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Hello everyone,


Here’s how I’ve started to heal my Anal Fissure and I want to help anyone that is going through the same thing because it’s one of the worse things anyone can ever go through physically and emotionally. It all started when I used the restroom after a night of drinking eating the wrong choice of food. I was straining so hard and since I have an internal hemorrhoid I thought the pain I was experiencing was that. When I would push the hemorrhoid back in normally when that happens I never had an issue I usually just push it back in and I forget it’s even there but this time I felt a pain that was different it felt sharp and it stung really bad. I didn’t think much of it but as the days went by the pain kept getting worse to the point where I would use the restroom it felt like shattered glass and the pain was becoming unbearable, I was in so much pain I would feel like passing out at times and I would cry. Even after a few hours the pain would linger. I then started seeing blood which terrified me and urged me to go to the doctors. Doctors then confirmed that I also had an anal fissure.  At this point I’ve had this fissure for about a month now and I was still eating the same thing and the doctors had prescribed me nitroglycerin along with licodaine ointment and the only thing that seemed to ease the pain was nitroglycerin but it didn’t help much as far as healing the wound. The doctor also had advised me to just focus on treating my constipation and to make sure to add fiber to my diet. I was still eating the same thing and added more fiber. That still didn’t do much and at this point I started to feel helpless and fell into depression because I felt as though no one understood... even though it’s a small tear most people didn’t really understand the pain it brings physically and mentally. There were days I was taking off work because I just couldn’t move. So then I started doing research online on my own... and I stumbled upon another post in which is a life saver, after trying everything I could to heal my fissure following everything I seen on that post I’m finally starting to see progress. Here’s what I did, please do this is you are suffering from a fissure that’s taking a while to heal....

First thing I did was empty my bowel by taking a laxative, the one I took was Dulcolax it says to take 2 tabs but I only took 1 since I didn’t want to irritate my stomach. I took one tab at night and the next morning I had flushed everything at that point you might still be in pain since the fissure is still an open wound but it’s okay this is just the first step. After you empty your bowel then we start the healing process... 

What I did was FAST for the first two days just drinking nothing but water. I know this might sound scary and you might feel hungry (you won’t die) this is just so that you can give you fissure the opportunity to heal and yes it goes against everything the doctor tells you because they advise you to take fiber and such but your fissure is not going to start healing if you keep having bowel movements, it’ll continue to reopen the wound. The following days all I would have is liquid (water, juice, soup broth) I did this for a week. I also purchased this stool it’s called Squatty Potty which helps you not strain when using the restroom. Now let’s move on to the creams and supplements I took...

As for the creams I read somewhere that zinc is good for healing wounds and it’s also a skin barrier. So what I did was I mix zinc along with triple antibiotic cream, then after I apply that I also apply the nitroglycerin cream which helps relax your muscles down there. I did this everyday/twice a day after washing myself, make sure to keep the area clean. Once in the morning and once at night. 

As for the supplements I take Vitamin C and Vitamin A. After taking those supplements I follow it with a tablespoon of coconut oil. I also take magnesium citrate at night which is a natural stool softer and works as a natural muscle relaxer.

It’s been a week now, and today when I had to use the restroom there was no pain. Yes I still know the fissure is there and it might not be fully healed yet but for the first time I’m so happy I’m pain free and I’m not afraid to use the restroom anymore. I’m going to continue doing this in slowly but surely reintroduce my body to solid food and slowing introduce fiber into my diet. I’m also staying away from red meat and dairy for now. 

So that is how I’m healing my fissure, if you’re going through this I’m so so sorry... I feel your pain, if you’re like me and would like to try the natural way of healing it first before surgery then try this. I understand what it’s like and how terrifying it is but just know you’re not alone. This will pass and I hope you heal as well. If you have any questions I’m more than happy to help to the best of my knowledge and let you know the steps and experiences I’ve gone through with this. 

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    can you specified how many mg of Magnesium you take? and when do you take the supplements and coconut oil? Night or day?

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      Sorry took a while to get back to ya, hope you're doing well. Magnesium I take 400 mg in total I take one in the morning and one at night before bed. Make sure to get the magnesium citrate. The vitamin C AND A also in the morning and i just take 1 1000 mg of vitamin c once per day and also 1 vitamin a once per day. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil right after you take vitamin A

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      thanks for your reply. I am doing better (just started week three) but not totally healed. i couldnt find vit A for less than 2400 mcg which is much higher than what is recommended according what I read.

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    does it work for chronic fissure??

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      That was my first fissure and I pray my last because going through that is so depressing. Im happy to say that im healed completely, I just watch what I eat now 😃 Im not so sure about chronic but I recommend you try it. Hope you feel better soon

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