10 months of vertigo, tinnitus, vibrations and need help desperately

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My wife had a tooth out last year (10) months ago the following day she had a migraine attack which was so severe we called an ambulance and my wife was kept in hospital for a couple of days.

Up until this point she had never had a migraine in her life, she is 33yrs old.

They did MRI, tests etc and she was diagnosed with migraines and migraine associated vertigo. She has seen a neurologist for the diagnosis.

She takes

180mg propananol slow release

60mg Amatriptaline

Frovatriptan (for an attack)

And naproxen 500mg upto three times a day if needed.

Her daily migraines have reduced but she still gets tries very often but she is left with the following symptoms.

Vertigo - she is being pushed backwards all the time, she spins left and right, and drops like an elevator constantly. If she walks up and down the stairs it takes her 15min before the intense spinning stops. A 2minute journey in the car completly screws her over.

Internal vibrations - she gets a mobile phone vibration feeling in her feet, all the way up to her back and sometimes in her arms and neck/head. It never stops but has varying degrees of intensity this is driving her crazy and makes the vertigo worse.

Head vibrations and tinnitus - she had tinnitus before this started and had it for a number of years but now it is in both ears and the pitch is so intense she can't cope. Her brain feels like it has a generator inside it as well buzzing away all the time.

She is Suicidal and can't cope anymore, I want to to get her back into see a neurolgyst but has anyone had a similar situation and any advice please?

We are desperate

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    Sorry. I just wanted to add that she recently had 6 loading injections of B12 in the hope that it would make some kind of difference, unfortunately they never had an impact at all.

    Other symptoms I forgot to mention

    Pins and needles - she gets these in the face, feet, legs, etc every day.

    Brain fog, memory difficulties - although that came about with the amatriptaline.

    Auras - she has Auras all day everyday, it's worse at night but they never leave her, her vision and eyesite has been massiy affected by all this.

    We have tried every option presented to us but my wife has lost all hope and no matter what I say she has no energy left to keep on fighting, she just spends every day praying for death. I just need to help her desperately and I don't know what else to do.

    Thanks for reading

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      Some sounds similar to others stories you will read on this site. But it sounds like she needs a good evaluation by a neurotologist, yes I spelled that correctly, and probably vestibular therapy. I'm so sorry at such a young age she is experiencing such trauma in her life. You sound like a wonderful husband, caring and concerned. I'm sure it's changed your life as much as hers. I can understand not wanting to live like this, but she needs to fight this. Finding the right drs is such a challenge. A neurotologist will combine a neurologist and otaranologist (ENT). I'd mention where you live and someone on this site might be able to direct you and avoid the dr go round. For now, meclazine helps with vertigo. Non-script in US, but behind the counter. I take two and lay down before getting up. A good peppermint oil (2drops ) added to water will help with naseau. I would just let her rest and do only what she can or wants to. Her body has probably experienced severe stress and she just needs to let her nervous system settle down. I do take klonipin, prescription, for that. That definitely has calmed me down, less anxiety. More natural is Feverfew, healthfood store. Hope some of this helps. Blessings to you both.

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    Pulling the tooth could possibly have done something to the maxillofacial process, or to the spine.

    Have these possibilities been checked?

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      Thanks Tom,

      I should have said, very early we went to max fax for a x ray around the jaw and Sinus area, the jaw and tooth area were all checked and my we got told that the tooth extract was done well and there were no fragments etc.

      Thanks Betsy, the stories I read tend to be very negative and stories of years of suffering, my wife can't cope anymore so the idea of years is traumatic.

      We have seen Dr Alec ming in Hull royal infirmary. If we go private he is also the consultant for them as well so it looks as though he is one of the few in our area unfortunately.

