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Cauda Equina Syndrome

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    Have you had these treatments?

    I am so excited to have found this site. I have been feeling very alone lately and exhausted from explaining to people that I did not simply herniate a disc last year.  I have recently had a worsening of pain and I am looking for any other stories out there that may relate to mine. As a kid/young

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  • rodion 1

    Cauda Equina: My Experience

    So, before I get started I have to say I write this with a measure of guilt. Many people here have heart-rending stories and trust me I feel for all of you. But, compared to many stories I seem to have fewer symptoms. I went back and forth about writing my story and it took a great deal of

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  • Jenn0 1

    Recovery from Cauda Equina Syndrome

    I wanted to share a story of my boyfriends experience with CES because I had never heard of it until he was diagnosed, I searched for information on how he might recover and read so many traumatic stories I was devasted.  I could not find any positive outcomes. For people who might be newly

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  • david94798 1

    3 weeks since CES surgery

    Hi, I have just joined this site and thought I would post my recent story with CES. I am male and 36. To cut a long story short on March 29 2017, a few days after my initial onset of back pain, I had the first red flag symptons of CES namely numbness in right buttock/top of leg and foot. Shortly

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    Slow onset Cauda Equina with bowel problems.

    Hello people. I would like some help if possible please. Has anyone on here had experience of slow onset cauda equina with related BOWEL problems as opposed to bladder problems. I can't seem to find any information or people who have experienced it. It seems the slow onset is more commonly

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  • maryem83 1

    misdiagnosed with sciatica

    hi, i was diagnosed with sciatica for 8 weeks suffering horrendous pain, i was taken in for emergency surgery after begging for an mri. on the eve of the mri i was told i had damage i have been left with is awful yet the gps carry on with their buisness and day to day

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  • Rabbit 2

    My experience of Cauda Equina Syndrome

    I thought I'd post about my experience of Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) in case it's of any use to anyone. I'm a 30-year-old woman. In spring 2010 my lower back suddenly became painful. It didn't get better. Over the summer I tried various things - painkillers, the chiropractor, the gym, swimming,

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    CES and ED

    Hello, I'm a 22 y/o male who just had an emergency laminectomy done on 2/27/17. I couldn't feel my lower half and was experiencing some incontinence. I was flown out via helicopter to get the surgery done, which went great, no pain in lower back after years. I'm home now after spending two weeks

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    Symptoms of Cauda Equina Syndrome but no firm diagnosis?

    Hi everyone I am currently in a frustrating, not to mention worrying situation with regard to my condition at present. This seems like a really helpful community so I'm glad that I have stumbled across it. To get the full story across, this post will no doubt be a tad lengthy, but I will try and

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  • scott68361 1

    Symptoms of CES

    Could anyone help me out, I was diagnosed with CES in 2014, in 2014 I started experiencing pressure from my saddle area, has anyone else experienced this feeling, as I was left for 2 weeks b4 surgery and one of tge reasons was I didn't say I was numb I said I had a pressure feeling!!!!

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  • Dementorshoes 2

    7wks Post Op For CES and Scared

    Hey all, Hoping I can receive some help or support, please. There's a long, sad story (like so many of you have) that precedes my emergency surgery in Jan, but it doesn't matter at the moment because what's happening currently is what matters. Felt fan-f***-ing-tastic after surgery, even after

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  • emma9138 1

    CES symptoms

    Hi, I'm new to this group and I'm just hoping for some support and guidance really. In June 2016 I was knocked over, I was thrown into the air and was in almost a feotal position when I landed so my coccyx took the impact. I had an ambulance come out because I couldn't move due to the pain, they

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  • EricOklah 2


    I have been CES little over a year before undergoing the surgery two months , I have few questions to ask even though I was diagnosed of CES and Lumbar stenosis of which I was operated upon on 16 January 2017. In fact after the surgery I began to feel more releved as compared to

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  • mary57916 2

    learning to walk all over again after CES

    Good evening everyone on this amazing site.  So gald I found it. My back went out after getting up out of bed. I layed on the floor for three hours and every time I moved my lower back hurt. So I called my mom, talked to her for a while,had lunch on the floor. As long as I didn't move, I was OK.

