, I'm 49 and have lost 4 years of my life. Server lower back pain and the feeling of being crushed.

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June28,2012 was the last day of my normal life.

That mourning I stepped out of the house and the bottom of my right foot went numb, by the next day I was numb from my lower back down. And I have just spent my 4th Christmas like this with no help.

Not only numbness, tingling, burning (hot fire) crushing pressure on my body. Difficulty walking, bowl problems. Lower back is horrible. Can't bend over, lift, twist or turn.

Have been to 3 neurosurgeons. (To many symptoms to be coming from your lower back-siatica- you need counseling) 1 orthopedic surgeon ( why cant you walk)

Why cant I get help? I'm suffering.

The Nurse practitioner's, Chiropractor's, physical therapist are the one's that care and try to help. The big wig god complex Drs. Have forgot WHO they work for!! The patients!!!

God forbid an animal to suffer!!

It's OK for a human being to.

They want to be paid, well I want HELP!! Not a bill for NOTHING!

PLEASE somebody tell me how to get help!

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    U need more help don't stop they are so over whelmed with back problems . Sound like u have a disc bulges pressing on ur spine. I am in pain for life I have estiblished cauda equine syndrome. I had complete compression of the spine 6 days before they realised their mistake I have been left with right leg problem the left is getting worse I have a colostomy stoma and a urostomy stoma my bladder as been removed to much nerve damage my last. Mri scan shows my whole spine as problems to many to operate on. I have had hernia remove 7 major operation. Direct because my compression was no relieved. I won a lot of money which as helping with my care just having infection soon for my c6 7 problems and more pain management. I live on morphine twice a day plus pregabin. Nortriplin. I feel so alone. Their is nothing I can say to help u. Only my best wishes
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      Hi Keith,

      I have been trying to get help, nobody will listen. Nurse practitioner, Chiropractor and Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are the only one's that will listen... Was sent to U.Va spine center.Suspected CES. No help. I'm a woman with back pain Drs. Think that its all in your head.

      I don't have a life anymore.

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      Keith, Thank you for caring about me.I'm very sorry that we are in this shape. Drs. don't do the job that they are trained for. No caring or compassion. god forbid that someone would allow an animal to suffer. But its OK for a human being to live in shear torture with no end in sight!

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      They don't care their are so many patients. They can't cope. Yet all these private doctor s have all the time in the world. When I was see all the experts on my medical claim team. I see 7 experts they were on my team. I know my claim was nearly 1 million in costs alone. I was treated like a king. I had so many things wrong. I sued a hospital and a private doctor. 5 years it took we booked our court time I had my solicitor and barrister in my house with a team of other solicitors getting the final things sorted. When while in my house the boss of all the solicitors got a call it was the hospital trust with a offer I was told to turn down so after 2 more turn downs I agreed a figure. It just shows how bad I was treated.
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    Hi Chloe5080

    Sorry you're in so much pain, with no definite answers. In your post you said you've seen 3 Neurosurgeons. If I may ask why a Neurosurgeon? Who directed you, or referred you to them?

    I'm asking out of curiosity. You definitely have nerve issues going on. Have you ever sustained any injuries? Do you notice other areas starting to be effected by neurological pain? Or having it in other extremities?

    I've lived in horrible pain for 20+ years. In the beginning, before I had any diagnosis I went through hell getting good Drs. When I say "good Dr." I'm talking about a Dr., who really cares about you. One thing I have learned in this painful journey, since early 1990's, through a lot of years of pain, experience, treatment, procedures.  And a favorite Dr., of mine, that I've seen for years told me, when I asked for his advice, when in the same month I fired my rheumatologist, as well as my Neurologist, who was "known for being so great!" NOT!

    I was so frustrated and so many years of treatment, testing, etc., I really didn't have the energy left to pick a Dr. Too fearful of the same thing. I asked my PCP/Pulmonary specialist, who and how do I choose one, that I know will be good, that will be right? He told me to pick the youngest, Dr. I could find, that specialized in that field, who still had room to grow with his/her patients. That you knew you could get appointments with easily. That weren't, too busy yet, to put you through, like you were going through a factory. I had a good laugh, with him that day about his advice. I thought about it a while and after a few months proceeded to find some new Dr.s.