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    Your story has really struck a cord! First I am very sorry for your wife's struggles and can really sympathize as I have had very similar problems! Varying in severity. I have been diagnosed with migraines and take my meds when something starts! I will try and make a very long story short! 2 years ago I was driving my daughter to her riding class and a sudden wave of exhaustion came over me, then dizziness with a feeling I was going to faint followed by the inability to breath. Then Bang! Full on seizure with twitching lasting 2 hours. Went to the hospital and they said it was an anxiety attack. 3 days later same thing but this time it started with my leg giving out on me followed by everything else... back to the hospital and again anxiety attack. BUT I know it was not! The following day... swelling at the back of my head with a pain that is indescribable!!! I have a very high pain tolerance and it was unbearable! If I knew what a brain anurism felt like I would describe the pain as being similar!!! Went back to the hospital and the doctor could actually see the swelling at the back of my head. Gave me shot for pain which did nothing and said follow up with your family doctor. From these episodes 2 years ago I have had pins and needles in my hands, legs and feet. It is worse at night or after long periods of rest. I am 15 months of constant spinning it doesn't matter if I'm standing or lieing down. This summer woke up and just dropped! I lost all feeling in my knee and still do not have feeling back 100%. I have comfirmed nerve damage in my hand and upper leg and have lost about 10 years of my memory. Completely gone... so far. It was a fight with every doctor and specialist until I had confirmed nerve damage. Being Canadian it is long periods of time to see specialist so it was really easy to just say I have a panic disorder! Like your wife the depression and the horrible internal twitching has caused me to just want to throw in the towel! Some days I can't handle talking... I have become very distant with family and friends due to my brain not being able to process to much activity! During my journey I was given Ativan ... this helped with my spinning and head pain. Neurologist does not know why but it worked!!! I have a lot of relief from nerve blockers also took a lot of that dark cloud and fog away! My biggest change was from eliminating gluten, dairy, all grains, soya.. in my desperation I went to a natural path to see if I had food sensitivity. I did!

    I have recently finally been given a diagnosis and reading up on it it now makes sense. Migraine brainstem aura.

    All I can suggest is if your wife has not tried a nerve blocker that she enquiry about it and Ativan! I know people look at me like I'm crazy but it helps! it seams to calm my brainstem when it seems to get overly active. I take this only when things are unbearable! If you can afford to have your wife tested for food sensitivities ... I highly suggest it! Her symptoms seem so similar to what I have gone through and the foods were causing so much internal inflammation which made things so much worse.

    Please ensure your wife that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Not to give up! Keep going to the doctor. For that internal shaking and pins and needles.... I put my feet in between the back of my couch and the seat so I have compression and I cross my arms and hold them again so I have pressure or tell her to hold a face cloth in each hand while she is trying to fall asleep. Last but not least... pillows between my legs.

    Wish you both well and I hope this helps!

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      Hi Kim, 

      Unfortunatly since i posted this thread a couple of months ago my wifes condition has only worsened.  the "help" we have recieved from the NHS has been nothing short of diabolical to the point where they now want to treat her mental state before her physical state.

      We asked how anti depresents can fix auras, Virtigo, Tinnitus, Vibrations etc and all we get is a blank responce.

      they are literally offering no help at all at this point and i am having to fight just to be taken serioustly on my wifes behalf.  quite honestly if i wrote a book about our experiences in the last 11months no one would ever believe it was true, no one would ever believe the incompetence we have had to endure just to "play the game" begging and pleading for help and being grateful for even the slightest crumb of help from anyone.

      she has not tried a verve blocker but i will request someone look into it for her, many thanks for the recomendation.  and i hope you feel better soon as well 


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      Try to go see Professor Bronstein in London. He will take you seriously. Unfortunately, he is only private. If you want a cheap option, Dr Christian Van Nechel in Brussels is very cheap. To run all tests and meet him, it will be about 50 Pounds! He is the specialist you helped me. If you google their names, you will find out very interesting youtube videos of their conferences. Good luck!
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      That is horrible! I do understand the incompetence of some doctors! I feel really horrible for your wife and thankfully you are so understanding of her condition. I probably should have mentioned I also had a very intense operation for 4 impacted wisdom teeth ... my roots had wrapped around my nerves...6 hour operation! 2 month recovery. This could have originally brought on the first diagnosis of migraines. If you look up brain stem aura you might find some useful information. It took 2 years to get diagnosed. Migraines are so complex and can be very serious and can cause severe depression among other things! I would ask your family doctor for a prescription of Ativan to try. I know that I would have tried anything for some relief! Nerve blockers are anti depressants. I prefer to call the nerve blockers because I do not have depression. But any doctor should know what a nerve blocker is! That's just ridiculous!

      Good luck and wish your wife well! My thoughts are with you both.

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      Ativan is not an anti depressant. It is an anti anxiety drug. Different. But both helps in the chemicals balance in the brain of neurotonine and seratonine. Migraine brain have over excited neurones. Balacing neuro transmettor help to calm symptoms of migraines. This what the specialist told me. So, you are not crazy !!!
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    Dear Bahney.

    I have read it all appeared after a tooth was pulled out. I have read of stories like that. There is a clinic that secialize in treating people who started having serious migraines after trauma. I can t remember if this clinic is in France or Switzerland. Worth doing research.

    Some nerves might have been damaged during tooth extraction.

    Good luck.


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      The drug you mention is part of benziodazepine. I tried another one from this family-bromazepam- and it is reducing the vertigo and spinning as well.

      Thank you for sharing your experience.



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