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Hi, I am writing this to try to help everybody that I can because I have been on the same boat as you guys and gone through this living hell for 3 years!!!  Short description about my previous case was that I could almost eat nothing, only eat what is normally designated for IBS menu, I was always feeling that I had to go to the Bathroom, I would have IBS-D attacks daily, even taking a lot of Imodium would not work totally, painful bowel cramps, the whole works… I could go on with the list…but you guys already know what are the symptoms from personal experience.

Doctors give this autoimmune disease the name of IBS because they are totally clueless of why this happens, so they just grab all the symptoms and put them in one bag calling it IBS… to me it is just the doctors another way of saying they are clueless but they don´t want to show it to us so they won´t look bad.

Dr. Pimentel who has come up with the theory about SIBO is the cause makes me think that he is correct, this is the only one doctor that had a clue.

Now for the Treatment that I used daily :

From 10 gram to 30 grams of L-Glutamine, to repair the damaged intestinal mucosa and lining. Repairing this will block big food particles from entering the blood stream directly due to the holes in the intestinal lining cause by the bad bacteria.

 12 billion Probiotic daily at least, start by using the 50 billion probiotic and then after seeing results you may try to decrease to cheaper probiotics, but don´t go below 10 billion.

Using the SIBO treatment first if desired:

Use Xifaxan ( Rifaximin) antibiotic to wipe out the bad bacteria but this will also wipe out the good bacteria ( check for Dr. Pimentel’s SIBO treatment). While you are doing this, I advise you to take probiotics daily to compensate the bacterial slaughter in the intestines. You can also start L-Glutamine ate the same time to repair the intestinal mucosa and Lining.

After the Xifaxan Treatment, keep on taking the heavy duty 50 billion probiotic daily and glutamine. After getting better, you may try to change the dosages of L-Glutamine and Probiotics and see how you adapt to lower dosages to try to save money.

Since many if not all IBS people are prone to getting E.Coli overgrowth again, you will have to keep on taking L-Glutamine and Probiotics for the rest of your life. I am on this treatment for 1 year and now I eat Pizza, Junk food, Spicy food, drink sodas and Coca-Colas and am totally normal as I was before. I will not say I am cured because it must be an auto-immune disease, but you may keep it in check and be 100% normal by just taking this for the rest of you days ( L-Glutamine and Probiotics).

I have tried previously all know medications for IBS, Antidepressants, anxiolytics , antispasmodics, tried acupuncture, etc. and I was only 30% better, because this medicines do not fix the problem, the just drug your gut to numbness…

This treatment will take around 6 months to reach 100% improvement, but you will notice improvements after 2 months, so be patient.

Good Luck to all and may god help you!


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    Hello Maurice...and anyone reading this,

    You say. "I have tried previously known medications for IBS, antidepressants, anciolytics, antispasoodics etc..." but have you tried LIFESTYLE? Have you changed your diet completely? 

    Sounded okay...up until the pizza, coke, junk food, spicy food that you continue to eat. Would you feed your dog such a diet? No! He would probably have constipation and intermittent diarrhea (IBS) and you would then change his diet rather than having to clean up after him and see him suffer.

    Hopefully, you eat well in between all the junk food and have cleared all these IBS drugs from your system. And again, hopefully these poisonous foods are a once in a while indulgence...like once a month! 

    If you eat meals where your plate is colourful...as in a dinner plate that includes beets, spinach, peas, purple cabbage etc..every meal..and where breakfast is a 2 -3 fruits smoothie, and your lunch includes a rich green salad or a vegetable soup (not iceberg lettuce!) you may not need to take anything else. Food is your medicine as they say. 

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      Your words are wise, Robin. But doesn't IBS do best on a gluten -ree diet...? Or am I confusing...?

      Food – real food – is your medicine, I agree.

      Only the 3-fruit smoothie...

      Good, but better still would be to eat the 3 fruits whole, rather than stick them in a blender with whatever you add to make it a 'smoothie'. Whole fruits are much better for you because of all the fibre, and the pace at which you consume them means you're not ingesting all that undiluted frutcose at once.