    I knew this was not going to be easy, as I have a long medical history. Tons of medical records. Well, I was surprised. These Dr.s have turned out to be the best Dr.s I could have ever picked. They were God sent. He really wasn't joking, when he gave me that one piece of advice I tell you something else. They don't have that know it all, God syndrome yet, most are really brilliant and up to date on the latest of Medical diagnosis, treatments, diseases that some of the older Drs know nothing of. And normally they have the time, to take the time, to listen to you.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting down on older Dr.s. In fact one of my Drs. retired and a young Dr. took over his practice. I just knew I was not going to like this Dr. and he was going to mess, with medications and treatments, that it took years to get right.

    I was wrong. I've now been seeing him for almost 4 yrs. he's been practicing and he's brilliant. I could not have chose a better Dr. and friend.

    I now have MS. I take IV Infusions @28 days for that. As if I didn't already have enough going on!

    I can sense your frustration, in your post. I was there years ago.

    I hope you get some better answers soon.


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      Hi Cheryl,

      My chiropractor advised me to see a neurosurgeon.

      He is trying to get someone else to see me now. He says that I need someone who cares, that has been the problem. I just saw a resident neurosurgeon.(young man,didn't bother to introduce himself. Not taught to see you as a human being) Same thing, nothing wrong with my spine.

      Don't know what to do. Pain is real!

      I'm sorry you are suffering as well.

      It's not right to have to beg for help.

      We have a joke about if we need medical help-Take me to the Vet! Don't take me to the hospital....Not funny anymore.

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    Since no one seems ready to operate on you, and take it from someone who was operated on once emergently and twice by choice (all 3 failures, failed back surgery symdrome-look it up, I pushed for the 2nd 2 which sealed the deal on my disability), have you sought out the best of the best, the "pain management doctor of last resort" in your area?

    I've not only been failed by surgeries but failed and injured by pharmaceuticals...I'm currently transitioning as much of my pain management as I can to cannabinoid therapy. There's SO much more available besides oxycontin, percocet, norco...unless you have addiction but if you are a recovering addict they have special pain management programs designed for you.

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    I'm here to tell you, that Neurologist and Neurosurgeons can be some of the strangest Dr,s there are. No joke. My personal experience and even my other treating Dr. told me this.

    To be honest I'm not an advocate of surgery, unless it's an absolute necessity. Too many failed back surgeries. It's a snowball effect. Once they start, I promise it won't end at one.

    If you have the proper medical records and don't have dependency problems I would suggest getting, in with a good Pain management Dr.

    He can then guide you, also, as to other possible Doctors to go to, for other help. When getting a Pain management Dr. I suggest getting one, that also specializes in another field of medicine. Either Spine and Sports medicine, or something similar.

    Honestly a Neurosurgeon would have been the last person I would have seen, however I know you were going, by the advice of your Chiropractor.

    If you're in a state, where Cannabis is legal I would advise also trying this for pain, muscle spasms, sleep, etc., so many benefits.

    I'm not sure what state you reside in, as that does make a difference, as to the availability of pain mgmts., cannabis, etc.

    I truly hope you find some help soon.

    I know how frustrating it can be.

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      Thank you Cheryl,

      I'm at free clinic now.

      Trying to get funding for a spinal block. Can't live like this anymore.

      I have M.R.I.s, C.T. scans, x-rays.

      All I have to show for it is bills.

      I will keep you in the loop.

      Thanks for caring!

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      See about referral for an implant stimulator that will block the pain signal from reaching the brain
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    I'm praying and sending positive energy, that you get approved soon for the Block.

    Chronic, severe, 24/7 pain, for years will wera you down. So frustrating!

    Through our struggles we become stronger. Surround yourself with supportive people, There are actually a few really great support groups online.

    It takes a true Warrior to fight and battle all this. I'll never give in.

    Is the Block  the same as the ESI, epidural steroid injection?

    If so I've had quite a few done over the years, but stopped having them about 6 years ago.

    Stay in Touch~~

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      Hi Cheryl,

      Have an appointment with pain management April 4th.

      First appointment will be evaluation.

      I'm so tired of telling about this over and over again. No body understand unless they have gone through it themselves.

      Thank you for your support and caring. I wish I had a magical cure for all of us that are suffering with no help.

      Spinal block not the same as the epidural steroid injection. New territory for me.

      Will let you know what happens.



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