2nd week post TKR (2nd TKR)

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Week 2 post TKR,really poor week sleep wise lucky to get 3 hrs split sleep up and down all night, med's changed to codeine/ibroprofen to try and improve sleep the leg/knee ache over powers the GP sleeping pill at the moment so ive stop with them for now untill i get it the discomfort under control,on the plus side started physio yesterday got a decent knee ROM considering the amount of swelling still present, Staples also removed yesterday scar seems good im a bit wary about pushing the knee bend during exercises (mind games) now the staples are out.Like i said before been through it all before but its not pleasent at this stage,but you've got to plough on,hopefully a better more positive post next week.

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    Hi Brent well as you say first few weeks are hell but think I'm a few months time no pain. Keep exercising icing meds and positive thinking I'm due to get my second in a couple of months time by then you'll be past the worse when I'm starting it. Good luck x

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      Hi Ann,thanks for the kind words,i am a very positive fella,and still smiling through the sleepless nights,as you and i know this is the nasty/wearing down period of the recovery, i went through exactly the same period last time and that's what keeps going knowing each day it will improve a smidgen. 😃

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    Hi Brent,

    Hang in there.

    I'm 11 days post op 2nd TKR and its been nothing like the first one two years ago.

    All was as normal up to two days ago, then much worse and hard to bend even. Tramadol paracetamol and ibuprofen not giving much relief but better than codeine.

    Icing and elevation.

    Had the emergency doctor out the other night and diagnosed with cellulitus.

    Leg was more swollen and hot and red.

    Prescribed flucloxacillin 500mg x 4 daily and now not hot. Been told to give it 3 days and if no better go to A&E. Some improvement nut hard to tell with swelling as that's normal.

    It doesnt help that I was also prescribed other antibiotics for a UTI and been told must take both lots.

    So all in all not a great time post op.

    We'll get there!

    Clips due out Tuesday.

    Sending you good thoughts Brent!

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      Wow Daisymay,thats some amount of meds you've got going on there hope your more organised with them than i am,also my dear it looks like your having it tough at the minute it a lonely place at times and getting back to as normal as possible seems a long way off, But be assured you will get past these setbacks you already know this and myself and every other TKR sufferer send our love and best wishes,keep posting daisymay.

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      Thanks Brent!

      Flucloxacillin seems to be working hopefully.

      Managed to walk without crutches for first time yesterday in the house, so that's a positive milestone.

      Looking forward to clip removal Wednesday.

      We'll get there eventually!

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    Hi Brent! Hope you start feeling better ! I am 6 weeks post op. All the things you are saying I just went through, I was ready to scream over the up and down sleepless nights. Here I am today doing much better and getting more sleep these days. My sleep is still no where like it was because I am up multiple times a night still but longer durations of sleep now. So just think in a month you will be doing sooo much better.

    I was the same way with guarding my knee. My PT got to the point where when I would start guarding it she would stop and say relax it..she would stop 5 or so times and say just let it relax..but me too was so protective of my knee.

    You will get there!


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      Hi Mellisa, like i said in the previous post,staples out but wary about the exercise's,well did my exercise's first thing this morning followed by an inch split in the scar, little bit of blood but it looks like just the top of the incision the fold that has gave way,went to see the pharmacist he recommended steri strips so bit of a knock back but the battle will continue.

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      Thats worrying Brent. Hope all settles down with the steristrips.

      Last time I had sutures that self dissolved. Now a bit worried re staples which are due out Tuesday.

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      Hi daisymay , don't you worry, pretty well convinced it was down to me pushing to hard too soon, i should practice what i preach,lesson learned, worst case senario i will get a couple of staples put back into it,see how it is on monday. 😃

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      Well she took out half of the staples today and coming back for the other half tomorrow. Feels fragile and reluctant to exercise as much today!

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      Remaining staples removed today and OK but they want my G/P to take a look at it in case antibiotic course needs to be extended. Cannot do without 4 hrly meds as yet!

      Brent did you have to have more staples put in?

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      Hi Daisymay,no more staples even though it not closing as yet,they said because its just skin and keep up with the steri strips and it will close eventually,i really need to make sure i dont get an infection in it thats the concern for me, Physio yesterday knee bend is really good,needs a bit of work on straightening it as expected but unfortunately sleep still eludes me. Lets keep on going it'll all come good.positive thoughts 😃

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      Good you didn't need any more staples Brent and that the steristrips are working but it must be worrying for you about possible infection. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

      G/P checked the wound and was happy with it so no more antibiotics after today!

      Told me to keep an eye on it though - as if I need telling!

      Had the best night's sleep (on and off) last night but do worry in case I turn on my side, which is a big no no.

      I hope you will be able to get some decent sleep soon Brent.

      Fingers and toes crossed for all of us post TKR's and thanks for the encouragement on here 😃

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    hi brent im 4 weeks tkr i know exactly what you mean about sleep - im doing ok with pain meds of just paracetamol for the pain , still cant stand the duvet though on my leg!

    swelling is my problem it wont go down yet , thank god for a good physio who im seeing thursday , the blues have been a problem also wishing i had never put myself through this - but i know it will pass and as we get stronger things will ease,

    i wish you well on your journey

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      HI Gillian, yes lack of sleep is the enemy at this stage,but i knew that from last time,and believe when i say that getting your TKR done will be the best decision you made,unfortunately it a battle to get there,but WE will.

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      HI Gillian, This TKR operation is brutal, the first month of recovery is brutal, but given time you'll forget the sleepless nights,the long lonely nights up by yourself whilst everyone else is sound asleep all that disappears and i ts all so worth it to be arthritis pain free and to actually start enjoying life again.

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