11 year old vomiting after every meal for 2 months

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Hi. My 11 year old daughter has been vomiting for at least an hour after everything she eats for 2 months. The gastroenterologist is struggling to diagnose her. She has had an endoscopy, barium meal and blood tests with normal results. She even vomits after water. She initially lost half a stone but she's been prescribed Scandishakes and is keeping enough down to sustain her. This is having a major effect on her life and we are at our wits end. Has anyone any experience of this?

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    Dear Lor1311,

    I am NOT a Dr., but it sounds like the beginning of Achalasia and possibly she has ulcers right now.

    Endoscope should have found it if it was. But in my rare case. My sphincter opens and closes. And it bleeds.

    So on first endoscope the LS (lower sphincter) was closed to the width of a noodle.

    I went from 220 lbs. to 82 lbs. before getting a feeding tube that saved my life.

    The second endoscope showed my sphincter open, which got me disqualified for Heller Myotomy surgery and was diagnosed as end stage sigmoid esophageus.

    I screamed , yelled, and then begged for the surgeon to do surgery.

    Because what you do NOT know. Is your daughter can ASPIRATE from vommitting!!!

    4 days after being denied surgery. I had my 13th aspirate and got a cancerous lung nodule from it.

    They gave me the biotic cocktail and cured it in early stage.

    I had to gain weight back up to 150 lbs. before being considered for surgery.

    After I got surgery, I started drinking and eating by mouth which I had not been able to do for 4 years.

    The trick to get food and milk down my throat and into my stomach now they have cut the sphincter open.

    Is gravity+weight. Heavy things go down..anything like water, crackers. chips, etc. are too light to get past the bend in my dead esophageus.

    Where am I headed with this boring story? My problems have branched off into the same symptoms your daughter is having. I get ulcers from lack of hydration.

    It also causes anxiety attacks if she gets gastritis too.

    Her NOT being able to drink water is our connection. Milk and the feeding tube formula will go down.

    Because it is heavier than water and more like a shake and some reason it helps.

    Also try chocolate milk. Chocolate is great for many diseases.

    I will go ahead and post how too survive an aspirate. Your nostrils will close up. And you will be out of air because the food and fluids are in your lungs after aspirating. You must throw up, and inhale air on rebound intake. Repeat for about 15 mins. Then get into bed because pnuemonia will set in afterwards.

    The doctors are becoming more familiar with achalasia so if its that. She can be cured by surgery.

    But her NOT being able to get water down scares me...it causes stomach to heat up with lack of hydration..then the acids eat away at stomach walls.

    If she gets into life and death weight situations. Go for feeding tube!! Keep her alive till it can be solved.

    Keep being positive. The doctors are very good nowadays at this area!!

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      Hi Corvette007

      Thank you for posting about your condition. It sounds like you have had a terrible time!

      My daughter has had an endoscopy and achalasia wasn't picked up. Also it doesn't sound like the food you were vomiting gets as far as the stomach due to being stuck in the oesophagus? Sometimes my daughter brings up partially digested food. If she has water hours after a meal, it can trigger the vomiting all over again. She always brings up fluid first though. Thank you for warning me about aspiration of vomit. Yesterday she was so scared due to food getting stuck in her throat coming up and she thought she was going to choke.

      We aren't due back to see the Consultant for another 2 weeks but feeling desperate.

      Good luck with managing your symptoms and feeling better.....

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      Hi Pippa58442

      Yes, she's taking Skandishakes. She keeps half down which is how we've avoided her losing too much weight and being admitted to hospital and tube fed....

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      Thanks for listening to my story. And I am glad it is NOT Achalasia.

      But my issue began when I was a child to. The sphincter will open and close based on stress. I was only diagnosed when I was 48 years old. And even then I got lucky they found it closed the first time. It took another year before it completely closed up and never opened up again.

      The other issue to watch out for with her excessive vomitting is potassium will drop into dangerous levels if vomitting 20-30 times a day.

      It also destroys your teeth causing infections that is a new field of studies on what is causing auto immune diseases to attack the body.

      Sounds far fetched an infection in your teeth could be causing severe health issues.

      But the studies shows 90%+ studied had a root canal or cone x-ray imaging showed an infection. She is young..But remind her to brush after every session.

      I agree with you though..it does sound like the food makes it into her stomach.

      But with motility issue the esophageus expands to 4 times the size as a normal would.

      The esophagues becomes a second stomach. So I thought I was getting food and drink into my stomach. Another sign is what comes out the other end.

      Food Diary is a good item to do as Pippen said. Also, a bathroom diary will help confirm what really is going in and coming out.

      Thanks for listening to me. I want to make sure no one ever has to go through what I did. But I am the most severe case ever documented, so it is very important I live to help others.

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    Hi Lori,

    I'm sorry your daughter is so very ill. You stated that your daughter cannot keep water down. lots of vomiting. no diaharrea.

    Does her heart flutter? have her doctor test her thyroid, test her TSH levels. something is definitely triggering her to vomit. There is also an issue called vomit cycling. But I would have a test run on her Thyroid, pituitary gland, hormones.

    keep us posted. Think outside the box. Get a second opinion.

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      Hi Danielle61048

      Thank you for posting. Yes, she has had a basic thyroid blood test and it was normal. No one seems to have come across this before. We have had her next Consultant's appointment brought forward to this Thursday so I will mention pituitary and hormones (is there a blood test for pituitary do you know?)

      Many Thanks

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      I'm not sure, I just know what I'm going through. Docs keep telling me I'm fine via TSH levels. But I have a thyroid cyst and I puke constantly. same. thing, can't keep water down. That's why I brought it up.

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    I had the same issue as a child, I have it now as well. If nothing else was found, I'm almost positive it's functional dyspepsia, a condition diagnosed when nothing is visibly wrong with the person and it comes and goes in bouts. Right now I'm in a fierce battle for about two weeks, struggling to keep any food down, even water makes me gag. Unfortunately there really is no help... I tried adjusting my diet, antacids, anti anxiety medication etc etc. She's young so it'll probably go away soon on it's own but be wary it might come back stronger when she's older and dealing with some very stressful times (in my case it was finishing high school). I'm sorry I can't help and hope she find someone who can.

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    Hi all,

    Been to the see the Consultant and she has been diagnosed with a rare condition called Rumination Disorder. He is one of the top Gastroenterologists in the country and said he has only ever seen a few cases and this is the most severe. He said that the gullet is working backwards and there is no cure except that breathing excercises can help to open up the stomach to encourage food to stay down. It's going to be a longer road to recovery than I thought.....

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      Hi lor

      So glad you have a diagnosis. The diagnosis fits your daughters symptoms. Did you ask what caused it as it seems she was fine before this happened. Anyway, hope your road is not too long and you can see a light at the end of the tunnel soon....happy thoughts and good wishes to you both๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

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