      Also, I wouldn't say a vegetable soup is a good substitute for your rich green salad. You can get a vegie soup out of a packet. But I've yet to see a rich green salad in a packet (could well be on its way!)

      A fresh vegie soup is of course good, but I would alternate the two since a rich geen salad without iceberg and plenty of dark leaf varieties probably has no real substitute for quality food – partly because it's raw and especially if you use olive oil and cider vinegar as your dressing .

      And someone who eats pizza, coke and Oreos (just guessing!), probably prefers their vegie soup in a tin or a packet...

      Just sayin'...

      PS: I love your colourful plate...! Let's hope the colour is in the varieties of vegetables and not in the glaze.

      (Sorry... couldn't resist!)

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    Hi J


    I always eat healthy and try to avoid junk food. Before my IBS, I would normally eat 4 times max junk food per month, so that is nothing. During the 3 years of IBS , I totally avoided junk food …

    After getting better with this treatment, I tried to test once in a while with junk food to see the extent of how better I got. This week, I have spent the whole 7 days with hamburgers, pizza and Coca-Cola during lunch and dinner to give it a 7 day test. And I totally passed the test.

    I am back to my normal healthy meals made at home by me. Sorry for not being more detailed about the junk food, but that was only for testing to see how better my IBS got.


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    Maurice, was there any evidence of bacterial overgrowth of any particular strain? E.Coli,C Difficile? (C Difficile spores are an extremely tough little bacteria which survives stomach acid and also antibiotics struggle with overgrowth reduction without pulsing!) You havent identified the cause of your IBS.

    I can agree a lot with what you say in regard to keeping to IBS safe foods but as we know this just reduces the triggers/symptoms of the unknown cause of IBS. In way it makes people feel guilty that it is their own dietary habits and their own doing. It is really bad medical practice dancing around the subject because they have no idea and putting the emphasis on the patients. They are clueless. I also suspect that the hospital testing departments dont do the job properly or the equipment isnt up to the job to identify the bacterial problems.

    I have said for a long time (unless you have Crohns, Celiac or some proven bowel disease) the diet is a big smokescreen in the cause of IBS. I have had the same healthy diet for years and the diet makes no difference in periods of IBS.

    My stools in non IBS periods are 12inches long, very soft and ease out. When I eat, the body defecates within minutes, Good in, bad out. Compared to IBS periods the stools are irregular shapes, undigested bullets but the DIET is still the same! This stool change is a gut mobility problem and i havent figured this one out yet.

    The only link I have to the cause of my IBS is food bug infections and antibotics. One or other has caused the damage to my intestines because when the IBS returns its always after gastrointeritus or antibiotic use. Clindamycin is a terrible drug often causing Dysbiosis within the gut. Refuse it people!

    However, an IBS diet and avoiding junk food triggers can lessen symptoms but we know it doesnt solve it. Maybe less symptoms cause less anxiety about the pain and cramping. Pain and a misdiagnosis would make you anxious wouldnt it? But Anxiety isnt the cause either.

    I`m with you on L-Glutamine because even hospitals use it after surgery on the intestines. The studies are conclusive; it is a intestinal repairer.

    The probiotics, Kefir, VSL3#, Lactospore are all proven in treatment of IBS and crowd out the overgrowth in bacteria.

    Slippery elm bark, marshmallow root, Hesperidin and Green tea extract are all proven intestinal repairers (things big pharma cannot patent!). I think some companies sell this blend.

    I have just read about Pimentel. His diet treatment is close to a Paleo Diet. Its mainly meat proteins, eggs and low GI vegetables but absolutely no dairy, grains, or sugars/starches. But it is  an emergency diet, you can slowly come off it once the gut has rebalanced. It starves the bacteria and the energy is supplied by EFA fats - olive oils, hemp, coconut with apparently is the preferred fuel of mitochondria. Seems like the Innuit have survived 2000 years on that diet. Not many grains or starches in the ice is there?

    Maybe just maybe, patient power on this forum can help to bring relief where the medical profession cannot.

