2 month long headache and b12 deficiency - driving me insane

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I'm 19 and my constant tension headaches started around 2 months ago now. Sometimes it's just pressure and most of the time it is both pain and pressure around the whole of my head. I also get stabbing pains in random areas. My neck also hurts sometimes and feels like the nerves in my back, neck and head are almost being tickled?! I had some blood tests a few weeks ago and it revealed I have a b12 deficieny. My thyroid was also right on the borderline of being low but must not be something they're overly worried about since the doc didn't mention anything else about it apart from it might be making me even more anemic. I've had 5 b12 injections over 2 weeks and for a few days my headaches did for the most part FINALLY stop. However, I kept feeling a niggling at the back of my head that they were going to start again and sure enough they have. Every time I go to the doctors they just put it down to my anxiety and I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I'm obviously worried it's something more serious, or maybe I need more b12 injections or maybe I'm just a medical freak I don't know. But it's affecting my life - I keep having time off work and often have to cancel plans with friends because my head is so bad and I'm so tired. Anyone else in the same boat??

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    Yes, we are all in the same boat one way or another on this forum.

    But to try and help you, sure you need to look at your b12 levels all the time, so ask your dr for a blood test on a regular basis to monitor it.  Would I be right you are vegetarian?  If so you really need to look at what you are eating.  As well as being a cluster headache and hemiplegic migraine sufferer, I am aslo a personel trainer, with advanced nutrition skills, so if you want free advice, just shout.

    As this has been going on for some time, insist on an MRI scan to get to the bottom of things.  Consider meds like sumatriptan and verapamil or pregabalin.  Sumatriptan to take the pain away and the others to prevent.  But really your dr should want to find out why you have these.  If its stress or depression, look at ways to relieve these.  Massages really make a difference, like Indian head massage.

    You need to try and get to the bottom of why you are getting them and if its no specific cause then consider the meds.  Help and support is always on here Milliemaria, so dont hesitate to reply.

    Good luck and best wishes

    Take care

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    Interesting you write in the costochondritis section.  I have been diagnosed with this annoying condition too.  Standard pain killers help and I use a gel Ketoprofen, on prescription.  try it, it helps me
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    Have you requested for an MRI/CT to rule other things out?
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      No, every time I've been, the doctors said that it's just a chronic tension headache and gave me some different painkillers that are for migraines and headaches. Also said to do some neck exercises because my neck is very tense and could be making the headaches worse. Everyone keeps telling me to stop worrying because it's what the doctors said and that I don't have a tumour so I don't need an MRI or CT scan. I don't know what to do anymore sad

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      Based on your what you've described i don't think you have a brain tumor so you shouldn't worry about that too much.

      Other than headaches do you have dizziness/nausea etc?

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      Thats the usual respnse from people who dont get headaches and they pass them off as trivial.  The dr cannot be sure whats wrong and if he refuses to send you for MRI then see a different dr and ask for referal to neurologist,  Sometimes you have to nag drs to get somewhere,  Dont let people make you think that what you are suffering is nothing, when they are the lucky ones that dont suffer.

      keep in touch, let us know how you get on, we support and understand you on here

      Best wishes and take care

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      Ah that's a relief. Not really. Sometimes dizziness but I do have low blood pressure often and my b12 makes me more prone to it as well. Other than the headaches I don't really have any other symptoms. I was thinking it might be occipital neuralgia because I get bad sciatica on occasion as well which I though stemmed from and old back injury that still plays up a lot. I also keep getting a feeling like i have an elastic band around my left calf muscle when walking or standing but doctor just said it was a random muscular thing.

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      Thankyou! Everyone does keep passing it off as trivial and it's so frustrating because no one understands. The fact that they're just assuming what it is without having done any tests to know for sure is what really bothers me. I do have another appointment booked for next week so will try and press for more tests then. Thanks for the support! smile

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      Its a pleasure!  Trust me I and I know others on here ALL understand and we also know a lot of people dont, or dont want to because of ignorance.  Any help I can be just ask me ok.

      Take care and best wishes

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      Not so good still. Still got the headaches. And the doctor gave me some amtryptoline but I've had bad side effects from them after the 4th time taking them on Friday night. I had to go home from work because I felt like I was going I pass out because of these "brain zaps" I was getting and I got tremors in my hands. Unfortunately I think I just don't get on with any medication that is in the anti depressant or anxiety family because I had the tremors before with another pill which was similar. The brain zaps are new though. It feels like my head is vibrating inside or something. Still happening now but not as much so I'm guessing it's wearing off as it finally gets out of my system. I'm going to the cyropractors tomorrow because I also have a bad back from an injury as a child and it's gotten worse over the recent year with sciatica and stuff so we're wondering if that has anything to do with it. Also going back to the doctors and to the opticians on Friday. It's just depressing me so much and not a day goes by without me panicking that I have a Tumor or just crying from general frustration at the whole situation. I'm prone to anxiety and depression at the best of times and this is just making it worse tbh. Thanks for asking though, and sorry for the massive paragraph 🙈

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      Sorry to hear that.

      What dosage did he start you on? Im on Amitriptylene 5mg daily but im not sure if its working. Try to talk to  a loved one or friend whom you can count on for reassurance and im still pretty sure you don't have a brain tumor.

      But if you're still overly worried, try to get a private CT/MRI scan. From what ive read, most headaches are not brain tumor related.

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      They started me off on 10mg but she said I could take 2 pills if needed so had 20mg on Friday. I think that's what took me over the edge and gave me the horrible side effects. So I've stopped taking them. I didn't notice any real difference with them either. But I have read that they can take a while to kick in properly so they may still work for you! Yeah I've tried talking to people but they just don't really understand. It's like sometimes i don't think i have a Tumor either and that I'm being silly but then the doubts come back and I end up having full on panic attacks that I do. I am hoping to get an MRI just so it can finally put my mind at ease. How are you feeling?

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      I am still getting tension type headaches and dizziness with movement on and off daily.

      I just had ano MRI last week and the report by the radiologist was normal. However I'm worried about IIH (intracranial pressure) and hydrocephalus as these conditions are chronic and last a lifetime.

      I hope you feel well soon.

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      I've been getting really bad dizziness the last few days as well. My mum insists that it's just the medication still getting out of my system but I don't know. It feels like it's getting worse as the days go on. That's great that the MRI was normal although I know it still doesn't help you feel any better. Hope you see some improvement soon!

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