10cm ovarian dermoid cyst

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Hi there I am 22 years old and was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on my left ovary. I have not yet had any children so this was very upsetting. After finding an experienced consultant and raising the money I will finally be having my surgery in two days. I have never had surgery before and there are a lot of things that worry me like the catheter, what the anestetic will feel like, whether i'll wake up, if I'll be sick or loopy afterwards, and the recovery. 

I would love to hear anyones experiences and of course I will be letting you know how I get on. 

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    Hey :-) I had my first op two years ago and that was to remove a cyst on my left ovary too. I was terrified, scared I wasn't going to wake up, scared of the catheter but when it came to it I was fine.

    I did have a pre op to relax me because I was a little bit anxious and my heart rate was high.

    When it came to going down to theatre I remember feeling a little sleepy when the injection went in and the next minute I woke up in recovery. It feels like you've only been out a few mins. You'll probably feel a little drowsy afterwards and might be a bit thirsty/croaky from the breathing tube. They put the catheter in and remove it both when you're sleeping normally so you won't be aware of it.

    I was bloated (they fill you with gas so they have room to move around in there) and that takes a few days to go away, peppermints help with that.

    Also if you're sore and you want to sit up in bed, I found rolling onto my side and pushing myself up with my hands helped :-) rather than using your abdominal muscles.

    Just rest up and make sure you get plenty of sleep afterwards and take some good painkillers for the first few days.

    Looking back I giggle at how scared I was, it's an every day thing for the hospital and you'll be well looked after xx

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    Hey Emily

    First of all massive hugs!!! And you will get through this !!!

    I went in last September 2015 to have a 12cm removed and my left ovary ,I had to have a laparotomy .

    I'm 31 ,no kids and want some so I really got upset when I was told I was going to loose one of my ovaries.

    My periods went back to normal straight away so everything still works . You will be ok Hun !!!!

    When I read your post I thought you sounded just like me last September !!

    The worst bit for me personally was going to the toilet for a poo a few days after the general anaesthetic, so have some constipation relief ready for when you get home!!

    Other than that you will feel washed out mainly.

    You are going to be fine Hun! Let me know how you get on !!

    Hannah x

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      Thank you so much!!! 

      Glad to hear you surgery went well and your cycle returned.

      Wow, thanks for the advice. If the surgeon doesn't sent me home with any constipation relife I will definitely buy some. 

      Feeling washed out sounds great, it's quite strange knowing that I have most likely had this thing for years but it's funny how conscious I became of it as soon as I knew it was there, the one thing that calms me is the thought of having it out. 

      I will do smile

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    Hey Emily xx

    I had a 11x10x10 dermoid cyst which was attached badly to my right ovary...! It had found a home and didn't want to come out lol.... So they done my surgery laparoscopically with 3 incisions around my belly! They had to remove my right ovary along with the cyst because they were worrying about long term damage! The first week or so I was in pain but after that it Eased! I was back to work 3 weeks later on light duties only doing paperwork ( I work in a very busy warehouse) hope this puts your mind at rest for the recovery and the op smile because it can be done the way you want it to be!

    smile let me know how you get on 😘😘😘

    Love Stacey xxx

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    Hi stacey, 

    I am glad to hear you recovered from surgery so well especially as you both have cyst larger than mine, although I am almost certain it's grown as it has been a couple months since the scan. I will be eager to get back to uni but I guess I am being a little ambitious thinking I can be back days later but I will have to see how i'm feeling afterwards. Did your period also go back to normal, and if so how quickly did it return? also where were your ports inserted?


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    I will be going in for my pre op assesment later today and then will have surgery the day after so apologies if I dissapear for a while in between, but i'll see if the hospital lets me take my laptop with me.
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    Hello ladies,

    Firstly I would like to wish you good luck for surgery we will all be thinking of you


     My surgery was cancelled 3 weeks ago and is now re-scheduled for April 18th. My friend told me because like you I was really nervous mainly of the anethestic to imagine I was going to have the best sleep and to think of the things I love best before I go to sleep which is calming rather than being strssed and full of anxiety, easier said than done but that will be my plan. Like Hannah said I also have lactolose at hand which I plan to take until my first bowl movement and now also a bag full of peppermints...

    My question please ladies is once your cyst's were removed and you were recovered from surgery did all the symptons go...did you know how much it weighed, did the bloatness go?

    My cyst is 11 x 9 x 8 cm but probably larger now its been a couple of months since my scan and I feel so unwell and look like I'm about 7 to 8 months pregnant.  My overies are coming out too and its attached itself to bowl and something else and pressing on my bladder making me constantly wee day and night...oh the joys eh...

    Thinking of you Emily please let us know how you get on.



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      Hi Sandra

      Regarding symptoms after surgery I can't really comment on as I just had really heavy bleeding which alerted me to go to dr , then scans and finding the cyst .

      But yes post op they will tell you how much it weighed if you want to know .mine weighed 1lb .

      The morphine combined with general anesthetic can make you feel quite sick the few days following your op, but they can give you an anti sickness drug which is bliss!!

      All the best for the op!!

      As for the General anesthetic , it's a freezing cold rush going up your arm to your shoulder and then you wonder what's going to happen next and you just go fast out to sleep.

      Takecare Xx

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      Hello sandra, 

      Thank you very much all went well and they were able to save the ovary. Good luck for your surgery. I didn't sleep for the two days up to surgery and believe that is what made me drozy as I came around. The anestetic part was fine honestly, my arm felt a little uncomfortable as the medication went in but after that i was out in about 2-3 seconds and next thing I new I was waking up but it took me a little while to be able to come around properly. But I did feel more tired than rested after the surgery. 

      I am just post surgery so I will let you know how the symptoms feel over the week. But already even throught the stomach paing I feel so much lighter, my cyst was 10cm so similar to yours. I still look a little pregnant just from the bloating but that will go down. Im sorry you have to have your ovary removed but most people say you can still get pregnant and will still ovulate with the remaining ovary. Yeah I had the bladder compression too so I felt your pain, glad to have the thing out regardless of the after pain. Feel free to ask anymore questions. x

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    I'd love to hear how the surgery goes! I'm 25 with a 23cm cyst, my surgery isnt until June though so I'm curious smile Hope all goes well!
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      Hi there Kara, 

      As you can see from the above the surgery went well and they were able to save the ovary and stitch it back together. I am in some discomfort but nothing terrible and so far has been managable with the medication. Any questions please ask.x

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      Did they do your surgery laparascopic or did they have to do an open surgery? I'm supposed to get mine laparoscopic, fingers crossed though bc mine is so large. Thats great they were able to save the ovary thats probably my biggest worry even though they say it should be fine with just one. Have a good recovery!
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      They did laparascopic which was a blessing so I say go for it. Mine was a similar size to yours and they were still able to save my ovary so hopefully they can do the same for you but fertility should really be affected as the other ovary takes over.Thank you and Good luck x
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