion hospital for an Iron Infusion, as chronic anemic. I had the iron, and the then administors Cyclizine via IV, i was resting in reclined position on the chair. Suddenly almost not long after maybe 5 mins as if i was either having a heart or strok, i was struggling to breath serious chest pains,i don't know what my heart rate was since i have Tachycardia, i can say my heart was pounding and chest wall was vary fast, i thought i was having  a cardiac arrest. Bp from 126 shot up 186/90, i would not speak, my eyes were dialated, my eyes were reported by the nurse as "rolling back in my head", i felt as if paralysed as i could not lift my hands or head, i could not call help. I had tears rolling down my face,it was a few minuites before i could talk. It was the most aweful, shocking,distressing,alarming,horrible,frightening experience, to have gone through. To add insult to injury i was sent home, and when i called the Dr acted as if he had never heard of this sort of serious reaction. Not a single note in my after care summary, now covering up. Not a single note about i had no warning about possible side effects, the care has had many failours.

i have contacted PAL, and Voice, i am having councelling the experience has had a negative impact on my life.

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    Another nice cover up pretending they have no idea what happened and putting it down to an alergic reaction. The facts are, you would of been given Cyclizine by IV quickly (it should be administered over five minuites) this causes this reaction. The nurses are not trained no know the dangers of Cyclizine and due to the hospital not wanting to get in trouble, they go down this route treating people as if they are stupid. To prove my point, ask them to write down how it was administered to you and they will write slowly overfive minutes, although you know this was not the case. This again proves they know they made a mistake. Amdipharm make this drug and also cover up all the bad reactions to make sure they do not get logged as it is bad for buisness. To prove my point, look through this forum alone to see the amount of reported cases that would of been logged and yet officially there are only seven cases, one of those cases took me two years to get logged and had to go to goverment to make it so. MHRA did nothing, investergated and audited the company but did nothing. Yellow crd scheme never gets there, they all get dropped on a technicality of the pacient could of had an underling unknown issue. Its all money and polatics.

    Everyone gives up the fight with the PAWS, Ombudsman, Amdipharm after the first two years of fighting which is a shame as strength in numbers and all that.



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      Maybe we should go on social media, if  that is the only way the drug companies etc, etc.  will take notice. They are hiding the fact that Cyclizine is dangerous.  You mentioned the Ombudsman, what do they do?

      Keep me posted.

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      Hi Angry,

      I was prescribed Cyclizine tablets by my GP I was taking it for several months because I was suffering from nausea and vomiting and decreased appetite, I spent a week in the hospital with severe side effect from taking Cyclizine.

      Two years ago I mentioned going to the media, but we all need to get together as someone mentioned strength in numbers. I was told Cyclizine had caused my SEVERE side effects.  I thought I had a stroke,  Below are some of  my symptoms,

      ·         Drowsiness; Dizziness

      ·         Restlessness,  nervousness, insomnia

      ·         Blurred vision·     

                Tremor, chorea 

      ·         Lingual-facial-buccal dyskinesia’s (spasmodic movements)

      ·         Incoherent, confused and memory loss

      I couldn't form my words properly and found it difficult to speak...I thought I was dying. Something needs to be done as this medication is given to pregnant women.  I haven't been to Ombudsman, however, we all need to be courageous and get together and go on social media to warn people of the danger.


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    Sorry to hear about your suffering.

    Cyclizine is a dangerous drug. I was prescribed cyclizine tablets for vomiting and nausea. I suffered severe side effects from taking Cyclizine. I was in hospital for a week in 2014. I am still suffering some side effect  as a result.

    My symptoms were Chorea, tremors, affecting the head, hands, feet and face neurological disorder characterized by jerky involuntary movements, disorientation, speech problem, blurred vision, hearing problem, breathing problem, hallucinations and loss of balance. I nearly died. T thought I was having a stroke.

    I reported  it to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) via their yellow card scheme -yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk, but they did nothing. No one cares about us,

    We all need to petition the government and the drug company, but to do that we all need to get together.

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    That sounds absolutely awful! I had a very similar reaction and the nurse diluted it and have it over about 7 mins. I still reacted. I had double vision, tremors, involuntary movements, high heart rate that eventually turned into SVT, a very dangerous heart rhythm with my heart rare at 186 beats/minute. I fell unconscious and they used a maneuver to kick my heart back into sinus rhythm. It was terrifying. I was very frightened. Yes report it at least. Take care. Melissa

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    Sorry, I meant the nurse gave the medication over about 7 mins. I'm sorry you and the other ppl had to go through this. It's a terrible drug.
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      That is not the only reaction I had, I've had cyclizine a few times because they had run out of medication to treat my dry heaving. I'm ok now but I was very shaken up for a while. The nurses tried to do the right thing but I am quite little (40kgs) and I guess I can't handle it. I know most medico's will say most are side effects but it's just too traumatic and dangerous. I am a nurse and I don't care that these are side effects. It should be taken off the market. Unfortunately this will come down to the pharmaceutical companies losing money and they will be unlikely to get rid of it unless someone has permanent damage done.
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