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    No control and extremely stressed!!!

    Hi everyone! my name is Kim! I've had 3 back surgeries so far this year and ever since the first one in January I've had absolutely no control over my bowels or my bladder, everything in my genital area is completely numb!!! I have to self catheterize myself every 4 hours and I have to digitally

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  • maryanne45 2

    Slow onset CES two years post surgery. Damaged nerves healing?

    Two years on and I'm still looking for others in the world with information to share about Cauda equina experiences. I'm currently feeling confused about whether I am experiencing permanent nerve damage feelings or shifting sensations that are healing, or both together. I know there are no easy

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  • ricky87179 2

    tail bone numbness

    I had an spinal cord injury at L2 about 18 months ago and now have numbness in my tailbone all the time. This is really annoying. Does anyone know his to get rid of this? I also cath 4 times a day and drip all the time so I must wear diapers. Anyone k ow how to fix this annoying problem.

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  • adam-E 2

    My CES Story - 1 week in

    Hi my name is Adam, 34 years old, and have been healthy, fit and strong for all of my life, never broke a bone or had surgery. My career is going great and I've been married to the most amazing women for over 4 years who gave birth to our first child, a beautiful baby boy on 18th November. For

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  • Allinlew 1

    My experience

    Hi, I was training for a triathlon last year (2015), when the issue started, I'd had back pain for years and just dealt with it, seeing as it just comes and goes, I thought i could manage it, Then i started getting pins and needles in my groin and around my rear end, which was very weird, and then numbness,...

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  • leanne83720 1

    Pregnancy and CES

    I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my third baby (my second baby since my CES diagnosis). My other children are 10 years old and almost 15 months old. My last pregnancy wasn't too bad until the last few I really struggled and ended up on crutches. This time round I've been struggling since about

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  • shawna64546 2
  • shawna64546 2
  • ahsan52571 1

    L1 compression

    hello i m a student suddenlybefore 1.55 year i have  occured an accident i fall from the roof whose height is almost 10 meter my l1 is compressed because of this i lost my feeling cauda equina syndrome now give me any suggestion for recovery   

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  • poodlemom88 1

    new L4L5 fusion

    I am leaving rehab tomorrow after having a fusion 12 days ago. I developed cauda equina from the nerve compression. I was doing great and they tapered my steriods quickly the last few days. Today I am noticing once again the bowel AGAIN !! In any of your experience, is this

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  • joycemadine 5
  • joycemadine 5

    hand and leg tremors

    I have been having awful shakines of my hands and legs .I have had 3 fusion surgeries on my lumber spine I am waiting to have more surgery as i have more herniated discs top of spine and lumber region is it normal to get these tremors x

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  • so what is it 2

    is it cauda equina syndrome

    I have long standing ng back problems which have been agonising and am currently on 180 mgs of morphine sulphate tablets daily. One week ago I was bathing my boys and as I went to stand I felt a disc in the left side ,near the sciatic nerve region go. I was in sheer agony(/never had back pain this intense)...

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  • gerik961 1

    Still trying to get my head around Cauda Equina

    Hi all, I'm on my second year having being diagnosed with CES following surgery for a partially ruptured disc L4 L5, I self catherize, but my biggest problem is my bowel. due to a deep tear and constant bleeding I couldn't do digital stimulation anymore. Just wondering does anyone else have the

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  • JandJDuffin 1

    Newly diagnosed with Caudia Equina

    Hi everyone, i am 47 years old and after years of spinal problems including  3 spinal surgeries (my 1st at 16 my last at 45) the last surgery although a success for my siatica it has left me with  Caudia. I now have a Superpubic Catheter and have today been told  my bowels are not workign ( i

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