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      Hi, I never got tested for SIBO. Before I just tried every possibly known medicine for IBS from Doctors advice, I tried other treatments like acupuncture also, etc… Then I tried the internet checking out what everybody was saying about IBS and what they have tried, so I also tried Vitamin B & D in high doses, Probiotics with low dose and Glutamine with low dosage… Nothing worked and I was going into the abyss… Also because I was still using the Antidepressants, anxiolytics , antispasmodics that the Doctors gave me to numb my intestine around 30% … I still having a lot of IBS episodes … I was taking 1 antidepressant, 2 anxiolytics from different brands and 2 antispasmodics at the same time… I was really drugged here with all the side effects in its full glory… But I still continued checking the internet for any leads that could give me an idea of how to win this IBS crap, so I still had my hope making me going…

      I have after tried Xifaxan ( Rifaximin) antibiotic to wipe out the bad bacteria and then some probiotics as Dr. Pimentel´s treatment, but that did not work at the time…

      Then I read some articles about some people getting slightly better with L-Glutamine  ( around 2 to 4 grams) but still far from 100% better, they still had some episodes and had to keep up with the Diet…

      I checked L-glutamine on the internet, and read that it repairs the intestinal lining and mucosa… So I started adding the pieces here with Dr. Pimentel´s theory about SIBO…

      So I thought, I have wiped out the bad bacteria and took some probiotics (with low bacterial dosage) for a short  period of time , but my intestinal walls were already damaged from before, so I still would have IBS after because the damage is already done…

      So my solution was to take L-Glutamine up to 30 mg per day ( do not go beyond 40mg recommended dosage), added Probiotics with 50 billion strains of good bacteria and just kept on taking it daily during months without quitting because I thought that the damage in the intestines will takes months or even a year to be repaired…

      After 2 months I started seeing improvements and after 1 year I am 100% normal as before.

      After 4 months starting my treatment, I started quitting the drugs from the doctors and now I am drug free!!!

       I just keep on taking now 10 grams of L-Glutamine and Probiotics of 12 Billion strains of good bacteria daily and I plan on doing this treatment for life in my case, because I believe that once this happens, it can happen again if you do not take care of it.

      So I take this for prevention, so that I never have to go through this Hell again!!!

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      Wow! What a success story! Remember also, good 'stuff' in, good 'stuff' out! Eat well and drink plenty of water to keep everything moving right along down there! I wish you continued success and thanks for sharing with us all!


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      You seem to know your stuff!

      I've just read this post on sibo and your reply sums up exactly how my ibs is! Diet change. Probiotics, anti anxiety drugs all help but don't cure the problem.

      I...like you have the same stool pattern as you and my 'ibs' diahrrea is the same as you describe. I've suspected SiBO causing mine for a while...for me it would kind of all make sense. High sugar diet, bad food, alcohol etc.

      I did start taking probiotics and vitamins which did help... But ideally I want the antibiotic to wipe everything out and start again. Not sure it's available on the uk and nhs. I got onto the sibo thing after reading an article. After quitting sugar, taking probiotic etc I've seen a big improvement... Just not quite cured!

      Thanks for posting!

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      I could not agree more about the diet thing - humans are able to eat all kinds of stuff, and people are perfectly IBS-free on terrible, junk-food-filled diets - obviously our biological makeup is built to cope (at least gut-wise) with SOME abuse. Thankfully UK doctors are now informed about things like the low FODMAP diet that does work for some people.
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      Thanks so much for taking the time to write this.  I didnt realize how important l-glutamine is.  I've been focusing on taking neem and oil of oregano to avoid taking the antibiotic route, but I've always sensed that I need more to heal the stomach lining.
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      Well, if you think about it, with such a high dose of xifaximin, sibo is bound to occur. (That's how i got my sibo, a good dose of augmentin....) but he didn't get sibo. So that should mean something. I remember mine took 4 months-ish after antibiotics for sibo symptoms to reveal itself.
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      Hi,  After being sent to A&E by my doctor because my stomache was so distended, I was petrified I had cancer.  It eventually went down, but now I have the same symptoms, weird stomache pains , aching bowel, distention and consant bhurping, I realised these were all symptoms of SIBO, but the doctors just put it down to IBS.  So, I am going to try your suggestions.  I have had a migraine that lasted five days  then headaches.  Thanks so much for your help. Where do you buy xifaxan from though.  


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