200 ml of vodka...roughly 5 nights a week...best way to stop? Worried sick!

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So for the last 8 months or so I have been drinking roughly 200 ml of vodka 5 or so nights a week. I usually start around 8 p.m. and go to bed by 10 or 11.

I just purely enjoy the relaxation. I rarely crave it, and when I dont drink I seem fine, but I know withdrawl symtpoms can take more than 2 days.

I have recently gone through some health anxiety scares and all of a sudden I am worried sick about my drinking habits and the long term affects and want to quit. However wanting to quit has also had me researching the best way to do it and I am scared of withdrawl. I dont know if 200 ml is a large amount or considered awful, although I know it's not good. My biggest concern is the length of time. 8 months is almost a year, and while I do have a night or 2 a week where I drink less or nothing...I am still worried.

200 ml is roughly equal to 4 beers. So it doesnt sound the worst, as I know people who drink 3 times that much...but I have literally found myself shaken over the thought of quiting.

I have a great life all in all. Work full time, have 4 kids, married 10 years and can wake up and get moving without a problem. It does not affect my daily life.

Can somebody please give me some pointers on how to quit on my own? Anybody else drink roughly that much? I appreciate any input. I do not want to seek help from my doctor, as I know I can quit on my own. I am just looking for the best way to do it as I hear cold turkey is worst.

Thank you for all your help and for taking the time to read.

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    Have you tried medications to block the cravings for AUD .

    For most people, using The Sinclair Method (which involves drinking) is not only done to allow continued drinking. Or to slowly cut down to detox. The alcohol is NECESSARY along with the Naltrexone or Nalmefene to achieve Pharmacological Extinction. Using either drug without alcohol will not control cravings. The process involves re-conditioning the body to not crave alcohol. Although alcohol is necessary for this process, once extinction has been achieved, plenty of people decide that they are not bothered about having a drink and abstain without a problem (no cravings). Others decide they would like to keep the option of drinking if they want to, at any point, and carry a pill, just in case.

    Naltrexone, Nalmefene and Vivitrol

    Research Media Books Articles

    The Sinclair Method

    By Molly78

    August 3

    Other Medications

    Campral (acamprosate) Neurontin (gabapentin) Topamax (topiramate) Selincro (nalmefene) Antabuse (disulfiram) there are weekly injections of Vivatrol and pet test of Naltrexone that can be implanted just under the skin.

    All medical methods need AUD therapy and consistancy to break the mind of the cravings and triggers.

    These medications are either FDA approved for the treatment for alcohol use disorders or they have been shown to be effective, though they have to be prescribed off-label.

    Some people are overcome by the power of alcohol and it hijacks a part of the brain that can compel them to drink against their conscious will, against reason, against logic. Noone is doing it to cause problems . Its just most can't overcome the powerful compusion. This is very, very common with people that have Alcohol Use Disorder.

    The Best thing you can do is educate yourself about this progressive disease. So much as changed in the last few years with treatment and understanding they many treatment available. 

    See you tube. Claudia Christian Ted talk AUD. Check out this video on YouTube. Will pm the link.

    The first verse of the serenity prayer. Many blessing sent your way. 

    God, give me grace to accept with serenity

    the things that cannot be changed,

    Courage to change the things

    which should be changed,

    and the Wisdom to distinguish

    the one from the other.

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    Hi Amy,

    We all have different tollerance levels, 200mls is not a lot but it comes down to your health etc. I would if u r worried see your doctor and ask for advice. I hope you get it sorted, and also if u were going cold turkey you defo would  not be able to function xx take care

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      can you mabe find some of the resources available mentioned above for helping you cut down alcohol intake. Also can help with the blood tests your worried about. Eat more and drink water and protien shakes. Stay away from sugar and carbs. 

      You know the drill! 

      This is a disease and you can be treated for it. 

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      I have just eaten scranbled eggs and bacon, 1 thing i do keep to is my healty eating lol, bran and my brekkie so ty sweety/ and i am not sitting here and not looking for help i am in contact with my physician every week as believe it or not i don't want to be like this hun ;-) x 

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    When we Design a Plan we Usually get you to measure your Drinks (you are on 200ml) which is a great starting point. The ideal amount would be to  cut down 10% a week for you. So Next Week your on 180ml a Night. This is not only safe, but it helps in the long run to be able to cope without it Psychologically. Don't compare your drinking to anyone elses smile It' like saying you have the Best Scars in the Burns Unit. There is no need to worry. Try diluting your drinks more. 

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      Detox is the Last possible option. A Detox would not be needed here. AA does not work for a lot of people (me Included), I would go the route of CBT and rewiring the Brain to find pleasure in other things. Also looking for things that make you want to drink and how to cope with life better generally.
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    With that amount of alcohol, you are unlikely to suffer withdrawal symptoms, possible because everyone is different, but unlikely.

    Your problem will more likely be that you will reallly miss your nightly relaxing drink, which is now a bit of a habit and probably great comfort to you and helps you to get to sleep easily.

    To be safe, you could always cut it down to 100ml (about two drinks) for three nights and then stop. You biggest problem will be not returning to your old ways.

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    Hi Amy. Yes, I was drinking about half a litre of spirits daily quite often. But I just stopped, just like that! No side effects etc. Maybe I was lucky, but it can be done. Good luck. 
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    Hi Amy1321

    I am also like this but mine is a G&T.... if alone I usually have 2 which consists of 30-50 ml of gin topped all the way up with slimline tonic.. I also, like you , enjoy a drink to relax in the evening . I am just doing a presentation for a dementia link worker course and my chosen subject is Korsakoff syndrome which is a form of dementia due to alcohol. It has given me such insight and the reading and studying at nights takes my attention away from the drinking . One drink can last be all night .Is there anything you could do which occupies your hands and your brain? Knitting, sewing, reading? I expect it is just a habit for you to have a drink, as it is for me . Goodluck x

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    Thank you all for your kind words and support! It is so comforting having people to talk to and I appreciate it so much more than you know. I am going to try to gradually cut down and speak to my doctor after the weekend. I will update :-)
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